Pentax Camera Flash Manuals

(26) Pentax Camera Flash User Guides and Service Instructions

19 Models: AF200Sa, AF160S, AF 100P, etc.

Pentax Product Types:

  • Geekoto

    LR-18 Soft

    Diffuser 1/4 screw Fasten the screw nut Tripod Locking KnobAngle adjustment knobPhone HolderBall HeadLED RING LIGHT Type:LEDOuter Diameter: 18 inch/ 46cmPower: 48wLamp beads number:576 pcsColor temperature: 3300-5600KVoltage: 15V-18V(4A-5A)1. This device can not use for daily lighting. 2. Wet hands are not allowed to touch the power to avoid elec ...

    LR-18 Soft 2

  • Nikon

    TUMAX DMF880

    12233145213 SPECIFICATION6 (m) x 2IMPORTANT- Canon E-TTL - Pentax P-TTL - Sony ADI - Nikon i-TTL - Olympus TTL Auto This macro flash has TTL AUTO function built-in. It is compatible with the following TTL metering system:In order to use this macro flash, you must also purchase a TUMAX DMF880 digital flash unit. Please choose a DMF880 digita ...

    TUMAX DMF880 1

  • Vivitar


    Vivitar. automatic electronic flash Model 283 Owner's Manual Gebrauchsanlellung Manuel du propnelaire Manual del propiel8r1o ----------<~ CONGRATULATIONS ... AND WELCOME /0 the ever-increasing number of photographers now enjoying Vivi/Sf electronic lIash. This Owner's Manual is a handy reference guide and we suggest you re fer to II whenever que ...

    283 13

  • Pixapro


    Powerful 400Ws Ring FlashRIKO400Instruction ManualAlways keep this product from rain or dampness to avoid fire or electric shock.This product contains high-voltage electronic parts. Touching the high-voltage circuit inside it may result in electric shock. Do not disassemble. Should repairs become necessary, this product must be sent to an authorized maintena ...

    RIKO400 3

Manuals for Camera Flash Devices: i40, Mini Pioneer 120, Ving V860, EF-X500

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