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  • Manufacturer: Expobar
  • Category of Device: Coffee Maker
  • Document: BRILLIANCE Operation & User’s Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 20-07-2023
  • Count of Pages: 29
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Expobar BRILLIANCE Coffee Maker PDF Operation & User’s Manual (Updated: Thursday 20th of July 2023 08:01:45 AM)

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Compatible devices: QUARTZ ONE TOUCH, Office automatic, ROSETTA CAPSULE GROUP, Markus, New Elegance 1GR, Control, Megacrem MINI, COFFEE MACHINE.

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  • 14, Brilliance Manual Page 14 5.9.3 Prices setting Now it comes the adjusting of each selection’s price. On the first row of the display we see which selection price (from 1 to 9) we are adjusting. At the second row, we see the price assigned to it. With buttons “+” and “-“ we adjust this value; with “enter” we accept the value, and proceed to the next. After accepting the pr…

  • 6, Expobar BRILLIANCE Brilliance Manual Page 6 3.3 Electrical connection Connect the machine to a grounded 230VAC 50Hz connection or a grounded 110VAC 60Hz connection (depending on the model); check the adequate voltage and frequency at the back of the machine. 3.4 Initialization When the machine is new received, its boiler is not completely full of water. And the Airbreak (a small deposit open to air inside the machine) will be empty. So prior to normal service, the machine’s system has to …

  • 5, Brilliance Manual Page 5 2.2 Rear side &Open door view 3 MACHINE INSTALLATION 3.1 Suitable locations This distributor is not suitable for outdoors service. The machine must be installed in dry locals, and should not be cleaned projecting water against it. Machine should not be exposed to temperatures under 1ºC. When installing the machine near a wall, make …

  • 25, Brilliance Manual Page 25 7.9 Cleaning the machine Cleaning has to be done typically at installation, and weekly or even more often depending on the use on the machine. Neutral detergents (avoid solvents that could damage paint or plastics) are to be used in this operation. Machine should be turned off when cleaning it. Never clean the machine projecting water against it. To clean the different elements of the machine u…

  • 26, Expobar BRILLIANCE Brilliance Manual Page 26 8.1 New Smart Cards & Data SmartCards: When a new Smart Card is inserted, (with the Smart Card enabled in the settings menu), this is what is shown in the screen: In the “Create Money chip card” screen, pressing the “Enter” button, we configure the card as a money card. Note that this is a “only once” way; when transformed into a money c…

  • 18, Brilliance Manual Page 18 6.4 Filling canisters In order to refill the canisters: 1.- Open the main door of the machine. 2.- Open the superior Cover. 3.- Take out (this to avoid unnecessary spillage in the machine) ingredient canisters. 4.- Remove lid and fill canister with ingredients. 5.- Reassemble canisters. Make sure that the outlet pipes on the ingredient canisters are well oriented into the steam trap (A) Note: Always use soluble powder drinks suit…

  • 15, Expobar BRILLIANCE Brilliance Manual Page 15 5.12 Full Scheme of the Settings Menu Normal Start up Normal Start up Key Total 1 NR. Key Total 2 NR. Enter / Enter / - - Key Total ... NR. Enter / Enter / - - Enter Can Enter Can + - Global Counter Doses NR. Key Total 8 NR. Enter / + - DOSES PROGRAM. Info Can Can Can Can - Can DOS…

  • 28, Brilliance Manual Page 28 If you are refilling coffee beans after having get the “No Coffee” signal, the machine will be showing the error “No Coffee”. To reset this error after having refilled the machine, restart the machine, turning off the main switch, and again, turning it on. 9.2.2 Stop irregular cycle If due to any reason, the group does not reach certain positions in a determined time, we…

  • 22, Brilliance Manual Page 22 Front side Rear side Supporting Hooks Water adapter Axle adapter 7.5 Re-assembling the coffee group in place To place the espresso group back in place, make sure that on the front side of the espresso group, the mark on the group’s axle, match the outer triangle symbol . This is the normal “wait” position of the group in the machine. When the machine is working normally, the adapter to the group will be waiting for the group in this position. When…

  • 8, Expobar BRILLIANCE Brilliance Manual Page 8 5.4 INFO Menu The Info Menu is the first one to appear in the settings menu: Now accepting with button K6(Enter), the general totals of the erogations made by the machine are shown. On the display we get: Where NR. is the total number of erogations made by the machine. Pressing the “+” or the “enter” button the menu will move to the counter of the button 1. Showing us the total a…

  • 20, Brilliance Manual Page 20 7.3 Reassembly of mixer system 7. Reassemble the assembly plate by turning lock knob (F) clockwise. INSPECT gaskets. 8. Make sure that the motor whippers plane side will be in accordance with the whippers plane side. see next (G) and picture (H) . 9. Assemble whipper , pull until you hear a clicking noise. (H). 10.Assemble mixer bowl and stea…

  • 24, Brilliance Manual Page 24 After the cleaning, proceed to dry the mechanism up. Invert it and shake it as to force water out as maximum as possible. Dry up all the surfaces, and pay special attention to dry up the superior cone of the group, as this is the one receiving the grinded coffee. Case this one was humid, this would cause the cone to clog with coffee powder. Once finished the cleaning, close the cleaning vane and re-tighten the aforementioned screw that keeps it…

  • 16, Expobar BRILLIANCE Brilliance Manual Page 16 MACHINE PARAM. + - Enter + - Boiler Temperat. T.act. 97 Enter Enter Canc Canc Canc Canc + - T.act.= Actual Boiler Temperature Set Temp= Temp. to which b oiler is se t + - Enter Enter Enter Canc Canc Canc + - + - Enter Canc + - #=0 Grounds program disabled #=90 Standard capacity of grounds c…

  • 19, Expobar BRILLIANCE Brilliance Manual Page 19 7 HYGIENE AND MAINTENANCE Following today’s directives regarding sanitation and security, the operator of an automatic distributor is responsible of the hygiene of the materials in contact with food. Therefore he is responsible of maintaining the automatic distributor as to prevent bacteria to appear. 7.1 Cleaning It is important to regularly clean some mayor parts of the machine. It is necessary for the good perfo…

  • 10, Brilliance Manual Page 10 Now it comes the adjusting of the soluble ingredients. The quantity of soluble powder that will be added to the actual recipe. Two canisters are available. Soluble time 3&4 are not used in this machine: keep them set to 0. Each amount of product is set by increasing (pressing “+”) or decreasing (pressing “-“) the time during which the soluble is added. Finally we have to set the delay with which th…

  • 3, Brilliance Manual Page 3 6.2 GRINDER ADJUSTER............................................................................................................ 17 6.3 GRINDED COFFEE DOSER ADJUSTMENT ............................................................................... 17 6.4 FILLING CANISTERS .............................................................................................…

  • 29, Brilliance Manual Page 29 9.3 What to do if 9.3.1 Outgoing speed of espresso decreases Very likely the espresso group is missing regular cleaning. Proceed to clean it as described in the “cleaning the group” section, paying special attention to the group’s filters. 9.3.2 The mixer “clogs” The clogging of the mixer, will cause water to be dripped out of the machine. If this happens from the very first time you use the machine; this will be very…

  • 21, Expobar BRILLIANCE Brilliance Manual Page 21 7.4 Removing the espresso group To remove the espresso group follow the following steps: 7.4.1 Push down Spout holder As to allow the maximum free place to work, move down the Spout holder: 7.4.2 Release the espresso conduct Release the espresso conduct from the espresso group: 7.4.3 Release the Holding Hooks Push each hook inwards and rotate it till the long leaf points upwards. This …

  • 23, Brilliance Manual Page 23 Once the lid opened, turn the axle of the group as to position the inner mechanism close to the opening as to proceed to its cleaning: Very important: Now, turn the group around, and proceed to clean the upper filter of the espresso chamber. (See it rounded in the attached picture) Note: whenever the quality or speed of the outgoing espresso changes, proceed to clean thoroughly this filter, it will be very likely partially clogged with tiny c…

  • 27, Brilliance Manual Page 27 9 ALARMS & DISPLAY MESSAGES There are two levels of alarms & messages: 9.1 Temporary warnings & messages This warnings or messages, once solved the issue, will vanish and let the machine work. 9.1.1 Insuff. Credit A selection was made without having enough credit on the inserted SmartCard. Proceed to recharge the credit of your SmartCard. And select again the desired beverage. 9.1.2 Empty Coffee Tray After a certain number of espre…

  • 11, Brilliance Manual Page 11 5.8 Machine Parameters Menu After the doses menu, we arrive to the Machine Parameters menu: In this menu we will be able to adjust important parameters of the machine. Pressing the “Enter” button, we get into the menu and the display shows the first parameter available to be adjusted: 5.8.1 Language: With buttons “+” and “-“ we select the different languages; with “enter” we accept the selected language, and proceed to the next adjustment. 5.8.2 Boiler …

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