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  • Manufacturer: Aaeon
  • Category of Device: Motherboard
  • Document: PCM-5894 Operation & User’s Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 07-05-2023
  • Count of Pages: 104
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Aaeon PCM-5894 Motherboard PDF Operation & User’s Manual (Updated: Sunday 7th of May 2023 11:18:30 AM)

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Compatible devices: MIX-H310A2, PCM-8152 3rd Generation, GENE-KBU6, EMB-A70M, GENE-LN05, PCM-5896, IMBA-H110A, EMB-830.

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(Ocr-Read Summary of Contents of some pages of the Aaeon PCM-5894 Document (Main Content), UPD: 07 May 2023)
  • 13, Aaeon PCM-5894 Chapter 1 General Information 5 • Power management: I/O peripheral devices support power saving and doze/standby/suspend modes. APM 1.2 compliant VGA interface • VGA Controller: C&T 65554/ SiS 5598 (for PCM-5894C) • Display memory: 2MB on board/UMA structure for PCM-5894C • Display type: Supports CRT and flat panel (TFT, DSTN, Mono and EL) display. Can display both CRT and flat panel simultaneously (PCM-5894C suppor…

  • 39, Aaeon PCM-5894 Chapter 2 Installation 31 Power connectors (CN8, CN12, CN2 and CN17) Peripheral power connector, -5V, -12V (CN8) CN8 supplies secondary power to devices which require -5 V and -12 V power. Peripheral power connector Pin Function 1 GND 2 -5 V 3 GND 4 -12 V Main power connector, +5V, +12V (CN12) CN/2 supplies main power to the mainboard (+5 V) and devices that require +12 V power. Main power connector Pin Signal 1 +12 V 2 GND 3 GND 4 +5V Fan power connector (CN2 and CN17) Provides power supply to optional CPU cooli…

  • 15, Chapter 1 General Information 7 Dimensions in mm å å å å å Board dimensions PCM-5894 dimensions å å å 95.25 135.89 140.97 146.05 5.08 40.64 å 97.16 100.97 119.38 å å å 174.63 177.17 193.04 198.12 203.20 5.08 å å å å å å å å 9.53 å å å å å å å å å å 3.56 å å å …

  • 94, 86 PCM-5894 User's Manual OS/2 Warp 3.0 (Single Byte Character) OS2 Warp Display Driver Installation (For SBCS version) 1. Before installing SiS OS/2 Warp display driver, start up OS/2 system in standard VGA mode. 2. Select "Command Prompts" folder. 3. Select "OS/2 window" or "OS/2 full screen" icon. 4. Place the SiS OS/2 Warp display driver installation Disk into Floppy Drive. 5. Change directory to A:\OS2\SBCS.30. 6. Ty…

  • 7, Driver installation .................................................................... 66 Windows 3.1 .......................................................................... 67 Driver installation .................................................................... 67 OS/2 ....................................................................................... 68 Windows NT3.51................................................................... 70 Windows NT 4.0................................…

  • 51, Aaeon PCM-5894 Chapter 3 AMIBIOS Setup 43 Available Options: Disabled Enabled ESC: Exit : Sel PgUp/PgDn: Modify F2/F3: Color Advanced CMOS Setup Select the Advanced CMOS Setup from the AMIBIOS Setup main menu to enter Advanced setup. The Advanced Setup options described in this section are the standard options as shown on the following screen. The following configurations are based on Optiomal settings. AMIBIOS SETUP — ADVANCED CMOS SETUP …

  • 75, Chapter 4 Driver Installation 67 Windows 3.1 These drivers are designed to work with Microsoft Windows Version 3.1. You should install these drivers through Windows. Driver installation 1. Install Windows as you normally would for a VGA display. Run Windows to make sure that it is working correctly. 2. Place the Win31 Driver Diskette in drive A. In Windows Program Manager, choose File from the Options Menu. Then from the pull-down menu, choose Run. At the Command Lin…

  • 32, 24 PCM-5894 User's Manual Floppy drive connector (CN16) You can attach up to two floppy disks to the mainboard controller. You can use any combination of 5¼" (360 KB and 1.2 MB) and/or 3½" (720 KB, 1.44 MB, and 2.88 MB) drives. A 34-pin daisy-chain drive connector cable is required for a dual- drive system. On one end of the cable is a 34-pin flat-cable connector. On the other end are two sets of floppy disk…

  • 82, Aaeon PCM-5894 74 PCM-5894 User's Manual Systm Requirements This section describes system requirements for the SiS 5598 VGA Driver installationn and usage. 1. The hardware system must contain a SiS 5598 chipset. 2. Mouse is optional. 3. The SiS 5598 VGA BIOS must be newer than Version 1.01. DOS Utility 1. General Description SVGAUTL.EXE is one of the utilities of SiS 5598. It supports three functions: (1) Video …

  • 53, Chapter 3 AMIBIOS Setup 45 Floppy Drive Swap Set this option to Enabled to permit drives A: or B: to be swapped. The settings are Enabled or Disabled. Floppy Drive Seek Set this option to Enabled to specify that floppy drive A: will perform a Seek operation at system boot. The settings are Enabled or Disabled. PS/2 Mouse Support When this option is set to Enabled, AMIBIOS supports a PS/2- type mouse. The settings are Enabled or Disabled. System Keyboard This option specifies that a keyboard is attached to the computer. The setti…

  • 33, Chapter 2 Installation 25 Floppy drive connector (CN16) Floppy drive connector Pin Signal Pin Signal 1 GND 2 DENSITY SELECT 3 GND 4 N/C 5 GND 6 DRIVE TYPE 7 GND 8 INDEX 9 GND 10 MOTOR 0 11 GND 12 DRIVE SELECT 1 13 GND 14 DRIVE SELECT 2 15 GND 16 MOTOR 1 17 GND 18 DIRECTION 19 GND 20 STEP 21 GND 22 WRITE DATA 23 GND 24 WRITE GATE 25 GND 26 TRACK 0 27 GND 28 WRITE PROTECT 29 GND 30 READ DATA 31 GND 32 HEAD DELECT 33 GND 34 DISK CHANGE …

  • 20, 12 PCM-5894 User's Manual U 1 AMD 5X86-133 (3.45V) UMC UM8663BF 20PMT04A SiS 5598/5582 BAT RTL8139 iTE IT8661F DiskOnChip CHIPS B5554 Locating jumpers J21 J17 J20 J18 J12 J19 J2 J8 J10 J13 J11 J7 J3 …


  • 3, Copyright Notice This document is copyrighted, 1997. All rights are reserved. The original manufacturer reserves the right to make improvements to the products described in this manual at any time without notice. No part of this manual may be reproduced, copied, translated or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the original manufacturer. Information provided in this manual is intended to be accurate and reliable. However, the original manufacturer assumes no responsibility for its use, nor for a…

  • 46, Aaeon PCM-5894 38 PCM-5894 User's Manual IrDA connector (CN10) The IrDA connector can be configured to support wireless infrared modul, with this module and application software such as Laplink, user can transfer file to or form laptops, note books, PDA and printers. The pin asssignment as follows: IrDA Connector Pin Function 1 Vcc 2 FIR RX 3 IR Rx 4 GND 5 IR Tx USB Connector (CN5) You can connect your USB (Universal Serial Bus) devices to USB connector. With USB, there is no need to have separate c…

  • 18, 10 PCM-5894 User's Manual Jumpers and connectors Connectors on the board link it to external devices such as hard disk drives, a keyboard, or floppy drives. In addition, the board has a number of jumpers that allow you to configure your system to suit your application. The table below lists the function of each of the board's jumpers and connectors. Jumpers Label Function J2 System clock setting J3 LCD connector driving voltage select J7 CMOS setup J8 CPU frequency ratio J10 CPU type…

  • 102, Aaeon PCM-5894 94 PCM-5894 User's Manual Installing PC/104 modules The mainboard's PC/104 connectors give you the flexibility to attach PC/104 expansion modules. These modules perform the functions of traditional plug-in expansion cards, but save space and valuable slots. Modules include: • PCM-3335 386 CPU Module w/Flat Panel/CRT Interface • PCM-3600 FAX/Modem Module • PCM-3420 Fast SCSI-2 Module • PCM-3200 Sound Module • PCM-3810 Solid State Disk Module • PCM-3820 High density F…

  • 44, 36 PCM-5894 User's Manual Ethernet configuration The mainboard is equipped with a high performance 32-bit PCI- bus Ethernet interface which is fully compliant with IEEE 802.3 10/100Mbps CSMA/CD standards. It is supported by all major network operating systems. Configuration is very simple and is done via the BIOS setup. The medium type can be configured via the program included on the utility disk. LAN LED connector (J14, J15, J16) You can…

  • 29, Aaeon PCM-5894 Chapter 2 Installation 21 Memory address selection (J13) The DiskOnChip 2000 occupies a 8 Kbyte window in the upper memory address range of C800 to E000. You should ensure this dose not conflict with any other device's memory address. J13 control the memory address of Flash disk. DiskOnChip 2000 memory address Memory address (HEX) J13 DISABLE DC00* D800 D400 D000 CC00 * default setting These addresses might conflict w…

  • 43, Chapter 2 Installation 35 VGA interface connections The mainboard's PCI SVGA interface can drive conventional CRT displays and is capable of driving a wide range of flat panel displays, including electroluminescent (EL), gas plasma, passive LCD and active LCD displays. The card has two connectors to support these displays, one for standard CRT VGA monitors and one for flat panel displays. CRT display connector (CN1) CN1 is a 16-pin, dual-in-line header used for conventional CRT displays. A simple one-to-…

  • 48, 40 PCM-5894 User's Manual General information AMIBIOS Setup configures system information that is stored in CMOS RAM. Starting AMIBIOS setup As POST executes, the following appears; Hit <DEL> if you want to run SETUP Press <DEL> to run AMIBIOS setup. AMIBIOS main menu The AMIBIOS setup screen appears as follows: AMIBIOS HIFLEX SETUP UTILITY — VERSION 1.16 (C) 1996 American Megatrends, Inc. All Rights Reserved Standard CMOS Setup Advanced CMOS Setup Advanced Chipset Setup Power Management Setup PCI/ Plug and Play Setup Pe…

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