DCS ActiveSmart RF201A Installation Instructions & User Manual

Installation Instructions & User Manual for DCS ActiveSmart RF201A Refrigerator (48 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: DCS
  • Category of Device: Refrigerator
  • Document: ActiveSmart RF201A, File Type: PDF Installation Instructions & User Manual
  • Updated: 09-12-2023
  • Count of Pages: 48
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  • 34, 35 EN CLEANING AND CARING FOR YOUR REFRIGERATOR Humidity Control System IMPORTANT! When cleaning the shelf above the vegetable bins, we recommend that you do not disassemble the Humidity Control System from the shelf. In the event that the humidity control lid (plastic lid) and humidity slides become separated from the glass shelf, fo…

  • 1, DCS ActiveSmart RF201A US CA INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS USER GUIDE INSTRUCTIONS D’INSTALLATION GUIDE D’UTILISATION ActiveSmart™ Refrigerator Ice & Water and Automatic Ice Réfrigérateur ActiveSmart™ Ice & Water et Automatic Ice RF201A models Modèles RF201A …

  • 6, DCS ActiveSmart RF201A 7 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Please follow the installation steps below to ensure your appliance operates correctly. 1. Power O The appliance must be installed so the plug is accessible. O To ensure that the appliance is not accidentally switched off, connect your refrigerator to its own power point. Do not plug in any other a…

  • 13, DCS ActiveSmart RF201A 14 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT! O All connections must be checked for leaks. O Ensure white ¼” (6mm) tubing is routed away from sharp objects, sharp corners (beware of kinking the tube as this will stop water flow), clear of the refrigerator rear compartment and not in a location where it can be kinked or squashed. O Ensure all p…

  • 14, 15 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS EN IMPORTANT! To ensure your product is properly functioning, it is important to complete the following steps. All models O Turn the ice maker on by pressing the button. The light above the button will be illuminated when the ice maker is on. O To force an ice maker cycle press and hold the , and…

  • 9, 10 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 110VAC AND WATER INLET DIMENSIONS inches (mm) R Power cord 40” (1016) S Water inlet to bottom 5” (127) T 110VAC to bottom 3” (76) U 110VAC to edge 2” (51) V Water inlet to edge 18” (457) 110VAC cord and water inlet dimensions V U S T R …

  • 4, DCS ActiveSmart RF201A 5 SAFETY AND WARNINGS Cleaning Many commercially available cleaning products contain solvents which may attack plastic components of your refrigerator and cause them to crack. For further advice please refer to section ‘Cleaning and caring for your refrigerator’. Electrical O This appliance must be installed in accordance with the insta…

  • 43, DCS ActiveSmart RF201A 44 TROUBLESHOOTING All models PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSES WHAT TO DO Automatic ice maker does notwork. Ice maker has not been turned on. Switch on ice maker (refer to pages 15 and 29). Bin is in the wrong way or there is no bin in place. Place bin so scoop is on the right side. Ice bin sits directly under ice maker on top left side of freezer. Water sup…

  • 38, 39 EN STORING FOOD IN YOUR FREEZER The use of temperatures of -0.4°F(-18°C) or colder to store food means that the food can be kept for longer periods than when refrigeration temperatures are used. This is because the growth of bacteria, moulds and yeasts are stopped, and chemical and physical reactions are severely restricted at…

  • 8, DCS ActiveSmart RF201A 9 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS PRODUCT DIMENSIONS inches (mm) A Overall height of product 70⅓” (1795) B Overall width of product 35⁄” (900) C Overall depth of product (excludes handle, includes rear compartment cover) 27⅜” (695) RECOMMENDED CABINETRY DIMENSIONS D Inside height of cavity 71¼” (1810…

  • 35, 36 CLEANING AND CARING FOR YOUR REFRIGERATOR To remove trays or fixed bins O For ease of removal, empty food from tray/bin first. O Hold the center front of the tray/bin handle. O Lift vertically to unclip from the runners and pull tray/bin towards you to remove. O Push both runners back into refrigerator. To replace t…

  • 23, DCS ActiveSmart RF201A 24 ACTIVESMART™ REFRIGERATOR OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Special Functions Bottle Chill This function allows you to chill your beverages more rapidly in the freezer without the worry of forgetting them. The timer is set for 15minutes however the time taken to chill depends on the size of your beverage. If after 15mi…

  • 46, 47 EN SERVICE AND WARRANTY Complete and keep for safe reference: Model Serial No. Purchase Date Purchaser Dealer Suburb Town Country Before you call for service or assistance... Check the things you can do yourself. Refer to the installation instructions booklet and your user guide that: 1 Your product is correctly installed by the i…

  • 16, DCS ActiveSmart RF201A 17 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS EN 8. What to do if your product is unstable A Gently push the refrigerator back until the rear rollers contact the floor. O Measure the gap under the front foot, which has come off the floor. O Obtain some solid packing material (hardwood, plastic,etc) which fits firmly into the gap under the foot. Note…

  • 19, 20 DOOR CLOSING Soft closing refrigerator door feature The fresh food compartment of your refrigerator has been fitted with a soft closing door feature. You do not need to push the door fully closed as this feature will automatically close the door from a 45° (approximate) opening angle. You may notice a little more resistance when…

  • 27, DCS ActiveSmart RF201A 28 WATER FILTER To reset the filter indicator IMPORTANT! O We recommend the water filter to be used from the time of installation. O Do not reset indicator before filter is changed or filter monitoring will be inaccurate. O Press and hold and for 4seconds to reset the internal and external filter indicators. O The icon on the internal and ext…

  • 3, DCS ActiveSmart RF201A 4 SAFETY AND WARNINGS ! WARNING! Electric Shock Hazard Read and follow the safety and warnings outlined in this user guide before operating this appliance. Failure to do so can result in death, electric shock, fire or injury to persons. Use this appliance only for its intended purpose as described in this user guide. IMPOR…

  • 31, DCS ActiveSmart RF201A 32 ACTIVESMART™ REFRIGERATOR SPECIAL FEATURES Slim storage drawer The slim bins at the bottom of the fresh food compartment provide storage space for items that you may want to keep separate from the rest of the refrigerator. These slim storage bins can be used for deli item storage, beverages or for defrosting …

  • 26, DCS ActiveSmart RF201A 27 WATER FILTER EN All the water to your refrigerator is filtered to remove impurities through a filter cartridge located in a position of your choice outside the refrigerator. This will need changing approximately every 6months. O There is a replacement indicator icon on the internal control panel and external display which …

  • 30, DCS ActiveSmart RF201A 31 ACTIVESMART™ REFRIGERATOR SPECIAL FEATURES EN Fruit and vegetable bins and humidity control lid The fruit and vegetable bins feature a unique lid which provides two functions: O The humidity lid seals the bins and provides a humid microclimate to extend storage times of fruit and vegetables. O The humidity lid prevents condensation, which for…

  • 37, 38 STORING FOOD IN YOUR REFRIGERATOR Red meat O Place fresh red meat on a plate and loosely cover with waxed paper, plastic wrap or foil. O Store cooked and raw meat on separate plates. This will prevent any juices lost from the raw meat contaminating the cooked product. O Delicatessen meats should be used within the recommended s…

  • 41, 42 TROUBLESHOOTING If there is a problem with your appliance, please check the following points before contacting your local DCS by Fisher & Paykel Authorized Service Agent or the Customer Care Center. All models PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSES WHAT TO DO Appliance does not operate. No electricity at power outlet. Check that the plug is correctly …

  • 17, 18 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Before placing food in the fresh food or freezer compartments O Remove all internal packaging. Ensure that all transit clips are removed from the refrigerator. These are small rubber stoppers located at the back of the shelves. O Clean the inside of the appliance with a mix of warm water and a small amount of liqui…

  • 48, DCS ActiveSmart RF201A 843508 A 09.15 www.dcsappliances.com US CA Copyright © Dynamic Cooking Systems, lnc. 2015. All rights reserved. The product specifications in this booklet apply to the specific products and models described at the date of issue. Under our policy of continuous product improvement, these specifications may change at any…

  • 20, DCS ActiveSmart RF201A 21 ACTIVESMART™ REFRIGERATOR OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS EN The control panel enables you to view and modify all the features and options on yourrefrigerator. Temperature control O When the refrigerator is first turned on, the powerful cooling system will automatically cool both refrigerator and freezer compartments to their set t…

  • 45, 46 TROUBLESHOOTING Ice & Water models only PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSES WHAT TO DO Water has poor taste/odor. Refrigerator not used for an extended period. Dispense 10 qt (10 L) of water so fresh water supply is replenished. Water dispenser does not work. Water supply turned off or not connected. Turn water on. Press dis…

  • 32, DCS ActiveSmart RF201A 33 EN CLEANING AND CARING FOR YOUR REFRIGERATOR Exterior (all models) Stainless exterior doors O Clean the exterior door with liquid dishwashing detergent dissolved in warm water and a soft cloth. O Dry the door with a lint-free cloth. O The use of any abrasive or stainless steel cleaners and solvents will damage the door surface. …

  • 10, DCS ActiveSmart RF201A 11 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 5. Connecting water Contents of filter kit 1 13 ft (4 m) white ¼” (6 mm) tubing 2 1 x 8” (200 mm) blue tubing 3 1 x pressure reducing valve (PRV) 4 1 x double sided tape 5 2 x locking keys 6 1 x water filter cartridge and head 7 1 x faucet connection 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 IMPORTANT! O It is imperative the pr…

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  • TroubleshootingIf there is a problem with your appliance, please check the following points before contacting your local Fisher & Paykeltrained and supported service technician or the Customer Care Centre.Product parts and accessories can be purchased through Fisher & Paykel Customer Care Centre or online atfisherpaykel.com (this service is available to selected markets only).All ModelsProblem Possible Cause What to DoAppliance does not operateNo electri ...

    Model & Doc Type: ACTIVESMART RF605QDUVX1 6

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