UEi DL489 Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual for UEi DL489 Measuring Instruments (15 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: UEi
  • Category of Device: Measuring Instruments
  • Document: DL489, File Type: PDF Instruction Manual
  • Updated: 01-11-2023
  • Count of Pages: 15
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Data: UPD 1st November 2023

UEi DL489 Measuring Instruments PDF Instruction Manual (Updated: Wednesday 1st of November 2023 06:01:55 AM)

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Compatible devices: DT15A, C164, EAGLE C125, ACM6000, C85, DLM2, DL599, ATTPC3.

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Text Version of UEi DL489 Manual (Summary of Contents)

(Ocr-Read of the UEi DL489 Document (Main Content), UPD: 01 November 2023)
  • 1, DL489 True RMS 600V 600A CAT III CATII 1000V CATIII 600V MAX 30V T2 T1 TEMP NCV MAX/ MIN PEAK DC Zero INRUSH T e m p / ° F ° C μ A A V H z / D u t y MFD RANGE INSTRUCTION MANUAL ENGLISH DL489 Commemorative Edition True RMS Digital Clamp-On Meter 1000V CAT II 600V CAT III www.…

  • 2, TABLE OF CONTENTS FEATURES .............................................................................................3 GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS .............................................................3 IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNINGS ............................................ 3 - 4 CATEGORY DEFINITIONS ....................…

  • 3, UEi DL489 3 FEATURES • True RMS • 600A AC/DC • 750V AC/1000V DC • Resistance 60MΩ • Capacitance 2000µF • AC/DC microamps 2000µA • Frequency 99.99kHz • Dual Temperature Differential • Non-Contact Voltage • LRA Inrush • Data hold • Min/Max • Peak hold • Visible high-voltage alert • Manu…

  • 4, UEi DL489 4 IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNINGS (CONT.) • Use caution when working with voltages above 60V DC or 25V AC RMS. Such voltages pose shock hazards. • To avoid false readings that can lead to electrical shock, replace batteries if a low battery indicator appears. • Unless measuring voltage or current, shut off and lockou…

  • 5, 5 SYMBOLS AC (Alternating current) DC (Direct current) Negative DC AC/DC Voltage or Current Auto-ranging Overload: Range Exceeded Auto power off Active Non-Contact Voltage Low Battery Hold/Capture Value Minimum measured value displayed Maximum measured value displayed Duty Cycle Hertz/Frequency Voltage Amperage Ohms/Resistance Dio…

  • 6, UEi DL489 6 A. Clamp: Measure inductive AC/DC current. Opens to 1.25” (31.7mm). B. Conductor Alignment Marks: Use to aid the visual alignment of a conductor when measuring inductive amperage. Greatest accuracy is achieved when the conductor inside the clamp is centered at the intersection of these marks. C. Wire Separation Tab/ NCV sensor: Use to iso…

  • 7, UEi DL489 7 S. DC Zero/ Inrush Button: • Press to Zero the DC clamp reading. • Press and hold to enter LRA Inrush mode (must be in AC amp mode first). • Press and hold again to return to live readings. T. Display: • High contrast dual backlit display. • Amps (AC/DC) reading will always display on upp…

  • 8, UEi DL489 8 DL489 True RMS 600V 600A CAT III CATII 1000V CATIII 600V MAX 30V T2 T1 TEMP NCV MAX/ MIN PEAK DC Zero INRUSH T e m p / ° F ° C μ A A V H z / D u t y MFD RANGE Non-Contact Voltage NCV Sensor in the tip. • Press and hold the NCV button and move the tip of the clamp m…

  • 9, UEi DL489 9 Zero DC Amps Select DC current. • Press to zero any offset in Amps DC. • Used to monitor change from present displayed value. • Required during DC Amps measurement to establish a zero level. WARNING Do not use DC Zero mode at amps greater than 600A DC or 2000µA DC. • Default = DC Zero • Press and …

  • 10, 10 Range Resolution Accuracy Overload Protection -328˚F to 999˚F (-200˚ to 999˚C) 0.1°F (0.1˚C) ±(1.0% +3.6˚F) ±(1.0% + 2.0˚C) 30V RMS 1000˚F to 2462˚F (1000˚ to …

  • 11, 11 • Default = • Press x1 = • Press x2 = • Press x3 = DL489 True RMS 600V 600A CAT III CATII 1000V CATIII 600V MAX 30V T2 T1 TEMP NCV MAX/ MIN PEAK DC Zero INRUSH T e m p / ° F ° C μ A A V H z / D u t y MFD RANGE Range Resolution Accuracy Overload Pro…

  • 12, UEi DL489 12 Min/Max/Peak DL489 True RMS 600V 600A CAT III CATII 1000V CATIII 600V MAX 30V T2 T1 TEMP NCV MAX/ MIN PEAK DC Zero INRUSH T e m p / ° F ° C μ A A V H z / D u t y MFD RANGE • Default = • Press x1 = • Press x2 = • Press x3 = DL489 True RMS 600V …

  • 13, 13 • Default = • Press x1 = • Press and hold = • Press and hold x1 = DL489 True RMS 600V 600A CAT III CATII 1000V CATIII 600V MAX 30V T2 T1 TEMP NCV MAX/ MIN PEAK DC Zero INRUSH T e m p / ° F ° C μ A A V H z / D u t y MFD RANGE WARNING • Use CATIII rated test leads or higher.…

  • 14, UEi DL489 14 Use CAT III rated leads or higher. Press the AC/DC volts button to select AC voltage, press and hold the button for Frequency and Duty Cycle modes. WARNING Do not attempt to measure more than 750V AC/1000V DC. Features: RANGE HOLD MAX/ MIN PEAK Frequency Range Resolution Accuracy Overload Protection 99.99Hz 0.01Hz …

  • 15, UEi DL489 15 The UEi LRA Inrush is programmed to properly capture the starting current for compressor motors. • Select AC Amps. • Select the range capable of capturing the maximum value. • Press and hold the DC Zero/ LRA Inrush button – INRUSH will now be shown on the screen. • Activate the compressor and read value on the display. • …

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