JRC Marine GPS System Manuals

(12) JRC Marine GPS System Manuals, Instruction Guides

6 Models: JUE-250, JHS-183, PRONAV V200S, Alphatron LT-3100 Iridium, JHS-182, JCY-1800, etc.

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  • Beam

    RST970 RST970 QR SP 2.0 Quick Reference Guide : Basic Operation: 1. Ensure the vehicles ignition is on ACC/ON 2. Wait until the handset is registered on the network 3. Once registered house appears you can make a call 4. You are now ready to make a call Making A Hands Free Call: 1. Enter the number you w ...

    Model: RST970 2

  • Garmin
    GPSMAP 5208

    GPSMAP 5208 Garmin GPSMAP®56- Menu-driven touchscreen interface- High resolution display- Panel or bracket mount- World wide satellite imagery- Preloaded US marine charts including Alaska, Hawaii and Bahamas- NMEA2000 support for engine monitoring- Connect to the Garmin Marine Network toadd sonar, radar and w ...

    Model: GPSMAP 5208 6

  • Skytrac

    CDP-300 CDP-300 INSTALLATION MANUAL DOCUMENT REVISION: 01.006 (DOC0449) Applies to: CDP-300 (104-300-01, 104-300-02) Note: Access the latest revision at www.skytrac.ca/support September 9, 2015 SKYTRAC Systems Ltd. Tel. +1 250 765-2393 Fax +1 250 765-3767 Web: www.skytrac.ca Email: [email protected] © SKY ...

    Model: CDP-300 32

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