Universal Remote Control URC-SR3 Owner's Manual

Owner's Manual for Universal Remote Control URC-SR3 Remote Control (52 pages)


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Universal Remote Control URC-SR3 Remote Control PDF Owner's Manual (Updated: Saturday 24th of February 2024 10:35:43 PM)

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Compatible devices: UR5L-9000L, ONE FOR ALL URC4110, UR2-211, Easy Clicker UR3L-SR4, UR5-8400A, PHAZR -5 UR5U-9020L_, R2-Mini, R7 - SPECS SHEET.

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Text Version of Universal Remote Control URC-SR3 Remote Control Manual (Summary of Contents)

(Ocr-Read of the Universal Remote Control URC-SR3 Document (Main Content), UPD: 24 February 2024)
  • 9, Universal Remote Control URC-SR3 Three ways to get started There are three ways you can activate your new URC-SR3 universal remote control using its pre-programmed codes. 1. Quick Set-Up (page 9) 2. Three-Digit Code Set-up (page 10) 3. Auto—Search Set-up (page 12) Page | 8 …

  • 42, Universal Remote Control URC-SR3 including but not limited to product issues due to commercial use, acts of God, third-party installation, misuse, limitations of technology, or modification of or to any part of the Universal Remote Control product. This Limited Warranty does not cover Universal Remote Control products sold as USED, AS IS, REFU…

  • 15, Universal Remote Control URC-SR3 Set-up using the Learning Method STEP 1: Line up the URC-SR3 to the remote control you want to “learn” from, head—to— head as shown below. Start with the two remotes’ infrared (IR) windows touching, or nearly touching. STEP 2: On the URC-SR3, press the Component button that you want to pr…

  • 24, Page | 23 Setting Up Optional Punch Throughs Punch Throughs are special commands that control components without having to press the Component buttons at the top of the remote. If you find yourself switching to a particular component mode frequently to access a particular control, (TV Volume up or d…

  • 19, Universal Remote Control URC-SR3 Want more? Activating Optional Advanced Features Now that you’ve got your components up and running, you can stop right here. Or if you are adventurous, you can set up optional advanced features including Automated Activity Macros and Punch Throughs. The URC-SR3 has six Automated Activity Macro butto…

  • 17, If the Learning Method does not work, here are a few suggestions: • Infrared (IR) beams on all remotes are sensitive to light, and can be impacted several ways. Here are some things to look out for: – If you have a Plasma TV, move farther away from it or to another room while working with the rem…

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