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  • Manufacturer: LifeSpan
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  • Updated: 24-12-2023
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Compatible devices: Trail, Power-S, DT-7, BALANCE, TR2500-HRC, Relay, TR2000e, TR2000-HRC.

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  • 1, LifeSpan Dash NOTE: This manual may be subject to updates or changes. Up to date manuals are available through our website at Product may vary slightly from the item pictured due to model upgrad…


  • 3, 3 DASH 1. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS WARNING - Read all instructions before using this treadmill. It is important your treadmill receives regular maintenance to prolong its useful life. Failing to regularly maintain your treadmill may void your warranty. Danger – To reduce th…

  • 4, 4 DASH • To disconnect, turn all controls to the off position, remove the safety key, and then remove the plug from the outlet. • The pulse sensors are not medical devices. Various factors, including the user’s movement, may affect the accuracy of heart rate readings. The pulse sensor…

  • 5, 5 DASH 3. IMPORTANT OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS • Be sure to read the entire manual before operating your machine. • Understand that changes in speed and incline do not occur immediately. Set your desired speed on the computer console and release the adjustment key. The computer will ob…

  • 6, 6 DASH 4. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS PART LIST NO. DES. Specification Nos. NO. DES. Specification Nos. 1 Main Frame 1 55 washer 8 8 39 Allen M8*15 8 12 5# Allen Wrench 5mm 1 11 Wrench w/screw driver S=13 、 14 、 15 1 7…

  • 7, LifeSpan Dash 7 DASH STEP 1: STEP 2: 1. Open the carton 2. Extract the parts 3. Place the Main Frame onto level ground 1. Erect the Console A and Upright tube B towards the direction of the arrow. Note: Whilst erecting the d…

  • 8, LifeSpan Dash 8 DASH STEP 3: STEP 4: 1. Attach the upright tube (B) to the main frame with M8*15 bolt (39), Lock Washer (55). Use the 5# Allen wrench. Note: Support the Upright Tube with hand to avoid it falling down and causing injury …

  • 9, 9 DASH STEP 5: 1. Attach the Left & Right Upright Tube Covers (33,34) to the base frame with M5*12 bolt (75). Use the Wrench w/ screw driver(11). ATTENTION:Please double check…

  • 10, 10 DASH 5. FOLDING INSTRUCTIONS Folding: Unfolding: Place your hand on position (A), then pull up the base frame until you hear the click sound emitted when the air pressure bar (B) is locked into the round tube. …

  • 11, 11 DASH 6. OPERATION GUIDE 1. OVERVIEW 2. LCD WINDOW DISPLAY 1. SPEED: Shows speed. The speed range is 0.8 – 14km/h. 2. TIME: displays total running time. a. Counts from 0:00 to 99:59 (hr:min). After reaching 99:59 the machine will stop smoothly and show ‘End’. It w…

  • 12, 12 DASH a. Counts from 00.0 to 99.9 (km). After reaching 99:9 the machine will start counting again form 00.0. b. In countdown mode the machine will count down from the pre-set distance to 00.0. After reaching 00.0, the machine will stop smoothly and show ‘End’. It will then enter into sta…

  • 13, LifeSpan Dash 13 DASH 4. “STOP”: press button to stop the motor running and to stop the machine. Pressing STOP once during your workout will pause the workout and data on the LCD will remain. Press the START button to resume your workout. Instead of pressing START, you may clear the workout data by pressi…

  • 14, LifeSpan Dash 14 DASH Program Chart EACH TIME INTERVAL= 1/10 th OF THE TOTAL SET TIME 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 P1 SPEED 3 3 6 5 5 5 4 4 4 3 P2 SPEED 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 4 P3 SPEED 3 3 5 6 7 8 6 4 3 3 P…

  • 15, LifeSpan Dash 15 DASH 4.7. Body Fat Test Function 1. Press the “PROGRAM” button under ready condition until the letters “FAT” show in the speed window. “FAT” is body fat test mode. 2. Press the “MODE” button to input data into parameters “GENDER / AGE / HEIGHT / WEIGHT”. The “TIME/DIST…

  • 16, LifeSpan Dash 16 DASH 7. EXERCISE GUIDE PLEASE NOTE: Before beginning any exercise program, consult your physician. This is important especially if you are over the age of 45 or individuals with pre-existing health problems. The pulse sensors are not medical devices. Various factors, including the us…

  • 17, 17 DASH Training Zone Exercise After warming up, increase the intensity to your desired exercise program. Be sure to maintain your intensity for maximum performance. Breathe regularly and deeply as you exercise. Cool Down Finish each workout with a light jog or walk for at least 1…

  • 18, 18 DASH 8. MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS Reasonable cleaning/lubricating should be made to extend the life time of this unit. Performance is maximized when the belt and mat are kept as clean as possible. WARNING: THE MAT/DECK FRICTION MAY PLAY A MAJOR ROLE IN THE FUNCTION AND LIFE OF YOUR TREAD…

  • 19, LifeSpan Dash 19 DASH • If in doubt do not use the treadmill and contact us. TAKE CARE TO PROTECT CARPETS AND FLOOR in case of leakages. This product is a machine that contains moving parts which have been greased / lubricated and could leak. 3. Belt/Deck/Roller Lubrication The mat/deck friction …

  • 20, LifeSpan Dash 20 DASH 4. How to check the running mat for proper lubrication: 1. Disconnect the main power supply. 2. Fold the treadmill up into the storage position. 3. Feel the underside surface of the running mat. If the surface is slick when touched, then no further lubrication is needed. If the surf…

  • 21, LifeSpan Dash 21 DASH 5. Adjusting the Running Belt A B C Place treadmill on a level surface. Run treadmill at approximately 4km/h, checking the running condition. If the belt has drifted to the right: Whilst the treadmill is running at 4km/h, carefully turn the right adjusting bolt…

  • 22, 22 DASH NOTE: When properly tightened, you should be able to peel the very edge of the side of the belt up approximately 2 inches. However this is a rough reference and not all treadmills are the same. Some treadmills that have longer belts may give different measurements for correct belt tightne…

  • 23, LifeSpan Dash 23 DASH 5. Replacing Motor Brushes After extended use, the motor brushes in your treadmill motor will wear down, and this can lead to motor failure. It is important that you maintain your motor by replacing the brushes on either side of the motor when they are worn down. We recommend that you check y…

  • 24, 24 DASH 5. Some treadmill motors may use a push clip instead. In this case, gently push the clip down and then up to release it from its latch. 6. Remove the clip, noting the direction in which it was originally placed, and put it safely aside. 7. Slide the motor bru…

  • 25, LifeSpan Dash 25 DASH 11. Release the clip back into its position. 12. If your motor uses a push clip, replace the push clip by pushing it inwards and then down so that it engages the catch. 13. Check that the motor brush is held firmly in place by the spring, and that the lead is plugged…

  • 27, 27 DASH 10. PARTS LIST 1 Base Frame 1 44 Bolt M8*45 3 2 Main Frame 1 45 Bolt M10*30 2 3 Computer Bracket 1 46 Bolt M6*55 2 4 Left Upright 1 47 Bolt M6*45 1 5 Right Upright 1 48 Bolt …

  • 28, 28 DASH 11. WARRANTY AUSTRALIAN CONSUMER LAW Many of our products come with a guarantee or warranty from the manufacturer. In addition, they come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensati…

  • 29, 29 DASH Hand Pulse Technology Lifespan Fitness Treadmills come equipped with hand pulse sensors which are used to pick up tiny EKG/ECG signals that run through the body when your heart beats. These electrical EKG/ECG signals are very small and that they must be amplified 1000 times to ma…


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