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Operation & User’s Manual for REI OSCOR Blue Measuring Instruments (123 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: REI
  • Category of Device: Measuring Instruments
  • Document: OSCOR Blue, File Type: PDF Operation & User’s Manual
  • Updated: 26-11-2023
  • Count of Pages: 123
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REI OSCOR Blue Measuring Instruments PDF Operation & User’s Manual (Updated: Sunday 26th of November 2023 03:46:02 PM)

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Compatible devices: HI739, Viva, 720i, HD Series, DM 91, PHC10-3 PLUS, PAM-2500, ASV-1.

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  • 38, REI OSCOR Blue OPERATION 31 reference level to the default, press the OK button and select Default Range from the context menu that pops up. This will also reset the dBm/div value to default. 4. dBm/div indicator – indicates the number of dBm per screen division. The dBm/div value can be adjusted by tapping twice on the dBm/…

  • 63, REI OSCOR Blue OPERATION 56 Auto Analyze After a signal list has been generated, the Auto Analyze function will automatically step through each signal in the signal list fine tuning main carrier frequencies, bandwidth measurements, and determining whether or not the signal correlates with room audio. Frequency and bandwidth determinations that are ma…

  • 29, REI OSCOR Blue SET-UP & BASIC OPERATION 22 Using the Storage Manager USB Hard Drives must be formatted with a FAT file system, such as FAT32, for use with the OSCOR unit. Hard drives formatted with the NTFS file system will not be recognized by the OSCOR. Windows operating systems limit the storage capacity of a FAT32 partitio…

  • 6, ii Changing the Position of the Cursor ................................................................................................... 33 RF Spectrum Trace Display Modes .......................................................................................33 Real Time Trace ............................................................…

  • 96, REI OSCOR Blue MULTI-PURPOSE PROBE 89 8. Repeat step 5 to save a Peak Trace from Port B. The two saved peaks can now be compared to identify possible suspect signals. A math trace can also be performed on these two peaks (see page 42) Notes: - Always verify the directionality of any suspicious signal by connecting each side up individually. …

  • 13, REI OSCOR Blue SET-UP & BASIC OPERATION 6 12. Hard Reset – recessed switch for initiating a hard reset to the unit. This button should only be used if the unit has locked up or is not functioning normally due to an unforeseen programming condition. 13. USB-A connector – allows connection of USB flash memory for saving data.…

  • 76, REI OSCOR Blue OPERATION 69 Setting a Squelch Level for Demodulated Audio The squelch control will allow you to suppress demodulated audio output when the carrier of the currently tuned signal drops below a set threshold. This will prevent you from hearing white noise when, for example, demodulating the audio from a two way radio and no transmission is be…

  • 18, SET-UP & BASIC OPERATION 11 Press SWEEP/ANALYZE to enter Analyze mode. Press Mute or Vol Up to listen to the radio station. To listen to other known signals, type in the desired frequency or use the rotary knob to move the cursor to adjacent stations. When you first enter Analyze Mode, the spectral graph …

  • 51, OPERATION 44 Note: While using the Mask function, you may notice some signals seem to automatically be removed from the list. Some types of signals, such as frequency hoppers or FM transmitters may initially appear as several distinct, closely spaced signals. Overtime, as the envelope of this signal begins to fill in…

  • 23, REI OSCOR Blue SET-UP & BASIC OPERATION 16 We will now locate this transmitter in Office B using the RSSI Locate function. Press Sweep/Analyze to enter Analyze Mode. In this example, the wireless microphone was demodulated and “listened” to using the audio demod. To Locate the transmitter select Corr / Locate or press F4. Select the RSS…

  • 15, SET-UP & BASIC OPERATION 8 QUICK START EXERCISES This section is intended to provide some short exercises to familiarize the user with some of the basic OSCOR functions and capabilities. These exercises are provided with minimal explanation and assume that the unit is turned off before starting. Detailed explanations of OSCOR functions and …

  • 25, SET-UP & BASIC OPERATION 18 SET-UP & BASIC OPERATION The OSCOR is a stand-alone spectrum analyzer with a built-in antenna panel ready to be used right out of the box. Depending on your application, some adjustments to the default settings may need to be made. Power Control and Battery Charging To turn on your OSCOR unit,…

  • 9, REI OSCOR Blue SET-UP & BASIC OPERATION 2 EQUIPMENT DESCRIPTION Main Panel 1. POWER – turns the unit off and on. Press and hold the power button until the unit shuts off to do a firmware reset. As the unit powers on, the power button will display various patterns of solid and blinking colors to indicate successf…

  • 106, SPECIFICATIONS 99 SPECIFICATIONS RF SYSTEM Frequency: 8GHz Model= 10kHz to 8GHz, 24 GHz Model = 10kHz to 24GHz Displayed Average Noise Level (DANL) (25kHz Resolution Band Width): Without Preamp= -100dBm With Preamp = -110 dBm Sweep Speed: 24GHz/second Preamp: DC–8 GHz = 10 dB Attenuation: DC-24GHz = 0dB, -10dB, -20dB, -30dB Dynam…

  • 19, REI OSCOR Blue SET-UP & BASIC OPERATION 12 Exercise 2 – Basic Methods To Detect Threat Transmitters The purpose of this exercise is to introduce methods for locating threat signals using Peak Traces, Math Traces, and the RSSI Locate feature. For this exercise, you will use some type of RF transmitter such as a cell phone, baby mon…

  • 61, OPERATION 54 Hiding/Showing the Signal List and Markers To hide the signal list and/or the markers which are displayed by default on the spectral graph when a signal list is generated: 1. If you are not already in the Signals Sub-Menu, from the Main Menu select Signals or press F3. 2. From the Signals Sub-Menu, s…

  • 1, REI OSCOR Blue Spectrum Analyzer User Manual Research Electronics International, LLC 455 Security Drive, Cookeville, TN 38506 U.S.A. (800) 824-3190 (US Only) • +1 931-537-6032 © Copyright Research Electronics International LLC …

  • 30, REI OSCOR Blue SET-UP & BASIC OPERATION 23 3. The storage manager will open. Connected storage devices will be shown in the tree list on the left side of the storage manager window. 4. Find and Select the device you wish to format from the tree list in the storage manager. Properties for the device will be displayed on the right side of the s…

  • 11, SET-UP & BASIC OPERATION 4 13. CENTER/START – Highlights the CENTER field, to allow changes to the frequency of the CENTER of the displayed span. When the SHIFT key is pressed immediately before this key, the START field is highlighted, allowing changes to the displayed START frequency. 14. SPAN/STOP – Highlights the SPAN field, to allow…

  • 113, REI OSCOR Blue APPENDIX A6 • Color gradient information is not stored with the trace record waterfall data. When opening previously recorded waterfalls, the waterfall is always displayed with the current color gradient applied. Receiver Overload – Waterfall Mode The screenshots below demonstrate the receiver overload indications for the Trace Record W…

  • 47, REI OSCOR Blue OPERATION 40 P1 and Merged Traces P2 and Merged Traces A Note Regarding Noise Floor Levels Peak Traces will tend to have a higher perceived noise floor, because the highest peak at each point along a trace is stored and anything else is ignored until an even higher peak is encountered. Real time …

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