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  • Category of Device: Fan
  • Document: PZ52ABZ5C Installation Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 31-10-2023
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Litex PZ52ABZ5C Fan PDF Installation Manual (Updated: Tuesday 31st of October 2023 03:18:18 AM)

Rating: 4.8 (rated by 9 users)

Compatible devices: ABH52BNK5C, COS52OSB5CR, CC42AB4C, ULT52AB5, E-UB48BC4C1, E-BO52LN5C1S, E-TIT52ABZ5LKRC, JP13EB6CRS.

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(Ocr-Read Summary of Contents of some pages of the Litex PZ52ABZ5C Document (Main Content), UPD: 31 October 2023)
  • 1, Installation Guide Table of Contents: Safety Tips. pg. 1 Unpacking Your Fan. pg. 2 Parts Inventory. pg. 2 Installation Preparation. pg. 3 Hanging Bracket Installation. pg. 3 Fan Assembly. pgs. 4 - 5 Wiring. pg. 5 Canopy Assembly. pg. 6 Blade Assembly. pg. 6 Light Kit Assembly (Optional). pgs. 7 - 8 Testing Your Fan. pg. 8 Troubleshooting. pg. 9 Parts Replacement. pg. 9 Warranty. pg. 9 net weight of fan: 26.46 lb. (12 kg) E192641 READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS AND SAVE THEM FOR FUTURE USE PRINTED IN CHINA For Models: PZ52ABZ5C PZ52BNK5C …

  • 2, SAFETY TIPS. page 1 WARNING: To reduce the risk of electrical shock, turn off the electricity to the fan at the main fuse box or circuit panel before you begin the fan installation or before servicing the fan or installing accessories. 1. Read all instructions and safety information carefully before installing your fan and save these instructions. 2. Make sure all electrical connections comply with Local Codes or Ordinances and the National Electrical Co…

  • 3, Litex PZ52ABZ5C 1. Unpacking Your Fan. 2. Parts Inventory. a. canopy. 1 piece b. hanging bracket. 1 piece c. 6in. downrod and hanging ball. 1 piece d. motor housing. 1 piece e. yoke cover. 1 piece f. blade arm. 5 pieces g. blade. 5 pieces h. light kit fitter. 1 piece i. glass shade. 1 piece j. threaded washer (pre-attached to light kit fitter). 1 piece k. finial plate (pre-attached to light kit fitter). 1 piece l. finial (pre-attached to light kit fitt…

  • 4, 3. Installation Preparation. page 3 ON OFF ON OFF To prevent personal injury and damage, ensure that the hanging location allows the blades a clearance of 7ft. (2.13m) from the floor and 30in. (76cm) from any wall or obstruction. This fan is suitable for room sizes up to 400 square feet (37.2 square meters). This fan can be mounted with a downrod on a normal or vaulted ceiling. The hanging length can be extended by purchasing a longer downro…

  • 5, page 4 5. Fan Assembly. yoke set screw downrod yoke cover electrical wiring clip pin canopy motor housing set screw hole set screw hanging ball stop pin A B If you wish to extend the hanging length of your fan, you must remove the hanging ball from the 6in. downrod provided to use with an extended downrod (sold separately). [If you wish to use the 6in. downrod, please proceed to instructions following the dotted line below.] To remove hanging ball, loosen set screw on hanging ball, lower hanging ball an…

  • 6, hanging bracket tab hanging ball slot 5. Fan Assembly. (cont.) With the hanging bracket secured to the outlet box and able to support the fan, you are now ready to hang your fan. Grab the fan firmly with two hands. Slide downrod through opening in hanging bracket and let hanging ball rest on the hanging bracket. Turn the hanging ball slot until it lines up with the hanging bracket tab. Tip: Seek the help of another person to hold the stepladder …

  • 7, 7. Canopy Assembly. page 6 8. Blade Assembly. Time Saver: Washers for blade screws can be set on each blade screw prior to installing blades. Locate 15 blade attachment screws and washers in one of the hardware packs. Hold blade arm up to blade and align holes. Insert 3 blade attachment screws (along with washers) with fingers first, and then tighten screws securely with Phillips screwdriver. Repeat procedure for remaining blades. Remove blade arm screws and lock washers from fan motor and set aside. Then, if applic…

  • 8, Litex PZ52ABZ5C page 7 9. Light Kit Assembly (Optional). If you wish to use fan WITH the light kit, remove 3 screws from switch housing cap (at top of light kit fitter). Locate BLUE and WHITE wires in the switch housing labeled FOR LIGHT. Remove and discard cardboard label and plastic that hold these 2 wires together. Connect WHITE wire from switch housing to WHITE wire from light kit fitter. Connect BLUE wire from switch housing to BLACK wire from light kit fitter. Be sure molex connections snap together secu…

  • 9, Litex PZ52ABZ5C page 8 10. Testing Your Fan. It is recommended that you test fan before finalizing installation. Restore power from circuit box and light switch (if applicable). Test fan speeds with the pull chain located on the switch housing. Start at the OFF position (no blade movement). First pull will set the fan to HI. Second pull will set the fan to MEDIUM. Third pull will set the fan to LOW. Fourth pull will again will set the fa…

  • 10, page 9 Troubleshooting. Warranty. Problem: Fan fails to operate. Solutions: 1. Check wall switch to fan. 2. Verify that reverse switch is set completely in either direction. 3. Check to be sure fan is wired properly. Problem: Light kit (optional) not lighting. Solutions: 1. Check wall switch to fan. 2. Check that bulbs are installed correctly. 3. Check to be sure wires in canopy are wired properly. 4. Verify that molex connections in switch housing are connected properly. Problem: Fan operates but light fails (if ap…

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