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PS-512, CS-215, FORTIS F-18SUB, etc.


Owner's Manual

Unlock the full potential of your Fender CS-215 Subwoofer with the user manual, a treasure trove of information encompassing product specifications, setup instructions, maintenance guidelines, and troubleshooting advice for seamless usage.

Fender CS-215 Subwoofer Owner's Manual (#XYN1FK)

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Owner's Manual

Arm yourself with the knowledge contained in the Fender PS-512 Subwoofer user manual, offering comprehensive insights into product specifications, setup procedures, maintenance guidelines, and troubleshooting techniques for optimal performance.

Fender PS-512 Subwoofer Owner's Manual (#R756QF)



Owner's Manual

Equip yourself with the essential knowledge contained in the Fender FORTIS F-18SUB Subwoofer user manual, featuring detailed instructions on product setup, maintenance techniques, troubleshooting methods, and helpful tips for optimal performance.

Fender FORTIS F-18SUB Subwoofer Owner's Manual (#463P1M)


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  • Kicker
    Hideaway HS8

    Hideaway HS8 HS8Powered SubwooferEnclosureOwner’s Manual | EnglishManual del Propietario | EspañolSUBWOOFER AUTOAMPLIFICADOBenutzerhandbuch | DeutschAKTIVSUBWOOFER GEHÄUSEManuel d’utilisation | FrançaiseCAISSON DE GRAVES ACTIF2011 Hideaway Rev M.indd 12011 Hideaway Rev M.indd 1 5/26/2011 4:46:22 PM5 ...

    Model: Hideaway HS8 28

  • Bose
    DesignMax DM10S-SUB

    DesignMax DM10S-SUB DesignMax DM10S-SUBSurface-mount SubwooferInstallation Guide .......................2Guía de instalación .....................7Notice d’installation ....................12Installationsanleitung ...................17Guida all'installazione ..................22Installatiehandleiding ......... ...

    Model: DesignMax DM10S-SUB 64

  • Sony

    XS-L156P5 "15" Single Voice Coil subwooferMica Reinforced Cellular Glass Fiber Composite ConeSingle 4 Ohm voicecoilGold plated 5-way binding posts1500W Peak (450W Rated)Specications© 2009 Sony Electronics Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is pr ...

    Model: XS-L156P5 1

  • JL Audio
    10W5-D4 Speci?cations

    10W5-D4 Speci?cations 10W5-D831.2 Hz0.412 0.4574.206 2.06 58.3 0.281 7.187.7 dB51.8 0.033413.56 Ω (in series)Dual 8 Ω250 Watts10W5-D431.7 Hz0.384 0.402 1.60 45.3 0.295 7.587.3 dB 51.8 0.03347.72 Ω (in series)Dual 4 Ω250 WattsSubwoofer Specifi cationsFs (free-air resonance):Qts (total speaker “Q”):Qes (e ...

    Model: 10W5-D4 Speci?cations 2

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