Spirit UltraMic Plus Operation & User’s Manual

Operation & User’s Manual for Spirit UltraMic Plus Music Mixer (19 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Spirit
  • Category of Device: Music Mixer
  • Document: UltraMic Plus, File Type: PDF Operation & User’s Manual
  • Updated: 27-08-2023
  • Count of Pages: 19
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Spirit UltraMic Plus Music Mixer PDF Operation & User’s Manual (Updated: Sunday 27th of August 2023 03:49:06 PM)

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Compatible devices: FOLIO POWERPAD, Monitor2, Digital 328 v2, Digital 328, Folio FX8, Folio Si, M-SERIES, KING-416.

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  • 2, Spirit UltraMic Plus Page 2 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS The SPIRIT MONITOR 2 mixer must only be connected through the Power Supply supplied. The wires in the mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code: Earth: Green and Yellow (Green/Yellow - US) Neutral: Blue (White - US) Live: Brown (Black - US) As the colours of the wires in the mains lead ma…

  • 4, Spirit UltraMic Plus USING MONITOR 2 Mono Input Channel XLR Input The UltraMic Plus padless input preamp is designed to accept BALANCED or UNBALANCED signals at a wide range of input levels up to +28dBu. When using microphones, professional dynamic, condenser or ribbon mics are best because these will be LOW IMPEDANCE. You can use low-cost HIGH IMPEDANCE mics, b…

  • 5, Page 5 MONITOR SENDS These controls route the input channel signal to any one or more Monitor busses and the associated Monitor Outputs, allowing a number of unique monitor mixes to be created. The sends are arranged as a group of mono sends (1-8) and two stereo pairs (9/10 & 11/12). Each group of sends is normally POST-FADE, POST-EQ b…

  • 6, Page 6 9 10 8 7 6 1 2 3 4 5 11 OUTPUT SECTION MONITOR OUTPUTS These outputs provide summing of the corresponding input channel monitor sends, and drive XLR-type output sockets from impedance balanced outputs. A break-point is included before each output socket for the connection of an external graphic equaliser. Outputs 1-8 are c…

  • 7, Spirit UltraMic Plus Page 7 MASTER SECTION WEDGE SOURCE The Engineers Wedge outputs are normally fed from a mix of the MNTR feeds from outputs 1-12. The pre-fade wedge signal feeds the headphones and meters and the post-fade signal feeds the XLR outputs. Pressing the WEDGE SOURCE switch selects monitor outputs 11-12 as the source for the wedge outputs, …

  • 8, Page 8 Setting Up & Troubleshooting Initial Set Up Once you have connected up your system (see the sections on connection and wiring earlier in this manual for guidance) you are ready to set initial positions for the controls on your mixer. The front panel drawing on page 17 shows typical initial control positions which may serve as a useful…

  • 14, Page 14 3 3 3 3 3 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 +48V +48V +48V +48V MIC INPUT SPLIT SPLIT OUTPUT (Internal Link) Link - Grounded No Link - Ground Lift TIP: SEND RING: RETURN HOUSE MICS FX RET 1 LEFT HOUSE FX RET 1 FX RET 2 HOUSE SENS FX RET 2 LEFT FX RET 1 RIGHT FX RET 2 RIGHT LEFT RIGHT T/B MIC T/B SENS PHASE INPUT SENS MON…

  • 15, Spirit UltraMic Plus Balanced Unbalanced Insert Leads ’Y’ Leads (Unbalanced) Lamp Connections ’Y’ Leads (Balanced) Headphone Splitter Page 15 Connecting Leads …

  • 16, Control Position Sheet You may freely copy this page to mark control positions to assist in resetting the desk between performances. …

  • 18, Spirit UltraMic Plus Page 18 Specifications Noise Measured RMS, 22Hz to 22kHz Bandwidth. Inputs at unity gain and terminated 150W Output Noise 24 inputs routed, sends down, master @ unity < -80dBu EIN Mic EIN @ max. gain (150W terminated) -129dBu THD+N Mic sens. -10dBu, Faders @ unity, send at max., +20dBu at all outputs @ 1kHz <0.005% Crossta…

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