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  • Manufacturer: VARDE OVNE
  • Category of Device: Stove
  • Document: Thurø 11 Installation And User Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 19-07-2023
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VARDE OVNE Thurø 11 Stove PDF Installation And User Manual (Updated: Wednesday 19th of July 2023 11:48:54 AM)

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Compatible devices: Samso, Varde Linux 1, Front-Line 55, Varde Aura 1, Fuego 1, Oslo Series, IN-LINE 47, Thurø 1.

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  • 3, VARDE OVNE Thurø 11 3 Congratulations on purchasing your new stove. Varde Ovne A/S is a Danish company specializing in functional, environmentally friendly and designed quality stoves. Index Welcome and Index Side 3 Technical specifications Thurø 11 Side 4 Regulations and approval Side 5 Flooring and distance Side 6 Chimney Side 7 Air supply Side 8 Spare parts …

  • 4, VARDE OVNE Thurø 11 4 Model Thurø 11 Hight (mm) 939 Wide (mm) 548 Depth (mm) 415 Weight (kg) 101 kg Effect 4-8 w Nominal Output 6 Kw Heated area 50-120m2 Efficiency 78% Flue gas data: 4,9 g/sek., 265°C ved 20°C, 12 pa. Combustion chamber: (H x W x D): 240x400x260mm Flue outlet Ø 15 cm (Mounting hight top: 93cm) Distance to non-inflammable: 5-10cm (recom mended) Distance to inflammable wall a…

  • 5, 5 Important! Before lighting up your Varde Stove for the first time, we recommend that you read these instructions carefully and contact your local stove vendor or building authoorities to inquire about existing regulations regarding the intallation of stoves. Please follow these regulations closely. Inspection of installation It is very important that the installation be inspected by a qualified chimney…

  • 6, 6 Flooring: If the floor on which the stove is to be placed is inflammable, the floor must be covered with non -flammable material, such as steel or glass plate, floor tiles or artifical slate, covering an area of at least 15 cm from the sides of the stove and at least 30 cm from the front of it. Regarding the front, however, we recommend 50 cm. Also, the Floor construction must be capable of carrying the combined weight of stove and chimney. Installati…

  • 7, 7 The chimney: Always use a chimney with a diameter of at least 15 cm. This corresponds to a clear of 175 cm 2 . Make sure the chimney is of a sufficient height, that it draws well and that smoke does not bother your neighbours. We recommend that you fit your chimney with a damper, allowing for draft control. This may prove particularly important on windy days. Note: the damper must never shut off draught completely – always allow at least 20 cm² free passage through the chimney. With nominal usage the stove has tested a flue g…

  • 8, 8 Combustion/Secondary air Pre-heated air for the combustion process, the amount of which can be altered according to the desired room temperature, and the effectiveness of the chimney. A high level of chimney draught requires a lesser intake of combustion air. Primary air Also known as ´sub-air´, the air which is drawn into the combustion chamber through the air valve on the ash pan. Continual…

  • 9, 9 Spare parts If Spare parts at any time should be needed, please check the list below. Vermiculit fire bricks, Item no.: 2100505 Glass, Item no.: 1130503 Sealings i set, Item no.: 1101 Handel, Item no.: 11306124 Door, Item no.: 1130526 Shake grate pole, Vare nr.: 800000069 Shake grate, Item no.: 66 Ashtray, Item no.: 1130555 Glass springs, Item no.: 10013 Wood Catch, Item no.: 81 …

  • 10, 10 Thurø 11 1. Shake grate 2. Ash pan 3. Vermiculite fire brick Item no.: 2100505, see next page 4. Wood catch 1 2 3 4 …

  • 11, 11 Vermiculite The plates in the combustion chamber are Vermiculite plates and will aventually be worn, - as will the smoke plate. Should you accidentally breah the plate, for instance by hitting it hard with a piece of wood, this does not effect the quality of the combustion. You need not replace the plate until the gap is 5 mm wide. Vermiculite A special non-flammable material. The vermiculite fire plates both isolate and protect the stove from attrition. Verm…

  • 12, 12 The new stove The first time you light up the stove the enamel will temper, and give off some smoke and a slight smell. We recommend that you leave doors and windows open, as airing the room will make the smell disappear. This tempering softens the enamel making it susceptible to damage. Therefore exercise caution and avoid touching the enamel. Likewise we recommend opening the door to the stove at regular intervals for t…

  • 13, VARDE OVNE Thurø 11 13 How to light and stoke a fire: The first time you light up the stove the enamel will temper, and give off some smoke and a slight smell. We recommend that you leave doors and windows open, as airing the room will make the smell disappear. This tempering softens the enamel making it susceptible to damage. Therefore exeercise caution and avoid touching the enamel. Likewise we recommend opening the door to the …

  • 14, 14 Maintenance: As any piece of equipment in daily use, your stove needs maintenance. The stoves should only be cleaned when cold. Use a dry cloth for cleaning the exterior of the stove. Clean the interior regulary by removing ashes, soot and tar from the combustion chamber. The Deflector should be removed for cleaning as the reverse side will be covered in dirt and soot. Finally check that the smoke pathway thhrough the smoke pipe and chimney is completely clear. You should also inspect the gaskets in the door and …

  • 15, VARDE OVNE Thurø 11 15 Troubleshooting. Smoke enters the room: • Not enough draugh in the chimney. • Inspect the smoke pipe or the chimney for blockage. • Clean the inside of the stove removing soot from the upper vermiculite / smoke (Deflector) plate. • Make sure the hight of the chimney is correct. The glass or the chimney soot up: • The wood is too moist. • Not enough secondary air is applied to the combustion process. • You may have shut off the supply of ignitio…

  • 17, 17 Warranty All Varde stoves go through a close quality inspection, and we take pride in always delivering products of a consistent quality. This being said, manufacturing faults may still occur, and on these we offer a 5 year warranty. The warranty does not include: · wearing parts, such as the Vermiculite plates in the combustions chamber, the smoke plate, glass, gaskets, cast iron bottom and Shake grate. ·…

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