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DC-20, ELPDC07, ELPDC06 Document Camera For serial numbers beginning with LQZF - DC-06 Document Camera, DC-06, DC-13, etc.

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  • WolfVision

    VZ-8plus3 INTRODUCTION The WolfVision VZ-8plus³ Document Camera is a real-time image capture device which allows you to present live objects to your audience. The Document Camera is able to magnify, zoom and project images of three-dimensional objects while the audience watches. REQUIREMENTS � ...

    Model: VZ-8plus3 2

  • Toshiba
    TLP-C001 - Document Camera

    TLP-C001 - Document Camera Toshiba TLP-C001 Document Camera SpecificationsModel Name TLP-C001Image Sensor 1/2" CMOS 3M PixelsEffective Pixel 1024H x 768V (XGA)Mechanical Arm 22" GooseneckDimensions (L x W x H)Base Unit 5.6" x 2.2" x 8.8"Camear Head 4.8" x 2.3" x 2.4"Weight4 lbs.Optical ...

    Model: TLP-C001 - Document Camera 1

  • Epson
    ELPDC05 - High Resolution Document Imager Camera

    ELPDC05 - High Resolution Document Imager Camera EPSON®When it comes to sharing intricate blueprints, charts, or 3-Dobjects with a room full of students or executives, the Epson ELPDC05high-resolution document imager is clearly a remarkable solution.Eliminating the need to prepare overhead transparencies or gatheraudience members around a crowded ...

    Model: ELPDC05 - High Resolution Document Imager Camera 2

  • Epson

    DC-20 EPSON® DC-20DOCUMENT CAMERAThe perfect tool for a dynamic learning environment, the EPSON DC-20 makes it easy to display books, experiments and 3D objects, making lessons more interactive and enjoyable. Write annotations over live images quickly and easily by connecting a computer mouse directly to ...

    Model: DC-20 4

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