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  • Updated: 17-07-2023
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Bicycles4u ELYSIUM Bicycle PDF Owner's Manual (Updated: Monday 17th of July 2023 07:28:17 AM)

Rating: 4.8 (rated by 61 users)

Compatible devices: PARIS, Rio FB, ELATION, 2008 Sportster, Esprit, EASYWAY E1, EVORA, Hanover.

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  • 1, Bicycles4u ELYSIUM ELYSIUM Owner’s Manual This manual contains important safety, assembly, operational and maintenance advice. THIS MANUAL SHOULD BE READ BEFORE OPERATING THE BICYCLE Saddle Post Saddle Carrier Mudguard Pedal Handle Bars Stem Fork Frame Folding Mechanism Spoke Rim Shaft Stem Folding Mechanism Kickstand Motor Shaft drive …

  • 2, 1) Do not operate the e-bike before reading this user manual thoroughly. The manufacturer will not be held responsible for any damage or accident due to improper use. 2) For your safety and others please follow the traf fic regulations. This bicycle is not suitable for children under thirteen and the disabled. This e-bike is not recommended for competition, stunts or of f-road riding. 3) Do not lubricate the brakes. 4) The braking length of a dry state surface/road is 4 meters at 25…

  • 3, Battery and charging Instructions on the bike operation 1) Press the power button to turn the power on, the indicator light(s) will show. 3) Two Lights = Battery capacity half full. 5) Slowly turn the grip and the bike will start to accelerate. To stop, bring the throttle back to the starting position or release the twist grip and it will automatically revert back to its original position. Full Half Empty Full Half Empty 1. Full Ha…

  • 4, Steps to charge the battery 1) Confirm that the local power supply corresponds with the requirement of the charger. The input voltage is between 100V-240V. 2) The battery can be charged on the e-bike or removed from the e-bike and charged separately. 3) Connect the charger plug and charging port of the battery first and then connect the power plug and the power source. 4) When the red light turns on, the charging starts. Safe charging Taking care of the battery is vital to ensure your safety and to maximize its long term performance. Battery faul…

  • 5, Step by Step instructions for folding and assembling 1) Remove the safety catch then loosen the quick release. (for handlebar stem). 2) Fold the stem towards the left. 3) Pull the trigger of the pedal and fold it downwards simultaneously. 4) Remove the safety plug then loosen the quick release. (for frame) 5) Fold the bicycle inwards 6) Finished 1) Unfold the front and rear frame. 2) Lock the quick release handle in place and tight it…

  • 6, Bicycles4u ELYSIUM Please make sure the folding and quick release levers are locked tightly How to adjust the folder 1. Use a 2.5mm allen key to release the handle 2. Use a 3.0mm allen key to tighten the handle 3. Make sure the folder is tightly secured after locking it 1)In order to ensure long term service of your e-bike, please use genuine parts. 2)Make sure the waterproof connection is properly connected. 3)Do not use the battery…

  • 7, General Maintenance Remarks Adjusting the height of the seat/handlebar In order to adjust the height of the seat/handlebar you’ll have to unlock the lever that can be seen in the pictures below, adjust the saddle/handlebar stem height to the desired position without exceeding the mark carved onto the saddle’s tube. Lock the lever in place and you’re done. The saddle’s height must be set so that you can place your feet at the ground comfortably. …

  • 8, Brakes The brake-shoes which are fixed on the V-brake and Roller-brake wear out in time causing gap widening between the brake-shoes and the rim flank. This is indicated by the increase of the leeway of the brake lever The left brake lever controls the rear and the right brake lever controls the front brake. You can modify it by adjusting the brake system through the following steps: Simply turn the adjusting screw on the brake lever until the gap between the brake shoes and the rim flank averages …

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