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  • Manufacturer: Viking pump
  • Category of Device: Water Pump
  • Document: G4195 Service Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 27-05-2023
  • Count of Pages: 10
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Viking pump G4195 Water Pump PDF Service Manual (Updated: Saturday 27th of May 2023 03:46:01 AM)

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Compatible devices: 495 Series, 323A Series, 224A-CHC1 Series, 124E Series, 4197 Series, 4924A Series, 75 Series, GP-425 SERIES.

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  • 1, SECTION TSM 144 PAGE 1 OF 10 ISSUE F VIKING PUMP, INC. x A Unit of IDEX Corporation x Cedar Falls, IA 50613 USA TECHNICAL SERVICE MANUAL CONTENTS INTRODUCTION The illustrations used in this manual are for identification purposes only and cannot be used for ordering parts. Obtain a parts list from the factory or a Viking® representative. Always give complete name of part, part number and material with model number and serial number of pump when ordering repair parts. The unmounted pump or pump unit model number and serial number are on the …

  • 2, SECTION TSM 144 ISSUE F PAGE 2 OF 10 BEFORE opening any liquid chamber (pumping chamber, reservoir, relief valve adjusting cap fitting, etc.) be sure that : Ɣ Any pressure in the chamber has been completely vented through the suction or discharge lines or other appropriate openings or connections. Ɣ The pump drive system means (motor, turbine, engine, etc.) has been “locked out” or otherwise been made non-operational so that it cannot b…

  • 3, SECTION TSM 144 ISSUE F PAGE 3 OF 10 SPECIAL INFORMATION MAINTENANCE PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES: 1. Viking pumps are positive displacement pumps and must be provided with some sort of pressure protection. This may be a relief valve mounted directly on the pump, an inline pressure relief valve, a torque limiting device or a rupture disk. 2. There are relief valve options available on those pump models designed to accept a relief valve. Options may incl…

  • 4, SECTION TSM 144 ISSUE F PAGE 4 OF 10 FIGURE 6 CUTAWAY FOR MODELS G, GG, H, HJ AND HL4195 CASING DISASSEMBLY 1. Refer to Figures 7 & 8, page 5 for model to be disassembled and name of parts. Models 4195 & 495 are disassembled and assembled in the same manner. The difference between these models is the casings. 2. Mark the head and casing before disassembly to insure proper reassembly. 3. NOTE: The four valve capscrews, valve and gasket must be removed from the G-GG 4195-495 model before the six h…

  • 5, Viking pump G4195 SECTION TSM 144 ISSUE F PAGE 5 OF 10 FIGURE 7 - EXPLODED VIEW FOR MODELS G, GG, H, HJ AND HL 4195 AND 495 ITEM NAME OF PART ITEM NAME OF PART ITEM NAME OF PART 1 Locknut 8 Casing (4195) 14 Head O-Ring 2 Snap Ring (Outer) 8A Casing (495) 15 Idler Pin 3 Ball Bearing (Outer) 9 Pipe Plug 16 Head and Idler Pin Assembly 4 Snap Ring for Shaft * 10 Mechanical Seal 17 Capscrew for Head 5 Bearing Housing 11 Rotor and Shaft Assembly 18 Gasket for Relief Valve 6 Snap Ring (Inner) 12 Idler Bushing 19 Relief Valve 7 Ball Bearing (Inner) 13 Idler and Bushing Assem…

  • 6, SECTION TSM 144 ISSUE F PAGE 6 OF 10 10. The rotor and shaft can now be removed by tapping on the end of the shaft with a lead hammer or, if using a regular hammer, use a piece of hardwood between the shaft and hammer. The rotary member of the seal will come out with the rotor and shaft. 11. AS, AK, AL: Remove the bearing retainer washer. The washer may have stayed with the rotor and shaft when removed or is against the ball bearing. See Figure 10. 12. Remove the mechanical seal rotary member and s…

  • 7, Viking pump G4195 SECTION TSM 144 ISSUE F PAGE 7 OF 10 ASSEMBLY Standard Mechanical Seal (Synthetic Rubber Bellows Type) Clean all parts thoroughly and examine for wear or damage. Check the lip seals, ball bearings, bushing and idler pin and replace if necessary. Check all other parts for nicks, burrs, excessive wear and replace if necessary. Wash the bearings in clean solvent. Blow out the bearings with compressed air. Do not allow the bearings to spin; turn them slowly by hand. Spinning the bearings will …

  • 8, Viking pump G4195 SECTION TSM 144 ISSUE F PAGE 8 OF 10 G, GG, H, HJ, HL: Drive the bearing into the bore. Tap the inner race with a brass bar and lead hammer to position bearing. Install the inner snap ring. AS, AK, AL: Install the bearing retainer washer over the shaft before installing the ball bearing. Install the ball bearing in the casing with sealed side towards head end of the pump. Drive the bearing into the bore. Tap the inner race with a brass bar and lead hammer to position the bearing. 13. H, HJ, HL: Install the shaft snap …

  • 9, SECTION TSM 144 ISSUE F PAGE 9 OF 10 Mark the valve and head before disassembly to ensure proper reassembly. 1. Remove the valve cap. 2. Measure and record the length of extension of the adjusting screw. Refer to “A” on Figures 13 and 14. 3. Loosen the locknut and back out the adjusting screw until spring pressure is released. 4. Remove the bonnet, spring guide, spring and poppet from the valve body. Clean and inspect all parts f…

  • 10, SECTION TSM 144 PAGE 10 OF 10 ISSUE F VIKING PUMP, INC. x A Unit of IDEX Corporation x Cedar Falls, IA 50613 USA © 3/2013 Viking Pump Inc. All rights reserved TECHNICAL SERVICE MANUAL WARRANTY Viking warrants all products manufactured by it to be free from defects in workmanship or material for a period of one (1) year from date of startup, provided that in no event shall this warranty extend more than eighteen (18) months from the date of s…

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