DINGOO DIGITAL A380 Quick Start Manual

Quick Start Manual for DINGOO DIGITAL A380 Game Console (9 pages)


949/949415-a380.pdf file (19 Nov 2023)
  • Manufacturer: DINGOO DIGITAL
  • Category of Device: Game Console
  • Document: A380, File Type: PDF Quick Start Manual
  • Updated: 19-11-2023
  • Count of Pages: 9
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Data: UPD 19th November 2023

DINGOO DIGITAL A380 Game Console PDF Quick Start Manual (Updated: Sunday 19th of November 2023 04:03:59 AM)

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Compatible devices: FINAL LAP 3 UPRIGHT, Compact Cyber Arcade JL2377, SCPH-35003 GT, ODROID-GO, Arcade 3000, 2510, NES Classic Edition, SCPH-75004.

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DINGOO DIGITAL A380: Text of Quick Start Manual

(Ocr-Read Version Summary of Contents, UPD: 19 November 2023)
  • 1

    A380 Quick Start Manual

    1. Features and main functions:

    z Games: Play games in 8 bit/16bit/32bit. Simulate PS/MAME/games, support thousands


    z Wireless: With 2.4GHz wireless receiver module built‐in, equipped with specialized

    2.4GHz wireless game controller (F‐16 controller). Support two wireless


    Support 2‐player gaming wirelessly.

    z G‐sensor: Gravity sensing effect while playing flying and car games.

    z Display: TFT 3.2" WQVGA LCD(16:10), resolution 400X240.

    z AV‐out : AV‐out technology gives you DVD output quality. Console can be connected

    with TV thus you can either enjoy playing games

    or watching movies.

    z Video player: Support RMVB, RM, AVI, WMV, FLV, MPEG, DAT, MP4, ASF formats.

    z MP3 player: Supports MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, M4a audio format. Synchronous lyrics

    display function, multiple EQ options,3D virtual sound field, surround sound effect and

    play mode options.

    z FM radio:

    User Can save up to 40 channels.

    z Audio Recorder: Hi‐Fi voice recording. Support MP3, WAV formats.

    z Image Browser: Image browsing formats includes JPG, BMP GIF, PNG, with zoom, rotate

    and image slide show function.

    z E‐book: Txt, html, doc, rtf formats supported. Further functions include

    bookmark, auto

    browsing, font sizing, TTS oral reading.

    z Applet: Calculator, stopwatch,.

    z USB2.0 Transmission Interface: Support WIN2000/XP/VISTA/MAC/WINDOWS7 Operation


    z Capacity: 4GB internal memory, support insert Micro SD(TF) card to expand capacity(up to


    2. Location of buttons and functions:

    Side buttons:

  • 2

    3. Function operation

    Push the power switch button to pause a few seconds to open up the player display after the

    boot screen, enter the main menu interface.

    Press [LEFT] / [RIGHT] keys to choose “Game rooms”, “Music”, “V ideo”, “ Radio”, “Record”,

    “Applet”, “Picture”, “Recorder”, “Browser .Then press [A] key

    to enter the selected menu interface,

    as shown "game rooms" menu interface for example.

    Press [UP/DOWN] button to select the Simulation Games/Transplant games, press [A] key to

    confirm access, select a game option, then press [A] key to confirm entry of selected game .

    Game Menu: In the game, press[ start] + [select] button will pop up the options menu, then

    you can be

    a variety of operations.

    Start / Back to the game: the pop‐up menu after the game, then game enters pause mode, select

    "start game" or "back game" the game to continue.

    Save game progress: in the game menu, select "state load"option, you can always save the

  • 3

    current state of progress of each game can be saved at any time.

    Loading game progress: in the game menu, select "Instant read file" option. You can restore saved

    game state.

    Voice switch: in the game options ,you can choose open or close the current game sound.

    Game action: AB game

    keys corresponding to keys, four navigation keys correspond to up, down,

    left and right.

    Exit: In the Game menu, choose "Exit Game" option to exit the game.

    Note: Open some large game time may be slightly longer, please to be patient.

    2‐player mode: Only some CPS1、CPS2、NEOGEO、MD

    games support 2‐player mode. Two players

    chosen the same simulation game, then press [A] button and will appear a picture like below.

    If you choose “single mode” then just allow 1 player to play. If choose “ Creating a server” or

    “search server”, then 2 players can play at the same time.

    One player/console chooses “Creating a Server”(This is the master console).If press [A] button

    then appear below picture.

  • 4

    Another player use another console to search the sever( this console is subordinate console).

    Press [A] button then appear below picture.

    If the subordinate console searched a sever, it shows as “Online Success”. For the master console,

    it shows: “Players to join, press A button to start” then both of them press [A] to enter the game

    and both players choose 2 player mode to play the game.

    Note: 1, The

    creating server is mater server which can control the process and quit and game.

    2, The most far distance is 5M in an open field. Not allowed person or thing to obstruct,

    otherwise the game will be locked. If locked, you should hold on for several seconds then

    can continue

    to play.

    3,When creating and searching the sever, do not move the console, otherwise will be


    . 4.When the wireless controller mode open, the 2‐player mode is not working.

    4. Music

    When music is playing, press the [LEFT] or [RIGHT] to switch the previous or next song.


    music is playing, hold on the [LEFT] or [RIGHT] buttons to let the song go back or forward


    When music is playing, press [R] to pause, press it again to continue.

    When music is playing, press the [UP] or [DOWN] buttons to increase or decrease the volume.

    When music is

    playing, press the [R] to pause and continue.

    When music is playing, press [B] key to return to play list .

    In the menu of “Play set”, press [A] button to choose play mode, equalizer and virtual sound field.

    5. Video

    When video is playing, hold on the [LEFT] or

    [RIGHT] buttons to let the video go back or forward


    When video is playing, press [R] to pause, press it again to continue.

    When video is playing, press [UP] or [DOWN] key to increase or decrease the volume.

    When video is playing, press [X] to adjust the proportion.

  • 5

    When video is playing, press [B] to exit and back to the play list.

    When video is playing, press [A] to adjust the proportion. There are normal, full screen and

    adapted screen 3 options. Press [A] to open or close the “Continue” function.

    Press [B] to quit. When quit, the console

    will save the changing.

    6. Radio

    When you listen to radio, need to wear the earphone. Thus the earphone is equal to an antenna.

    Select " Listen radio" option. If you want to listen to the radio listed in the list, press [LEFT] or

    [RIGHT] key to switch the previous

    / next station, press [UP] or [DOWN] key to increase or

    decrease the volume. Press [B] button back to the radio interface.

    Select “Station list” option, press [A] button to confirm. Then press [A] to choose “Manual adjust”,

    press [UP] or [DOWN] button to adjust the frequency, then select [A] to


    Choose “Updated station list”, then press [UP] or [DOWN] to choose “Manual adjust” or Auto

    Search, then press [A] to confirm.

    Select” radio set”, press [A] to choose ‘signal strength setting” and “Listening area”.

    7. Record

    In the main menu, select "Recorder", pre ss [A] key to start record and

    [B] to quit and save

    automatically. The file will save to “record” file. If you want to play the records, you can go to the

    main interface then choose” Music” and browser the play list, then you can find the files in

    previously directory then play.

    8. Applet

    Calculator: Press [A]

    to enter, then press cross buttons to move the mouse, press [A] to confirm

    and [SELECT] to quit.

    Stopwa tch: Press [A] to enter, press [A] to start/pause and [SELECT] to quit.

    9. Picture

    In the main interface, press [A] to enter the list, press [B] to go back .


    the “browse pictures” interface, press [UP] or [DOWN] button to choose a file, then press [A]

    to confirm.

    In “browse pictures” option , press the cross buttons to switch previous or next file. Press [L] to

    zoom the file, then press cross buttons to move zoomed file. Press [R] button to

    recovery the file,

    press [Y] button to rotate the picture., press [X] button to display picture details, press [A]

    button to choose “slide show” option, then the pictures will be displaying automatically. Press [A]

    to stop display. In “browse pictures” option , press [A], choose picture slide switch time, press


    to set up. Set includes: 2 seconds, 3 seconds, 5 seconds, 8 seconds, 15 seconds.

    In “browse pictures” option, press [A] then select "background”. You can select the background

    for main interface, music, radio and Ebook. P ress [A] button to sav e this setting.

    In “browse pictures” option, press [B]

    key to return to the main menu.

    10. Ebook

  • 6

    In the main interface, choose Ebook, press [A] to enter to the related TXT reader, RTF reader,

    HTML reader or DOC reader.

    When reading E‐book, press [UP] or [DOWN] button to switch previous or next page, press [LEFT]

    or [RIGHT] button to switch up or down line. Press [A]

    to pop up the set up menu(Go to,

    bookmark, zoom, color, TTS voice, Auto browse), press [B] to return to the previously menu.

    In the “Go to” option , press [UP] or [DOWN] to choose the number firstly, then press [A] to

    choose ,then press OK, then press [A] to confirm.

    When set up the bookmark, press [UP] or [DOWN] button to choose bookmark list, then press [A]

    to save. When you use e‐book next time, choose the bookmark directly, then choose the page of”

    my bookmark”, press [A] to go to the page which saved last time.

    When setup

    the zoom interface, move [UP] or [DOWN] button to choose the zoom list, press [A]

    chosen font and back to the reading interface automatically.

    In the option of set the background of fonts, you can set the picture background, color

    background and font color, then press [A] to enter. Move the

    cross buttons to choose the color

    and press [A] to confirm and back to the reading interface automatically.

    In the auto browser interface, you can set the time of “Auto next page” and “Auto next line”.

    Press [A] to confirm. Press cross buttons to choose a time, then press [A]

    to confirm and back to

    the reading interface.

    11. System Settings

    About this unit

    Set the list of options select "About this unit", by [A] key to check the capacity of this machine U

    disk, U disk available capacity, firmware version information.

    Language settings

    In the main interface, enter “ System”

    option, choose “ language settings”, press [UP] or [DOWN]

    button to select the language option(Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish etc, press [A] key to


    Background Settings

    Select “System” option, choose “ Background settings”(2 options available here: background and

    fonts), press [UP] or [DOWN] to set, then press [A] to sa ve.

    Sounds settings

    Select “Sounds settings” option , press [A] to enter the option, press [UP] or [DOWN] to choose

    the option, then press [A] to save..

    Backlight Time

    Select “System” option , choose “Backlight time”, press [A] to enter the options(5sec,

    10sec,15sec,20sec,30sec,60sec and always). press [UP] or [DOWN] to choose

    the option, then

    press [A] to save..

  • 7

    Backlight settings

    Select “System” option, choose “Backlight settings”, press [A] to enter the options(lever 1‐5),

    press [UP] or [DOWN] to choose the option, then press [A] to save.

    G‐sensor set

    Select “System” option , choose “G‐sensor set”, press [A] to open. After that, there will be a


    on the right top of the screen. Then move left and right and you can enjoy gravity

    sensing in the car, flying games.

    Handle set

    Select “System” option, choose “handle set”, press [A] to open (there will be a label

    on the

    right top of the screen). In the mean time, turn on the controller (red signal light will be shining).

    Then you should double click the

    to match. If the red light turn off, it reference succeed. If the

    red light is still shining, please reset the console and controller to match again.

    When you want to use 1 controller, you should double click the match button twice. The red light

    turn off means succeed.


    you want to use 2 controllers, each controller just need to match once. If you double click

    one controller twice, another one will not be successfully matched. Thus, you need to reset

    console and controllers and to match them again.

    When the controller is too far away from console, the red

    light will possibly shining. You should

    move to a more near distance and let the red light not shine. Here, no need to match again.

    If you changed a new controller, you need to enter “Handle set” to close and to open it again to

    match the contr oller.

    NOTE: If

    the red light is turn off, means you can use the controller safely. If it shining, means need

    to match the controller with console. When you re‐start your console or power on it, you need to

    double click controller matching button to match them again.

    TV settings

    Select “System” option,

    choose “TV settings”, choose “Open”, click [A] to confirm. If you want to

    quit the TV‐OUT mode, you need to choose “Close” under the TV settings menu. Otherwise, the

    screen will be turn off.

  • 8

    How to use a TF card.

    TF card will be inserted according to the player's card slot.

    If you want to unplug the TF card first ensure that the players currently on the card is not

    operating. Gently press your card, it will pop up automatically. If not pop up automatically, there

    is a slot as shown in below picture, you can remove it by hand.

    You can format your TF card when the console is connecting with PC. Please ensure that the file

    format is FA T32 format, since the system is fully compatible with FAT32 file format.

    Note: In order to avoid data missing, please insert or remove TF card when the console is power


  • 9

    FCC Statements:

    This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device,

    pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection

    against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can

    radiate radio

    frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions,

    may cause harmful interference to radio communica tions. However, there is no guarantee that

    interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful

    interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined

    by turning the equipment

    off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the

    following measures:

    ‐‐ Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.

    ‐‐ Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.

    ‐‐ Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different

    from that to which the receiver is


    ‐‐ Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.

    This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two


    (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept


    interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

    Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could

    void the user's authority to operate the equipment.

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