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  • Category of Device: Cordless Telephone, Telephone
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Panasonic KX-TGF380 Cordless Telephone, Telephone PDF Manual  (Updated: Friday 3rd of November 2023 11:41:41 PM)

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Compatible devices: KX-TG7220FX, KX-HGT100-B, KX-NS Series, KX-TD7590CE, KX-TCD150FXB, KX-T7885 - Battery For, KX-TG6513B, KX-TGD210.

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  • 1, PNQW4262ZA TT1114WK0 (E) Printed in China Connections 1 Connect the AC adaptor to the unit by pressing the plug firmly. 2 Connect the telephone line cord to the unit until you hear a click. 3 Fasten the AC adaptor cord and the telephone line cord by hooking it. 4 Connect the AC adaptor to the power outlet. 5 Connect the telephone line cord to the single-line telephone jack (RJ11C) until you hear a click. 6 A DSL/ADSL filter (not supplied) is required if you have a DSL/ADSL service. 7 Connect the…

  • 2, Panasonic KX-TGF380 – 2 – Handset battery installation/Handset battery charging Charge for about 7 hours. Note: LUSE ONLY rechargeable Ni-MH batteries AAA (R03) size (1). LDo NOT use alkaline/manganese/Ni-Cd batteries. LConfirm correct polarities (S, T). LFollow the directions on the display to set up the unit. LConfirm “Charging” is displayed (2). Operating tips Soft keys By pressing a soft key, you can select the feature shown directly above it on the display. Pay attention to…

  • 3, – 3 – Date and time (Handset/Base unit) 1 {MENU}(1)1 2 Enter the current month, date, and year. s {OK} 3 Enter the current hour and minute (12-hour clock format). 4 Proceed with the operation for your unit. Handset: *: Select “AM” or “PM”. s {SAVE} Base unit: {AM/PM}: Select “AM” or “PM”. s {SAVE} 5 Proceed with the operation for your unit. Handset: {OFF} Base unit: {EXIT} Recording your greeting message of the answering system for the landline (Handset/Base unit) You can record your own greeting message instead of usi…

  • 4, – 4 – Pairing a Bluetooth cellular phone 1 Base unit: Press and hold {CELL 1} or {CELL 2} for a few seconds. LAfter the corresponding CELL indicator on the base unit starts flashing, the rest of the procedure must be completed within 5 minutes. 2 Your cellular phone: While the corresponding CELL indicator is flashing, follow the instructions of your cellular phone to enter the pairing mode. LDepending on your cellular phone, it may ask you to enter the Bluetooth PIN (default: “0000”). If your cellular phone shows …

  • 5, Panasonic KX-TGF380 – 5 – Base unit: Link to cell display items b A cellular line is in use. *1 LWhen flashing: The cellular call is put on hold. LWhen flashing rapidly: A cellular call is being received. *1 Corresponding lines (C1, C2: cellular line) are indicated next to the item. uv − A cellular call is being done on that line. − The cellular line is selected for the setting. A Bluetooth headset is connected to the base unit. It is ready…

  • 6, – 6 – Basic operations Making/Answering calls (Handset) Making cellular calls 1 Dial the phone number. s {CELL} LWhen the cellular line only mode is set, you can also press {C}/{s} instead of {CELL}. LWhen only 1 cellular phone is paired, the unit starts dialing. 2 When 2 cellular phones are paired: {r}: Select the desired cellular phone. s {SELECT} Making landline calls Dial the phone number. s {C}/{s} Answering calls {C}/{s} To hang up {OFF} To adjust the receiver or speaker volume Press {^} or {V} repeatedl…

  • 7, Panasonic KX-TGF380 – 7 – Phonebook (Handset) Adding entries 1 {<} k s {MENU} 2 {r}: “Add new entry” s {SELECT} 3 Enter the party’s name (16 characters max.). s {OK} 4 Enter the party’s phone number (24 digits max.). s {OK} 5 {r}: Select the desired group. s {SELECT} 2 times s {OFF} Making calls 1 {<} k s {r}: Select the desired entry. 2 To make a cellular call: When only 1 cellular phone is paired: {CELL} or When 2 cellular phones are paired: {CELL} s {r}: Select the desired cellular p…

  • 8, – 8 – Using Bluetooth devices Copying phonebook entries from a Bluetooth cellular phone (phonebook transfer) (Handset/Base unit) You can copy phonebook entries from the paired cellular phones or other cellular phones (not paired) to the unit’s phonebook. 1 {MENU}(618 2 To copy from paired cellular phones: {r}: Select the desired cellular phone. s {SELECT} LCopied items are stored to the group (“Cell 1” or…

  • 9, – 9 – Using a Bluetooth wireless headset (optional) for landline calls By pairing a Bluetooth headset to the base unit, you can have a hands-free conversation wirelessly for landline calls. LOnly 2 Bluetooth devices can be used with the unit at the same time (for example, 2 cellular lines, or the headset and 1 cellular line). Pairing a headset to the base unit (Handset/Base unit) 1 Your headset: Set your headset to pairing mode. LRefer to your headset operating instructions. 2 {MENU}(621 1 Pair using the handset or base unit. 2 …

  • 10, – 10 – Frequently asked questions Question Cause/solution Why is _ displayed? LThe handset is too far from the base unit. Move closer. LThe base unit’s AC adaptor is not properly connected. Reconnect AC adaptor to the base unit. LThe handset is not registered to the base unit. Register it. 1 Handset: {MENU}(13) 2 Base unit: Press and hold {LOCATOR} for about 5 seconds. 3 Handset: Press {OK}, then wait until a long beep sounds. Why am I unable to pair a cellular phone to the base unit? LDepending on the compat…

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