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  • Manufacturer: Kicker
  • Category of Device: Amplifier, Car Amplifier
  • Document: KX1200.1 Manual , File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 03-08-2023
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Kicker KX1200.1 Amplifier, Car Amplifier PDF Manual  (Updated: Thursday 3rd of August 2023 11:12:21 AM)

Rating: 4.5 (rated by 92 users)

Compatible devices: ZX350.2, CX600.5, DX1400, CX300.1, ZX350.4, ZX2500.1, Impulse 354xi, BX200.2.

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  • 1, Congratulations! You have just purchased the latest in amplifier tech- nology to carry the famous KICKER name. Your KICKER KX series amplifier is designed and built to give you years of powerful and trou- ble-free performance. This installation manual contains valuable infor- mation on how to get the most out of your new KX series amplifier. Thanks for buying KICKER. Enjoy! KX Amplifier Features NEW for 2002 Radically advanced chassis with removable chassis shroud. Class D Mono Amplifier Delivers Massive power into a single chan…

  • 2, Mounting Instructions When selecting a location to mount your Kicker amplifier be sure it is struc- turally sound and that there are no items behind the area that could be dam- aged by the screws. Check for wiring harnesses, brake lines, fuel lines, gas tanks, etc. All amplifiers generate heat under normal operation. Be sure to choose a loca- tion that allows adequate ventilation for the amplifier. Also consider that the air temperature inside an automobile’s trunk can reach upwards…

  • 3, 3 Wiring Instructions Signal can be input into the amplifier using either the low level RCA input con- nections or the high level speaker level connections. Using the low level RCA connections is the preferred method. Use the high level inputs only if your head unit does not have low level RCA type outputs. Connecting to the amp with either input will provide a low level signal at the output (PAST) jacks. The use of twisted pai…

  • 4, System Diagrams The following diagrams show the most common configurations for your Kicker KX.1 series amplifier. ONE CHANNEL OPERATION KX series amplifiers are capable of operating into a minimum impedance of 2 ohm for the KX400.1, KX600.1 and 1 ohm for the KX1200.1. GROUND REMOTE TURN-ON BATTERY +12V FUSE SIGNAL INSIGNAL OUT + - 18" or less + _ L INPUT R + - L OUTPUT R SPEAKER OUT REMOTE BASS HI-LEVEL INPUT SUB SONIC FILTER OUT IN + - - + ON OFF AMP STRAPPING + - GROUND REMOTE TURN-ON BATTERY…

  • 5, 5 USING THE SIGNAL OUTPUT JACKS (PAST) The Output (Pre Amp Signal Transfer) RCA jacks allow you to send the incoming signal from one Kicker KX series amplifier to another amplifier or processor without the need for Y cables. The signal from the PAST jacks is iden- tical to the signal fed to the amplifier via its RCA input jacks or the High Level inputs and is not affected by the amplifier’s built in crossover. Most head units with high voltage outputs…

  • 6, 6 0 3 6 9 12 15 18 0 11 BASS BOOST (dB) GAIN 50 200 X-OVER FREQ. (Hz) Bass Boost Control 0-18 dB @ 40 Hz Input Gain Control Low Level High Level 170mV - 5V 340mV - 10V Crossover Control 50 Hz - 200 Hz 12 dB/Oct Adjusting Amplifier Controls On your Kicker amplifier there are three rotary controls on top and one switch on the end panel. These controls ensure the reliability and performance of the ampli…

  • 7, Troubleshooting If your amplifier does not appear to be working, check obvious things first such as blown fuses, poor or incorrect wiring connections, crossover switch set properly, gain controls properly set, etc. There are two LEDs on the end panel of your Kicker KX series amplifier, one green and one red. When the green LED is lit this indicates the amplifier is turned on and no trouble exists. If the green LED turns off and the red LED is lit this indicates that the protection ci…

  • 8, Kicker KX1200.1 8 ! Alternaator noise (whining sound thaat vaaries with engine RPM): "Check for damaged RCA cable. "Check routing of RCA cable. "Check source unit for good ground. "Check gain setting, turn down if set too high. CAAUTION: When jump staarting the vehicle,, be sure thaat connections maade with jumper caables are correct.. Improper connections caan result in blown amplifier fuses as…

  • 9, Kicker KX1200.1 9 Specifications Model KX400.1 KX600.1 KX1200.1 RMS Power In Watts @ 13.8V, 2Ω Mono, 1.5% THD 400 X 1 600 X 1 @ 13.8V, 1Ω Mono, 1.5% THD n/a n/a 1200 x 1 Dynamic Power In Watts @ 14.4V, 2Ω Mono 420 x 1 690 x 1 @ 14.4V, 1Ω Mono n/a n/a 1350 x 1 Length with Shroud 12.75” 16” 22.5” (32.38cm) (40.64cm) (57.15cm) Specifications common to all models Height:: 2.5 inches / 6.35 c…

  • 11, Kicker KX1200.1 • Products purchased from an unauthorized dealer. • Damage due to improper installation • Damage caused by exposure to water, excessive heat, chemical cleaners, and/or UV radiation. • Damage through negligence, misuse, accident or abuse. Repeated returns for the same damage may be considered abuse. • Freight damage. • The cost of shipping product to Stillwater Designs. HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE? Stillwater Designs maintains a goal of 24-hour service for all re…

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