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Compatible devices: SB-1, ARP-87, MAKO M1, AGES, Vanguard, CANVAS STEREO, Iron Horse V3, HAMMERTONE OVERDRIVE.

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The Bellwether is a bucket brigade delay pedal with 
tap tempo.  Offering analog circuity and up to 
1000ms of lush delays, the Bellwether ushers in a 
rich soundscape of long and short trails. It can 
achieve the warm saturated sounds found in delays 
like the Maxon AD999 and the coveted Boss DM-2. 
Inversely, the repeats can also be brightened up 
with the tone control for more pronounced rhythmic 
delays.  The Analog Chorus Engine allows you to 
manipulate the depth and rate of the chorus effect 
applied to your trails; creating a deep soundscape 
of ambient modulation.  Set the time and repeat 
controls low to get that classic western slap back 
sound or drag them out to achieve shoegaze 
perfection.  Take it all the way to 10 to achieve a 
self-oscillating delay.  The expression jack receives 
a TRS input to manipulate time or repeats; 
selectable by a toggle on the front of the pedal. 
There are two heavy duty footswitches: one for 
effect on/off and the other controlling the tap 
Four tap division options are offered to control the 
rhythm of your repeats: quarter notes, eighth notes, 
dotted eighth notes, and triplets.  Expression 
control options are offered to swing either the time 
or repeat controls back-and-forth.  Manipulate the 
time control to get that Johnny Greenwood 
oscillation or use it on the y to manipulate the 
repeat control; adding long tails to your diamonds.  
tap in
repeats tone level
inout 1out 2fx loopexp9v
Tap Div:
Time/Repeats Expression Toggle:
Bypass Footswitch:
Mod On/Off:
Here, you can command at what meter the 
Bellwether produces your repeats relative to the Tap 
Tempo or Time parameter.  Each zone around the 
parameter is marked with the lowest setting being 
quarter notes.  At 10:00, you’ll get eighth notes, 
2:00 dotted eighth notes, and 4:00 triplets; all 
relative to the Time parameter or Tap Tempo.
When the Mod toggle in On, the Depth control 
regulates how deep the modulation sways below 
the note your instrument is playing.  For minimal 
depth, use at the lowest setting possible.  For a 
deeper modulation, turn the dial clockwise. 
When the Mod toggle is on, the Rate control 
regulates how fast LFO wave moves.  The fastest 
rate happens when the control is at its lowest 
setting. Turn clockwise to stretch the rate out and 
hear more spaced out and slower waves.
Dial the parameter to the lowest setting here to hear 
one dominate repeat.  As you turn the control 
clockwise, the number of repeats generated will 
This toggle engages or bypasses the Analog 
Chorus Engine.  This feature is applied only to your 
repeats, modulating only the wet signal.
This parameter controls how soon and at what 
tempo your repeats are generated.  The shortest 
time possible will be when the control is at the 
minimum setting.  Turn the dial clockwise for a 
longer delay time.  Hear 1000ms of delay time when 
the control is at maximum. 
This control is a high-cut control that is only applied 
to your repeats and not your dry instrument signal.  
At its lowest setting, you will hear a full tonal range 
from high to low.  This is optimal for playing a more 
rhythmic delay style.  Turn the dial clockwise to 
start to hear the high-cut applied.  Limiting the 
highs passing through allows you to achieve classic 
analog/bucket brigade sounds, making your 
repeats sound darker and more saturated.  This 
type of setting works well for getting a smoother, 
dark, saturated trail from what you’re playing. 
This toggle enables expression pedal manipulation 
to either the Time parameter or the Repeat 
parameter.  Toggle left to manipulate the time with 
the lowest Time setting at toe-up and the highest 
setting desired at toe-down.  Toggle right to 
manipulate the repeats parameter with the lowest 
setting desired at toe-down and the highest setting 
at toe-up.
This turns the effect on and off.
Tap Switch:
Tap this switch to set the time of your repeats
Insert the cable running from your instrument or 
preceding effect here.
Out 1 & 2:
Run a cable from Out 1 or 2 (or both) to the next 
effect or your amplier.
FX Loop:
Use a TRS Y-cable to add an effect to the 
repeats/wet signal.
Insert your TRS expression pedal here to manipu-
late either Time or Repeats.
Insert power here. Center negative, 9V DC, 100mA 
The Level parameter controls the level of your repeats.  
At its lowest setting, you’ll hear no repeats.  Turn the 
parameter clockwise to bring up the volume of your 
repeats.  With the control dimed, your repeat volume 
will be higher than your dry instrument signal.  
For additional information go to www.walrusaudio.com
Find us on Facebook: walrusaudio
Find us on twitter: @walrusaudio
Find us on instagram: @walrusaudioeffects
*The use of an isolated power supply is recommended for powering all
 Walrus Audio Pedals. Daisy chain power supplies are not recommended.


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