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Char-Broil 463261709 Grill Manual

Manufacturer: Char-Broil

Category of Device: Grill

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Char-Broil 463261709 Manual Page 1 Page 1 Assembly instructions © 2008        PRODUCT GUIDE MODEL 463261709 © 2008 Char-Broil, LLC    Columbus, GA  31902 Printed in China  Serial Number Date Purchased IMPORTANT: Fill out the product record information below. See rating label on grill for serial number. For support and to register your grill, please visit us at Estimated assembly time: 30-45 minutes  If you have questions or need assistance during assembly, please call  1-888-430-7870. 10/21/08 • 80018622 The ...

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Char-Broil 463261709 Manual Page 2 Page 2 1. Do not store or use gasoline or other  flammable liquids or vapors in the vicinity of  this or any other appliance. 2. An LP cylinder not connected for use shall not  be stored in the vicinity of this or any other  appliance. WARNING CAUTION For residential use only. Do not use for commercial  cooking. DANGER DANGER:  Indicates an imminently hazardous situation which, if not avoided, will result in death or serious injury. WARNING WARNING:  Indicates an potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could res...

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Char-Broil 463261709 Manual Page 3 Page 3 WARNING CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 1. Combustion by-products produced when using  this product contain chemicals known to the State of  California to cause cancer, birth defects, and other  reproductive harm. 2. This product contains chemicals, including lead  and lead compounds, known to the State of  California to cause cancer, birth defects or other  reproductive harm.  Wash your hands after handling this product. Installation Safety Precautions • Use grill, as purchased, only with LP (propane) gas and the  regulator/val...

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Char-Broil 463261709 Manual Page 4 Page 4 OPD Hand Wheel LP (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) •LP gas is nontoxic, odorless and colorless when produced. For  Your Safety, LP gas has been given an odor (similar to rotten cabbage) so that it can be smelled.  •LP gas is highly flammable and may ignite unexpectedly when  mixed with air. LP Cylinder Filling •Use only licensed and experienced dealers.•LP dealer must purge new cylinder before filling.•Dealer should NEVER fill LP cylinder more than 80% of LP  cylinder volume. Volume of propane in ...

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Char-Broil 463261709 Manual Page 5 Page 5 WARNING If “growing” bubbles appear do not use or move the LP cylinder. Contact an LP gas supplier or your fire department! Connecting Regulator to the LP Cylinder 1.LP cylinder must be properly secured onto grill. (Refer to  assembly section.) 2.Turn all control knobs to the OFF position.3.Turn LP cylinder OFF by turning hand-wheel clockwise to a  full stop. 4.Remove the protective cap from LP cylinder valve. Always use  cap and strap supplied with valve. Safety Relief Valve Nipple has to be centered into the LP cylinde...

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Char-Broil 463261709 Manual Page 6 Page 6 6.Turn the coupling nut clockwise and tighten to a full stop. The  regulator will seal on the back-check feature in the LP cylinder valve, resulting in some resistance.  An additional one-half to  three-quarters turn is required to complete the  connection. Tighten by hand only – do not use tools. NOTE:If you cannot complete the connection, disconnect regulator and repeat steps 5 and 6. If you are still unable to complete the connection,  do not use this regulator! Straig ht Hold coupling nut and regulator as shown for pro...

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Char-Broil 463261709 Manual Page 7 Page 7 WARNING For Safe Use of Your Grill and to Avoid Serious Injury:• Do not let children operate or play near grill. • Keep grill area clear and free from materials that burn.• Do not block holes in sides or back of grill. • Check burner flames regularly.• Use grill only in well-ventilated space. NEVER use in  enclosed space such as carport, garage, porch, covered patio, or under an overhead structure of any kind. • Do not use charcoal or ceramic briquets in a gas grill.  (Unless briquet...

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Char-Broil 463261709 Manual Page 8 Page 8 Burner Flame Check •Remove cooking grates and flame tamers. Light burners, rotate  knobs from HIGH to LOW. You should see a smaller flame in LOW position than seen on HIGH. Perform burner flame check on sideburner, also. Always check flame prior to each use. If only low flame is seen refer to "Sudden drop or low flame" in the Troubleshooting Section. HIGH LOW Match-Lighting s  Do not lean over grill while lighting. 1.Open lid. Turn on gas at LP cylinder.  2.Place lit match into match holder (hanging from ...

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Char-Broil 463261709 Manual Page 9 Page 9 Cleaning the Burner Assembly Follow these instructions to clean and/or replace parts of burnerassembly or if you have trouble igniting grill.1.  Turn gas off at control knobs and LP cylinder.2. Remove cooking grates and flame tamers.  3. Remove carryover tubes and burners. 4. 5. Carefully lift each burner up and away from valve openings. We suggest three ways to clean the burner tubes. Use the oneeasiest for you. (A) Bend a stiff wire (a light weight coat hanger works well)  into a small hook. Run the hook through each burner tub...

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Char-Broil 463261709 Manual Page 10 Page 10 This warranty only applies to units purchased from an authorized retailer.  Manufacturer warrants to the original consumer-purchaser only that this product shall be free from defects in workmanship and materials after correct assembly and under normal and reasonable home use for the periods indicated below beginning on the date of purchase*.  The manufacturer reserves the right to require that defective parts be returned, postage and or freight pre-paid by the consumer for review and examination.   *Note:  A dated sales rec...

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Char-Broil 463261709 Manual Page 11 Page 11 PARTS LIST  NOTE: Some grill parts shown in the assembly steps may differ slightly in appearance from those on your particular grill model. However, the method of assembly remains the same. Not Pictured:    11 Key Qty Description A 1 BOTTOM SHELF B 1 TANK SCREW, F/ BOTTOM SHELF C 2 CASTER, LOCKING D 1 CASTER, FIXED E 1 CART LEFT SIDE PANEL F 1 GROMMET, F/ REGULATOR HOLE G 1 CART RIGHT SIDE PANEL H 1 CART LOWER BACK PANEL I 1 FRONT BRACE J 1 HEAT SHIELD, F/ TANK K 1 LEFT RAIL, F/ GREASE TRAY L 1 RIGH...

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Char-Broil 463261709 Manual Page 12 Page 12 PARTS DIAGRAM QQ A B C C D D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S U V W X Y Y Z AA BB CC DD EE FF GG HH II JJ KK LL MM NN OO PP RR SS SS TT UU WW XX YY UU UU Y Y P P Q O O Z Z Z 12   T VV VV VV ...

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Char-Broil 463261709 Manual Page 13 Page 13 2 1/4-20x1/2” screw 1 Attach side panels to bottom shelf using three  1/4-20x1/2” screws, 7mm lock washers, and  7mm flat washers per panel. IMPORTANT: Panel with large hole must Be on left side of bottom shelf. 7mm lock washer 7mm flat washer Attach the two locking casters at the rear of the bottom shelf  and the two fixed casters at the front Locking caster Bottom shelf Fixed caster Rear Front Left side panel (with large hole) Make sure side panels are pushed as far to the rear of bottom shelf as p...

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Char-Broil 463261709 Manual Page 14 Page 14 3 4 This step requires two people  to lift and position grill head  onto cart.  Carefully lower the grill  head onto the cart, aligning slots at  bottom of grill head with posts on  cart side panels. Make sure the  regulator hose is hanging outside  the cart. Grill head must face open  side of cart. Place lower back panel between side  panels at rear of bottom shelf. Secure  lower back panel to side panels using four  1/4-20x1/2” screws, 7mm lock washers,  and 7mm flat washers ...

15 Char-Broil 463261709 Page 15
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Char-Broil 463261709 Manual Page 15 Page 15 On back of grill, place upper back panel between side panels and  above lower back panel. Secure upper back panel, in lower holes,  using one 1/4-20x1½” screw, 7mm lock washer, and 7mm flat  washer on each side. Do not fully tighten screws until side shelf  installation is complete in later steps. 5 15   1/4-20x1½” screw 7mm lock washer 7mm flat washer Upper back panel 6 Fascia, right side shelf Bracket Insert flange on right side shelf into side shelf brackets on side of firebox.  Attach rear of s...

16 Char-Broil 463261709 Page 16
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Char-Broil 463261709 Manual Page 16 Page 16      16 7 Now you may fully tighten lower screws on upper back panel. 1/4-20x3/4” screw Back of main control panel Control panel Fascia, left sideburner shelf Left sideburner shelf Flange  into  Brackets Bracket 1/4-20x3/4”  screw screw washer 7mm flat #8x3/8” self-tapping large flat  washer 7mm lock 7mm flat 1/4”nut A B C  screw 1/4-20x1½”  washer 7mm lock  washer E D Insert flange on left sideburner shelf into side shelf brackets on side of firebox.  Attach rear of shelf using one   scr...

17 Char-Broil 463261709 Page 17
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Char-Broil 463261709 Manual Page 17 Page 17 9 24 Pull out the three knobs from control panel.  Insert temperature gauge stem into the biger hole above knob bezel,shown A.   Make the temperature gauge attached on the panel. Push the temperature gauge downward till it clips on the panel, shown B/C. Re-install the three knobs.  Knob  Knob bezel  Temperature gauge  Temperature gauge stem  Control panel A C B Back of the panel 8 First, remove the two screws and lock washers factory attached to the sideburner valve bracket. Position sideburner  valve bracket bene...

18 Char-Broil 463261709 Page 18
Page No18 Summary

Char-Broil 463261709 Manual Page 18 Page 18 10 11 Insert sideburner burner into left shelf.shelf, shown A. The stud on bottom of burner fits into rear small hole in sideburner drip pan on Secure burner to sideburner drip pan with one Wing nut, shown B. Make sure burner tube engages sideburner valve, shown C. B 18 A Sideburner burner Sideburner drip pan Sideburner drip pan Burner tube Va lve C Wing nut Under sideburner shelf, attach sideburner ignitor wire to electrode, shown A. Place sideburner grate onto sideburner shelf, aligning grate legs with holes in shelf, shown B. A Si...

19 Char-Broil 463261709 Page 19
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Char-Broil 463261709 Manual Page 19 Page 19 *This side UP Tank heat shield 13 12 Inside of cart, insert rear shield tab into left slot on upper of lower back panel.  Attach front shield tabs under front brace and attach right and   Insert left and right grease tray rails into slots  left rails under front brace with three #8x3/8” self-tapping screws, shown B.  Insert front brace under control panel and between cart side panels. Make sure door hinge pins are on the top side and  facing the front. Secure using two 1/4-20x1½” screws, 7mm lock washers...

20 Char-Broil 463261709 Page 20
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Char-Broil 463261709 Manual Page 20 Page 20 14 15 Insert hinge pin on bottom of doors into hole in bottom shelf. Press upper hinge pin in front brace, align hinge hole on top of  door, and release hinge pin into door. Hinge pin on bottom of door Top of door PRESS 20 Left door Right door Connect each of the wires from the main burner electrodes, and sideburner electrode into the back of the Electronic Ignition  Module. T otal (4) connections. Connect the two wires(A and B) from the switch wiring harness into the back of the Electronic Ignition Module.    NOTE: Switch terminals are l...

21 Char-Broil 463261709 Page 21
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Char-Broil 463261709 Manual Page 21 Page 21 16 21 Install flame tamers by sliding one end of each flame tamer into slots at front of firebox and resting opposite end on pins in  back of firebox. Back of firebox Front of firebox Note: Some parts omitted for        clarity of illustration  Flame tamers  Pin 17 Assembled warming rack Place cooking grates onto the firebox as shown. Insert the two wire ends at rear of warming rack into holes in back of  firebox. Front wires of warming rack rest on sides of firebox. Note: Some parts omitted for        clarity of ...

22 Char-Broil 463261709 Page 22
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Char-Broil 463261709 Manual Page 22 Page 22 On back of grill, slide grease tray into opening in upper back panel. CAUTION Failure to install grease tray will  cause hot grease to drip from bottom  of grill with risk of fire or property  damage. .  18 22 Grease tray Unscrew on cart right side panel. Insert AA battery into ignitor, negative (—) end first. Replace the cap.  electronic ignition cap  19 AA Battery Electronic Ignition Cap + - ...

23 Char-Broil 463261709 Page 23
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Char-Broil 463261709 Manual Page 23 Page 23 – 23 20 LP CYLINDER IS SOLD SEPARATELY. Fill and leak check the cylinder before attaching to grill and regulator (see Use &  Care section). Once cylinder has been filled and leak checked, place cylinder into hole in bottom shelf. Make sure cylinder  valve is facing front of grill. Secure cylinder with cylinder screw under bottom shelf. Insert regulator through large hole in left side panel.  See Use & Care section of this manual to perform the “Burner Flame Check” and for  important safety instructions before using. CAU...

24 Char-Broil 463261709 Page 24
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Char-Broil 463261709 Manual Page 24 Page 24 EMERGENCIES: If a gas leak cannot be stopped, or a fire occurs due to gas leakage, call the fire department. Emergencies Problem Gas leaking from cracked/cut/burned hose. Gas leaking from LP cylinder. Gas leaking from LP cylinder valve. Gas leaking between LP cylinder and regulator connection. Fire coming through control panel. Grease fire or continuous excessive flames above cooking surface. Burner(s) will not  light using ignitor.(See Electronic Ignition Troubleshooting also) Continued on next...

25 Char-Broil 463261709 Page 25
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Char-Broil 463261709 Manual Page 25 Page 25 Troubleshooting (continued) Problem Burner(s) will not  light using ignitor.(See Electronic Ignition Troubleshooting also) Burner(s) will notmatch light. Sudden drop in gasflow or low flame. Flames blow out. Flare-up. Persistent grease fire. Flashback...(fire in burner tube(s)). Unable to fill LP cylinder. One burner does not light from other burner(s). Possible Cause ELECTRONIC IGNITION:•No spark, no ignition noise. •No spark, some ignition noise. •Sparks, but not at electrode or at full  strength. •See “GAS ISSUES:”...

26 Char-Broil 463261709 Page 26
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Char-Broil 463261709 Manual Page 26 Page 26 Troubleshooting - Electronic Ignition Problem (Ignition) SECTION INo sparks appear at any electrodes when control knob turned to           ; no noise can be heard from spark module. SECTION IINo sparks appear at any electrodes when control knob turned to        ; noise can be heard from spark module. SECTION IIISparks are present but not at all electrodes and/or not at full strength Possible Cause •Battery not installed  properly. •Dead battery. •Button assem...

27 Char-Broil 463261709 Page 27
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Char-Broil 463261709 Manual Page 27 Page 27 REGTEMP REV00 27 ...

28 Char-Broil 463261709 Page 28
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Char-Broil 463261709 Manual Page 28 Page 28 ...

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