Rollei RCP-7430XW Operation & User’s Manual

Rollei RCP-7430XW Digital Camera Manual (51 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Rollei
  • Category of Device: Digital Camera
  • Document: RCP-7430XW Operation & User’s Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 09-07-2023
  • Count of Pages: 51
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Rollei RCP-7430XW Digital Camera PDF Operation & User’s Manual (Updated: Sunday 9th of July 2023 07:22:59 PM)

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Compatible devices: PREGO DA5, Powerflex 550 Full HD, RCP-10325X, Rolleiflex, MiniDigi, XF35, COMPACTLINE 50 -, RCP-S8 EDITION -.

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  • 46, EN-46 APPENDIX Possible Number of Shots Possible number of shots (still image) The table shows the approximate shots that you can capture at each setting based on the capacity of the internal memory and the SD/SDHC memory card. Possible recording time / sec (video clip) * We recommend a memory card of at least 10MB/Sec write speed to prevent auto stop or unexpected results. If you experience an error using a slower SD/SDHC memory card, you can set your camera�…

  • 33, Rollei RCP-7430XW EN-33 DPOF Settings DPOF is the abbreviation for Digital Print Order Format, which allows you to embed printing information on your memory card. You can select the images to be printed and how many prints to make with the DPOF menu in the camera and insert the memory card to the card compatible printer. When the printer starts printing, it will read the embedded information on the memory card and print the specified images. 1. Slide the mode…

  • 40, EN-40 Playback Menu In the [ ] mode, choose which settings are to be used for playback. 1. Slide the mode switch to [ ]. 2. Press the MENU button. 3. Select the desired option item with the c / d buttons, and press the SET button to enter its respective menu. 4. Select the desired setting with the c / d buttons, and press the SET button. 5. To exit from the menu, press the MENU button. Slide Show Refer to section in this manual titled “Slideshow Display” for further…

  • 10, EN-10 Rear View 1 2 5 6 7 8 9 11 12 13 14 4 3 10 1. LCD monitor 2. Display button 3. Status LED 4. MENU Menu button 5. SCN Scene button 6. FUNC. Function button 7. Zoom in button Zoom out button 8. Strap holder 9. SET / Direction button S button Focus button X button Flash button T button Self-timer button W button Backlight / Exposure compensation button SET Set button 10. USB or AV OUT terminal 11. DC IN 5V terminal 12. Battery / Memory card cover 13. Dele…

  • 42, Rollei RCP-7430XW EN-42 Date/Time Refer to section in this manual titled “Setting the Date and Time” for further details. Sys. Reset This returns all basic settings to the camera’s default settings. The time setting will not be reset. * Cancel / Execute Language Refer to section in this manual titled “Choosing the Language” for further details. Video Output This sets your camera to match the system of the equipment that you are going to connect to the camera. * PAL/NTSC Media Info. This displays the free capacity of the internal memory or the memory car…

  • 14, EN-14 Video mode [] 1. Mode icon 2. Date and time 3. Battery condition 4. Storage media 5. Self-timer icon 6. Video quality 7. Video resolution 8. Available recording time/Elapsed time 9. Zoom status 10. White balance icon 11. Focus setting Playback mode [] - Still image playback 1. Mode icon 2. File number 3. Folder number 4. Protect icon 5. Voice memo 6. DPOF icon 7. Storage media Playback mode [] - Video playback 1. Video sta…

  • 50, EN-50 3. If you select [Single] in the previous step, the figure shown on the right hand side will appear.  Select the image that you want to print with the e / f buttons.  Select the [Print Num.] (up to 99) with the c / d buttons.  After selecting the desired image and printing number, press the SET button to confirm. 4. Select [Exit] with the c / d buttons, and press the SET button. 5. Select [Print] with the c / d buttons, and press the SET button t…

  • 20, Rollei RCP-7430XW EN-20 Zoom Function Using a combination of 4 times optical zoom and 4.8 times digital zoom permits zoom photography at up to 19.2 times magnification. While the digital zoom can be a useful feature, the more an image is enlarged (zoomed), the more pixelated (grainier) the image will appear. 1. Slide the mode switch to [ ] or [ ]. 2. To enable the digital zoom: a. Press the MENU button. b. Select [Function] with the f butt on. c. Select [Digital Zoom] with the c / d buttons, and …

  • 24, EN-24 Combining Shots of Two People into a Single Image This mode lets you record images of two people and combine them into a single image. This makes it possible for you to include yourself in group images, even when there is no one else around to record the image for you. 1. Slide the mode switch to [ ]. a. Press the MENU button. b. Select [Function] with the f button. c. Select [Capture Mode] with the c / d buttons…

  • 35, Rollei RCP-7430XW EN-35 Erasing in Playback Mode Erasing single image / Erasing all images 1. Slide the mode switch to [ ].  The last image will be displayed on the screen. 2. Select the image you want to erase with the e / f buttons. 3. Press the button.  The deletion menu will be displayed. 4. Select [Single] or [All] with the c / d buttons, and press the SET button.  [Single]: Erases the selected image or the last image.  [All]:…

  • 8, EN-8 INTRODUCTION Overview Congratulations on your purchase of the new digital camera. Capturing high-quality digital images is fast and easy with this state-of-the-art smart camera. Equipped with a 7.0-megapixel CCD, this camera is capable of capturing images with a resolution of up to 3040 x 2280 pixels. Package Contents Carefully unpack your camera and ensure that you have the following items: Common Product Components:  Digital Camera �…

  • 4, EN-4 Cautions Insert the battery paying careful attention to the polarity (+ or –) of the terminals. Inserting the battery with its polarities inverted might cause fire and injury, or damage to the surrounding areas due to the battery rupturing or leaking. Do not fire the flash close to anyone’s eyes. This might cause damage to the person’s eyesight. Do not subject the LCD monitor to impact. This might damage the glass on the screen or cause the internal fluid to leak. …

  • 29, EN-29 Attaching Voice Memos A maximum of 30 seconds of audio can be recorded as a memo for captured still images. The voice memo can be recorded only once. 1. Slide the mode switch to [ ].  The last image appears on the screen. 2. Select the image to which you want to attach the voice memo with the e / f buttons. 3. Press the MENU button. 4. Select [Voice Memo] with the c / d buttons, and press the SET button. 5. Select [O…

  • 28, Rollei RCP-7430XW EN-28 Thumbnail Display This function allows you to view 9 or 16 thumbnail images on the LCD monitor at the same time, which can let you quickly search for the image that you want. 1. Slide the mode switch to [ ].  The last image appears on the screen. 2. Press the button.  The images are displayed in the thumbnail display. If you want to view 16 thumbnail images, press the button again.  Images that have been selected with …

  • 23, Rollei RCP-7430XW EN-23 Recording a Subject onto an Existing Background Image Pre-Shot helps you get the background you want, even if you need to ask someone else to record the image for you. Basically, Pre-Shot is a two-step process. Higher resolution and higher quality images provide finer detail but cause the images’ file size to be larger. To change image resolution or image quality, perform these steps below: Step 1: You compose the background you want and press the sh…

  • 38, Rollei RCP-7430XW EN-38 Preview This sets the preview interval when displaying the captured image on the screen imme- diately after the image is captured. * 2 sec. / 4 sec. / Off Date Print The date of recording can be printed directly on the still images. This function must be activated before the image is captured. * On / Off Beep This sets whether or not to mute the camera sound each time you press the camera's buttons. * On / Off White Balance This sets the white balance for a variety of lighting conditions and permit…

  • 15, EN-15 GETTING STARTED Preparation 1. Attach the camera strap. 2. Open the battery/memory card cover. 3. Insert the supplied battery with correct orientation as shown. 4. Insert an SD/SDHC memory card (Optional).  The camera has 32MB internal memory (26MB available for image storage) , but you can load an SD/SDHC memory card to expand the camera’s memory capacity.  Be sure to format the memory card with this camera before its initial usage. …

  • 13, EN-13 LCD Monitor Display Capture Mode 1. Mode indication 2. Date and time 3. Flash mode [Blank] Auto Flash [ ] Red-eye Reduction [ ] Forced Flash [ ] Flash Off 4. Battery condition [ ] Full battery power [ ] Medium battery power [ ] Low battery power [ ] No battery power * [ ] AC adapter icon (if used) 5. Storage media [ ] Internal memory (no card) [ ] SD/SDHC memory card 6. Voice memo 7. Self-timer icon [ 10s] 10 sec. [ 2s ] 2 sec. [ …

  • 21, EN-21 Setting the Scene Mode By simply selecting one of the following 19 modes, you can capture the image with the most appropriate settings. 1. Press the SCN button. 2. Select the desired scene mode with the e/f buttons, and press the SET button. 3. Compose the image and press the shutter button. The table below will help you choose the appropriate scene mode: Scene mode Description Auto Capture images without having to set special functions or manual adjustments. User Setting Manually set the camera’s parameters and these settings will be m…

  • 41, EN-41 Setup Menu Set your camera’s operating environment. 1. Slide the mode switch to [ ]. 2. Press the MENU button, and select the [Setup 1]/ [Setup 2] menu with the e / f button. 3. Select the desired option item with the c / d buttons, and press the SET button to enter its respective menu. 4. Select the desired setting with the c / d buttons, and press the SET button. 5. To exit from the menu, press the MENU button. LCD Bright. Refer to section in this man…

  • 7, EN-7 Playback Menu ..........................................................................................................40 Setup Menu ...............................................................................................................41 TRANSFERRING FILES TO YOUR COMPUTER ............ 43 Downloading Your Files ............................................................................................43 EDITING SOFTWARE INSTALLATION ........................... 44 SPECIFICATIONS .................................................…

  • 2, EN-2 READ THIS FIRST Trademark Information  Microsoft ® and Windows ® are U.S. registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.  Pentium ® is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation.  Macintosh is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.  SD™ is a trademark.  Other names and products may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Product Information  Product design and specifications are subject to change without notice. This includes …

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  • Printed in China1 Camera Views2 Inserting the Battery1. Open the battery cover.2. Insert the battery into the battery slot in the correct position as shown in the following diagram.3. Close the battery cover.1. Push ON/OFF to turn the camera on and the language menu will appear. Use the Up/Down/Left/Right button to select a language, then press to conrm the language.2. U ...

    PIXPRO AZ362 2

  • Technical SpecificationsNetworking.10/100 Mbps Ethernet, RJ-45.ONVIF support.Protocols: IPv4, IPv6, TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, UPnP, RTSP/RTP/RTCP, IGMP, SMTP, FTP, DHCP, NTP, DNS, DDNS, PPPoE, CoS, QoS, SNMP, and 802.1xAlarm and Event Management.Triple-window video motion detection.Tamper detection .One D/I and one D/O for external sensor and alarm.PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor) ...

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  • SpyCentre Security® Since 1993 1-800-292-77489091 - LawMate Micro Camera with DVRHow to Charge the Battery:● Connect the recorder to a PC or USB power supply with the provided Mini USB to USBcable● Takes 2-3 hours to fully charge● A Green LED light = Charging● Green LED disappears = Fully ChargedNote: In order to record a Micro SD(32GB Max) card is required. The SD ...

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  • C-2000ZOOMENGLISHFRANÇAISESPAÑOLDigital Camera Instructionsn Before using your camera, read this manualcarefully to ensure correct use.n We recommend that you take test shots to getaccustomed to your camera before takingimportant photographs.Mode d’emploi pour appareilphoto numériquen Avant d’utiliser votre appareil photo, nous vousprions de lire attenti ...

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  • About aigo Founded in 1993, Huaqi Information Digital Technology Co. Ltd. currently employs over 1900 employees in more than 17 nationwide branches and 5 overseas subsidiaries. This dedicated team has developed the aigo brand into a leader in many of China’s technology markets. The aigo product line boasts: aigo MP4 players that became the number-one seller in the domestic market w ...

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