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  • Manufacturer: Perfectone
  • Category of Device: Gateway
  • Document: GW-200 Operation & User’s Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 17-06-2023
  • Count of Pages: 39
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Perfectone GW-200 Gateway PDF Operation & User’s Manual (Updated: Saturday 17th of June 2023 08:33:35 AM)

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Compatible devices: CAS 2700-53, WellGate 3232s, BL67-GW-EN, EDGE 7.11, VMBSIG, ETH-1000, GBL-9220-1, Z-GW-MB.

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  • 19, GW-200 User Manual 19 Fig 3.6 Other Setting  password: Set the password of the phone. (Default password is 1234).  super password: Set the super password of the phone.(Default super password is 12345678).  debug: Set the debug level of the phone.  disable: Disable output the debug message by selecting this item.  output: Output the operation information to the window, such as register, …

  • 12, GW-200 User Manual 12  IPN: Use IPN’s system  Yiyang: Use Yiyang’s system  Thinker: Use Thinker’s system Suntek: Use Suntek’s system  service addr, service id : Please put the URI (domain name/IP address) of the server into “ service addr ”. If “use service” is checked, please put the URI of gatekeeper into “ service addr ” .The default service port is 1719. If the gatekeeper has a GKID, please put it into “ service id…

  • 24, Perfectone GW-200 GW-200 User Manual 24 [empty] nattraversal 1[enable] nataddr natttl 30 phonenumber 182378009 account [empty] pin [empty] registerport 6800 signalport 6800 controlport 6802 registerttl 60 rtptos 0 rtpport 6802 jitter size 0 calltype 1[advanced] localtype 0[phonenumber] dtmf 0[control string] dtmfpayloa…

  • 21, Perfectone GW-200 GW-200 User Manual 21 typing the name into the Name field and then entering the corresponding number following the name. For example, input Jack in Name field following 001, and then input 5989426454 into Phone number field. Then Jack’s number 5989426454 is saved in phone book. Then please click Save/Back button. In normal state, you can use speed dial to call numbers saved in phone book. Fig 3.8 Phone Book Illustration Upgrade Program: Click this button to update the program of gateway. Before updating, please fill IP ad…

  • 30, GW-200 User Manual 30 This port is H.245 port using TCP protocol. XXXX is range from 1024 through 65535. set registerttl X Set register TTL. X is range from 10 through 65535 Sec. default value is 60 Sec. set rtptos X Set TOS segment of IP head package in RTP digital follow. set rtpport XXXX RTP port is the port transferring and receiving voice flow using UDP protocol. XXXX is range from 1024 through 65535. set jittersize X Set buffer size of RTP package. X is range from 0-32. set calltype X Set call type o…

  • 37, GW-200 User Manual 37 Syntax description: no keyword and parameter Usage: Exit from Telnet command window without saving the configuration. Relevant usage: None Command write Syntax description: No keyword and parameter Usage: Save the configuration and restart the GW-200 gateway. Command ping Syntax description : ping IP address Usage : ping IP address of other NAT device Relevant usage: In telnet window, …

  • 1, Perfectone GW-200 GW-200 User Manual     …

  • 3, Perfectone GW-200 GW-200 User Manual 3 Breif Introduction and how-to-start information GW-200 VoIP Gateway functions as an analog adaptor with an ordinary telephone. It has a power adapter interface, an RJ45 interface, an RJ11 interface and an “IP/SET” key. RJ45 interface is used to connect to LAN and RJ11 interface is used to connect the phone. The “IP/SET” key is to initiate the voice prompt stored to announce the local IP address; to enter s…

  • 8, GW-200 User Manual 8 Network Setting  iptype : Set how gateway gets relevant network parameters by selecting corresponding item from drop down list.  static ip : Select this item to authorize users set IP address, subnet …

  • 11, GW-200 User Manual 11  register ttl : The gateway will send a keep-alive registration message to gatekeeper every “register ttl” seconds. The value range is 10-65535. Default is 60.  jitter size : Set buffer size of RTP package. The value range is 0-32.  service type: This option is used to accommodate the miscellaneous requirements of the system providers. When gateway is connected to thes…

  • 26, Perfectone GW-200 GW-200 User Manual 26 DHCP addressing, the gateway’s LAN parameters will automatically be configured as soon as it is connected to the LAN or router and powered up; 2: use PPPoE mode. Those ADSL and Cable Modem users please select this item for it is a protocol especially designed for them. With this system, ADSL ISP automatically assigns all the required IP parameters to any device connected t…

  • 20, GW-200 User Manual 20  use daylight: No needed to set for the Gateway(GW-200).  timezone: No needed to set for the Gateway(GW-200). When debug set as 0[disable], if input ordinary password (default one is 1234), then following page will pop up after clicking . And only those parameters can be modified. Fig 3.7 Setting Page using ordinary pin with Debug set as 0 [disable]  Update: Click this button to save the configuration and the phone will reboot. Once the phone reboots successful…

  • 36, GW-200 User Manual 36 set debug X Set open debugging message output grade for special tool. X is ranged from 0 through 5: 0: close debugging output; 1: output the operation information to the window; 2: output all the bug information and data in test window; 3: save the bug information into SDRAM; 4: disable checks the mark. set upgradeaddr XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX Set IP address or domain name of FTP server supplying upgraded program of GW-200. set nt XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX No needed to s…

  • 6, GW-200 User Manual 6 Installation: 1 Connect handset to base: insert handset cord into handset cord jack at the left side of the base. 2 Connect Gateway to Internet: plug the RJ-45 Ethernet cable into the Ethernet Jack. Plug the other end of the cable into HUB. 3 Power on Gateway: plug the power cord adapter into the Power Jack. Then plug the other end of the power cord adapter into the appropriate wall outlet. …

  • 23, Perfectone GW-200 GW-200 User Manual 23 Detailed description: List help of all commands For example: P:\>? set get list settings store x store current to xth settings load x load xth settings to current exit write save settings Command get Syntax description: No optional parameter of keywords Usage: Display basic parameters of the GW200 gateway Relevant usage: None De…

  • 32, GW-200 User Manual 32 Set the country code when set dialplan value set as 1 or 2. For example, the country code of China is 86; the country code of USA is 1, etc. Parameter xxxx must be an Arabic numeral and no longer than 4 characters. set iddprefix XX Set IDD service prefix number when set dialplan value set as 1 or 2 . For example, IDD service prefix number of china is 00; IDD service prefix number of USA is 1, etc. Parameter xxx must be an Arabic numeral an…

  • 28, GW-200 User Manual 28 thinker system; 22: use suntek system; 28: use txtc system. set serviceaddr XXXX Set IP address or domain name of gatekeeper. set serviceid XXXXX Set service ID according to required by service system. set nattraversal X Set NAT traversal or not. X ranged from 0 through 7: 0: do not use. When the log in server and gateway in the same LAN, or the log in system supports the gateway working behind the LAN; 1: Use NAT traversal. Whe…

  • 5, GW-200 User Manual 5  TCP/IP: Internet transfer and Control Protocol  RTP: Real-time Transport Protocol  RTCP Real-time Control Protocol  VAD/CNG : save bandwidth  DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol  PPPoE Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet  DNS Domain Name Server  Telnet Internet's remote login protocol  FTP File Transfer Protocol  HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol  Build in proxy Operati…

  • 39, GW-200 User Manual 39 for the other party to answer. When the other party answers, you can begin speaking. When the call is finish, put back the handset.  Place a call with Fix IP Address If GW-200 Gateway which with the Fix IP address and without used the Gatekeeper service, you can place a call to which also with Fix IP and without used the Gatekeeper service. Pick up the handset and then entering the IP address with the number key, pressing the [*] key as a “.”(dot) and press the [#] key end the d…

  • 16, Perfectone GW-200 GW-200 User Manual 16 Beiing 10; Shanghai 21.  idd code: With enable or dialnum selected in use dialplan drop down list, set country code according to E.164 dial rule. For example, China 86; U.S.A .1.  idd prefix: With enable or dialnum selected in use dialplan drop down list, set international call prefix according to E.164 dial rule, such as 00.  ddd prefix: With enable or dialnum selected in use dialplan drop down list, set long distance call p…

  • 15, GW-200 User Manual 15 Fig 3.4 Phone Setting  use dialplan: Set whether use dial plan or use dial number by selecting the corresponding item in drop down list.  disable: Do not use dial plan or dial number by selecting this item.  enable: Use dial plan by selecting this item.  dialnum: Use dial number by selecting this item. With this item selected, please enter the dial prefix into dial number fi…

  • 25, GW-200 User Manual 25 Password:**** P:\>get iptype 0[static] ip subnetmask router dns dns2 nattraversal 1[enable] nataddr rtpport 5144 registerport 5142 signalport 5142 controlport 5144 account [empty] pin [empty] phonenumber 182378009 fwdpoweroff 0[disable] fwdalways 0[…

  • 22, Perfectone GW-200 GW-200 User Manual 22 P:\> If you type super password, then you will see: Password : ******** P:\> Above information indicates that gateway is under setting mode, and then you can set the GW-200 gateway by using the telnet commands. GW-200 Gateway Telnet Commands Explanation GW-200 gateway Telnet Commands Command Function ? Supply command name and parameters get Display basic parameters of the GW…

  • 38, GW-200 User Manual 38 X-0: Connect to FTP Server to get the file of updating program and save it to the SDRAM of the gateway. Then the file can be read by PalmTool. This operation aims at testing. X-1: Connect to FTP Server to get the file of updating program and update program Flash. This operation aims at updating program. X-2: Connect to FTP Server to get the file of updating dial rules and update program Flash. This operation aims at …

  • 17, GW-200 User Manual 17  Dualmode prefix: This setting no need to set at moment.  ring type: This setting no need to set at moment.  Use digitmap: Enable/disable digit map by checking/unchecking the box.  Call waiting: Enable/disable call waiting by checking/unchecking the box.  forward number: Enter receiving forwarded calls phone number into this field.  fwd poweroff: Forward calls if power off by checking…

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