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  • Manufacturer: Suunto
  • Category of Device: Desktop, Diving Instrument
  • Document: DW141 Operation & User’s Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 21-09-2023
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Suunto DW141 Desktop, Diving Instrument PDF Operation & User’s Manual (Updated: Thursday 21st of September 2023 03:52:16 PM)

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Compatible devices: CORE, T6, T6C, Cobra2, MARINER | REGATTA | YACHTSMAN, AMBIT, D3, X9i.

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  • 28, Suunto EON Steel User guide 25(40) 8 COMPASS EON Steel includes 3D digital compass. One of the main views includes graphical compass to be used for navigation. Compass heading can be locked by pressing XXX –button. This helps you stay on course while diving. Calibrating a compass can be done on compass main view any time. Calibrating is done by slowly rotating the unit in your hand with large infinite 8 loop about 15 seconds. Because of changes in th…

  • 43, Suunto DW141 Suunto EON Steel User guide 40(40) by residual nitrogen absorbed during previous dives. Residual nitrogen The amount of excess nitrogen remaining in a diver after one or more dives. Semi-closed rebreather (SCR) Scuba that recycles a portion of exhaled gas. Scuba Self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. Surface time Elapsed time between surfacing from a dive and beginning a descent for the subsequent dive. Tissue group Theoretical concept used to model bodily tissues for the …

  • 34, Suunto EON Steel User guide 31(40) the exposure limits provided by the instrument to minimize the risk of DCS. As an added measure of safety, you should consult a physician regarding your fitness before diving. WARNING: SUUNTO STRONGLY RECOMMENDS THAT SPORT DIVERS LIMIT THEIR MAXIMUM DEPTH TO 40 M/130 FT OR TO THE DEPTH CALCULATED BY THE COMPUTER BASED ON THE SELECTED O2% AND A MAXIMUM PO2 OF 1.4 BAR! Exposure to greater depths increases the risk of oxygen toxicity and decompression…

  • 41, Suunto DW141 Suunto EON Steel User guide 38(40) 16 GLOSSARY Term What it means Altitude dive A dive made at an elevation greater than 300 m/1000 ft above sea level. Ascent rate The speed at which the diver ascends toward the surface. Ascent time The minimum amount of time needed to reach the surface on a decompression stop dive. CCR Closed-Circuit rebreather. Scuba that recycle…

  • 25, Suunto EON Steel User guide 22(40) WARNING: When diving with multiple gases, remember that algorithm ascent time is always calculated with the assumption that diver uses all the gases found on gas menu. So always check that you have only gases used on a dive set before you dive and remove the ones that is not used. …

  • 24, Suunto EON Steel User guide 21(40) WARNING: Your actual ascent time may be longer, than displayed by EON Steel. It could be longer for following reasons: your ascending speed is slower than 10m/33ft per minute or you are doing decompression deeper than actual displayed ceiling. Take this into account, since it might increase the amount of required breathing gas to reach the surface. 6.8 Oxygen cal…

  • 15, Suunto EON Steel User guide 12(40) More aggressive (-2) Ideal conditions, excellent physical fitness, highly experienced with a lot of dives in the near past. Aggressive (-1) Ideal conditions, good physical fitness, well experienced with dives in the near past. Nominal (0) Ideal conditions. Conservative (+1) Some risk factors or conditions exist. More conservative (+2) Several risk f…

  • 22, Suunto DW141 Suunto EON Steel User guide 19(40) 6.7 Decompression dives If you exceed no-decompression limit on a dive, EON Steel will provide the decompression information required for ascent. Ascent information is always presented with two (2) values: Ceiling depth that diver should not go above Optimum ascent time in minutes to surface with given gases Typical decompression dive display in EON Steel showing ascent time and first require…

  • 29, Suunto EON Steel User guide 26(40) 9 DM5 & MOVESCOUNT Suunto DM5 software is PC and Mac compatible software for keeping your dive logbook up to date and planning your dives. With DM5 you could customize your EON Steel and update the latest firmware. You can download it from NOTE: Mono framework is required, when using DM5 in Mac. Movescount is an online sports community that works with DM5. Through movescount yo…

  • 17, Suunto DW141 Suunto EON Steel User guide 14(40) On dive main views only one tank pressure is shown and corresponds to the active gas chosen. Hence when gas is changed, the shown tank pressure is also changed accordingly. 5.5 User adjustable alarms There are three user configurable alarms: depth, dive time and tank pressure alarms. These alarm settings can be found on menu path “Menu > Dive settings > A…

  • 30, Suunto DW141 Suunto EON Steel User guide 27(40) 10 SUUNTO FUSED RGBM 10.1 No decompression time 10.2 Safety stop 10.3 Deepstop 10.4 Decompression ceiling & ascent time 10.5 Breaking the ceiling …

  • 33, Suunto EON Steel User guide 30(40) 12 SAFETY, HANDLING & SUPPORT 12.1 Important safety information Handling Handle EON Steel with care, since it has sensitive electronic components inside. Dropping the device may cause it to get damaged. If you’re concerned about getting scratches on the display, then use scratch guard provided with the device. Repairing Don’t try to open or repair the EON Steel by yourself. If you have pro…

  • 18, Suunto EON Steel User guide 15(40) 6 DURING DIVE NOTE: On depths greater than 1.2m/4ft EON Steel will start diving automatically. 6.1 Basic dive data Following display shows EON Steel tank pressure main view. It is chosen to illustrate what a diver can see during a dive on a display: Present depth is 19.0m Active gas is Nitrox 32% Dive time is 22 minutes Tank pressure left is 120 bars No decompression stop time is …

  • 3, Suunto EON Steel User guide ii 7 AFTER DIVING ....................................................................................................... 23 7.1 Surface & no fly time ................................................................................... 23 7.2 Logbook ........................................................................................................ 23 7.3 Dive history ..........................…

  • 42, Suunto EON Steel User guide 39(40) and returning to the surface at the end of a dive. Floor The deepest depth during a decompression stop dive at which decompression takes place. He% Helium percentage or helium fraction in the breathing gas. MOD Maximum operating depth of a breathing gas is the depth at which the partial pressure of oxygen (pO2) of the gas mix exceeds a safe limit. Multi level dive A single or repetitive dive that includes time spent at various d…

  • 9, Suunto DW141 Suunto EON Steel User guide 6(40) 3 GETTING STARTED To get the most out of your EON Steel, use some time to personalize it. EON Steel is a very user-friendly dive computer, and you will quickly become familiar with its functions. Make absolutely sure that you know your computer and have it set up as you want, before getting into the water. 3.1 Set up EON Steel First connect your EON Steel to your computer USB port with PC-cable. This will wake-up your EON Steel and you will be guided th…

  • 21, Suunto EON Steel User guide 18(40) Warnings in EON Steel. Warning Explanation CNS100% Central nervous system toxicity level reaches 100% limit. OTU300 Recommended limit for OTU reached per one day. Safety stop broken Warning when safety stop depth is broken by more than 0.6m. Ascent speed Ascent speed is more than 10m/min for 5 secs. Depth Depth of the diver is bigger than user adjusted depth alarm limit. Dive time Dive time exceeds user adjusted dive time alarm limit. Tank …

  • 4, Suunto DW141 Suunto EON Steel User guide 1(40) 1 SAFETY 1.1 Types of safety precautions WARNING: is used in connection with a procedure or situation that may result in serious injury or death CAUTION: is used in connection with a procedure or situation that will result in damage to the device NOTE: is used to emphasize important information TIP: is used for extra tips on how to utilize the features and functions of the…

  • 16, Suunto EON Steel User guide 13(40) one. Important thing here is how algorithm (Suunto Fused RGBM) calculates the ascent time (during dive) using all these three gases. 5.4 Tank pressure EON Steel can be used with multiple Tank PODs. To pair a tank POD it needs to be first installed to the tank via your regulator set first phase. Open the tank valve and see that the green LED on tank POD is flashing. A…

  • 12, Suunto EON Steel User guide 9(40) Up/down –buttons could be used to scroll and select -button to go deeper in the menu. Going backwards in the menu is done by keeping select –button down for more than 2 secs. NOTE: While diving only gas selection menu is available. Hence dive settings can be done only while on surface. 4.3 Charge and monitor the battery EON Steel has an internal lithium-ion, rechargeable battery. Charging the batter…

  • 11, Suunto DW141 Suunto EON Steel User guide 8(40) 4 BASICS 4.1 Main views EON Steel has three main views: time/no deco, tank pressure and compass view. Changing the views can be done by pressing the select –button. NOTE: Main views could be fit to everyone’s personal likings (see customization in section 9.5). 4.2 Menus From main views menu could be entered by keeping select –button down for 2 seconds. …

  • 19, Suunto EON Steel User guide 16(40) 6.4 Safety stops and deep stops A three (3) minute safety stop is always recommended for every dive over 10 meters. Safety stop is calculated down when diver is between 2.4 and 6 meters. This is presented with hourglass in front of the stop depth and safety stop calculation is shown in format m’ss. Safety stop might sometimes be more than 3 minutes and this is caused by too fast ascent on a dive. Deep stops activates when diver go…

  • 38, Suunto EON Steel User guide 35(40) 13 TECHNICAL INFORMATION 13.1 Technical specification 13.2 Suunto Fused RGBM algorithm 13.3 Oxygen exposure …

  • 20, Suunto EON Steel User guide 17(40) 6.5 Timer EON Steel has stopwatch for various timing purposes. Short up –button press start/stops the timer. Pressing up –button for more than 2 seconds clears the timer. 6.6 Alarms, warnings and notifications EON Steel has alarms, warnings and notifications. They each are shown visually on display with audible alarm (if tones are set on). Alarms requires always immediate action from diver. Alarms are presented on first ta…

  • 8, Suunto EON Steel User guide 5(40) Suunto USB power adapter. Use with USB cable to charge the EON Steel battery. Separate accessory could be purchased from ADD PICTURE HERE Scratch guard. Separate scratch guard could be added on top of class to protect glass from scratches. 2.3 Buttons THIS PICTURE COULD BE WITH EON STEEL OVERVIEW? 2.4 Icons The icons in the display gives information about EON Steel: Status icon What…

  • 27, Suunto DW141 Suunto EON Steel User guide 24(40) includes cursor for browsing logged data. For more detailed log browsing, download the dive(s) with DM5 (see section 9). When logbook memory becomes full, the oldest dives are always removed to make space new ones. 7.3 Dive history Dive history is a summary of all the dives done with the EON Steel. History is divided by the type of dives done with the device: air, nitrox, trimix and gauge dives are lo…

  • 5, Suunto EON Steel User guide 2(40) IC: Suunto EON Model: DW141 This device complies with Industry Canada licence-exempt RSS standard(s). Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference, including interference that may cause undesired operation of the device. CE: Suunto Oy hereby declares that this heart rate belt is in…

  • 36, Suunto EON Steel User guide 33(40) WARNING: NEVER ASCEND ABOVE THE CEILING! You must not ascend above the ceiling during your decompression. In order to avoid doing so by accident, you should stay somewhat below the ceiling. WARNING: DO NOT DIVE WITH A CYLINDER OF ENRICHED AIR IF YOU HAVE NOT PERSONALLY VERIFIED ITS CONTENTS AND ENTERED THE ANALYZED VALUE INTO YOUR DIVE COMPUTER! Failure to verify cylinder contents and ent…

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