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Compatible devices: EX-B250-V7, P5N73-CM, P4B-LS, N3050I-CM-A, P8B75-M LE, P5K-V - Motherboard - ATX, ROG STRIX X370-I, TUF H370-PRO GAMING.

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  • 30, Asus INTEL TUSL2-C 30 ASUS TUSL2 User’s Manual Connectors 3. H/W SETUP 3. HARDWARE SETUP 3.8 External Connectors WARNING! Some pins are used for connectors or power sources. These are clearly distinguished from jumpers in the Motherboard Layout. Placing jumper caps over these connector pins will cause damage to your motherboard. IMPORTANT: Ribbon cables should always be connected with the red stripe to Pin 1 on the connectors. Pin 1 is usually on the side closest to the power connec- tor on hard drives and CD-ROM drives, but may be on the opposite side on …

  • 96, ASUS TUSL2-C User’s Manual96 6. SOFTWARE REFERENCE 6. S/W REFERENCE 6.6 CyberLink PowerDVD CyberLink PowerDVD is the flagship of CyberLink’s complete range of video and audio software products. It features unrivaled functions allowing users to view high quality video and media-rich DVD contents on the personal computer. With the i- Power Internet Enabling feature, PowerDVD opens DVD enthusiasts to on-line DVD reso…

  • 42, Asus INTEL TUSL2-C 42 ASUS TUSL2 User’s Manual Connectors 3. H/W SETUP 3. HARDWARE SETUP (This page was intentionally left blank.) …

  • 100, ASUS TUSL2-C User’s Manual100 7. APPENDIX 7. APPENDIX Glossary Boot Boot means to start the computer operating system by loading it into system memory. When the manual instructs you to “boot” your system (or computer), it means to turn ON your computer. “Reboot” means to restart your computer. When using Win- dows 95 or later, selecting “Restart” from “Start | Shut Down...” will reboot your computer. Bus Master IDE PIO (Programmable I/O…

  • 54, Asus INTEL TUSL2-C ASUS TUSL2-C User’s Manual54 4. BIOS SETUP 4. BIOS SETUP IMPORTANT: If your hard disk was already formatted on an older previous system, incorrect parameters may be detected. You will need to enter the correct parameters manually or use low-level format if you do not need the data stored on the hard disk. If the parameters listed differ from the ones used when the disk was formatted, the disk will not be readable. If the auto-detected parameters do not match the ones that should be used for your disk, you should enter the correct ones manually by s…

  • 71, ASUS TUSL2-C User’s Manual 71 4. BIOS SETUP 4. BIOS SETUP Power Up Control AC PWR Loss Restart [Disabled] This allows you to set whether you want your system to reboot after the power has been interrupted. [Disabled] leaves your system off and [En- abled] reboots your system. [Previous State] sets your system back to the state it is before the power interruption. Configuration options: [Disabled] [Enabled] [Previous State] PWR Up On External Modem Act [Disabled] This allows either settings of [Enabled] or [Disabled] for p…

  • 45, ASUS TUSL2-C User’s Manual 45 4. BIOS SETUP Updating BIOS 4.1 Managing and Updating Your BIOS 4.1.1 Upon First Use of the Computer System It is recommended that you save a copy of the original motherboard BIOS along with a Flash Memory Writer utility (AFLASH.EXE) to a bootable floppy disk in case you need to reinstall the BIOS later. AFLASH.EXE is a Flash Memory Writer utility that updates the BIOS by uploading a new BIOS fi…

  • 29, ASUS TUSL2-C User’s Manual 29 3. HARDWARE SETUP Expansion Cards 3. H/W SETUP 3.7.4 Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) Slot This motherboard provides an accelerated graphics port (AGP 4X) slot to support AGP graphics cards. TUSL2-C ® TUSL2-C Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) …

  • 50, ASUS TUSL2-C User’s Manual50 4. BIOS SETUP 4. BIOS SETUP 4.2.1 BIOS Menu Bar The top of the screen has a menu bar with the following selections: MAIN Use this menu to make changes to the basic system configuration. ADVANCED Use this menu to enable and make changes to the advanced features. POWER Use this menu to configure and enable Power Management features. BOOT Use this menu to configure the default system device used to lo- cate and load the Operating System. EXIT Use this menu to exit the current menu or specify how to e…

  • 70, ASUS TUSL2-C User’s Manual70 4. BIOS SETUP 4. BIOS SETUP Power Menu Video Off Option [Suspend -> Off ] This field determines when to activate the video off feature for monitor power management. Configuration options: [Always On] [Suspend -> Off] Video Off Method [DPMS OFF] This field defines the video off features. The DPMS (Display Power Man- agement System) feature allows the BIOS to control the video display card if it supports the DPMS feature. [Blank Screen] only blanks the screen (use this f…

  • 19, ASUS TUSL2-C User’s Manual 19 3. HARDWARE SETUP Motherboard Settings 3. H/W SETUP 2) USB Device Wake Up (USWR01, USWR56) These jumpers disable or enable the USB device wake up function. Set these jumpers to Enable to wake up the computer with USB devices. This feature requires an ATX power supply that can supply at least 2A on the +5VSB lead. The default is set to Disable because not all computers have the appropriate ATX power supply. The…

  • 31, Asus INTEL TUSL2-C ASUS TUSL2 User’s Manual 31 3. HARDWARE SETUP Connectors 3. H/W SETUP 5) Serial Port Connectors (Teal/Turquoise 9-pin COM1, 10-1 pin COM2) Two serial ports are ready for a mouse or other serial devices. See Onboard Serial Port 1/2 in 4.4.2 I/O Device Configuration for settings. Parallel Port (25-pin Female) COM2COM1 Serial Ports (9-pin Male) 3) Universal Serial Bus Ports 0 & 1 (Black two 4-pin USB) Two USB ports are available for connecting US…

  • 99, ASUS TUSL2-C User’s Manual 99 7 . APPENDIX Glossary 7. APPENDIX 7.1 Glossary 1394 1394 is the IEEE designation for the high performance serial bus at 12.5, 25 or 50MBytes/sec speeds. This serial bus defines both a back plane physical layer and a point-to-point cable-connected virtual bus. The primary application of the cable ver- sion is the integration of I/O connectivity at the back panel of personal computers using a low-cost, scalable, hi…

  • 26, Asus INTEL TUSL2-C ASUS TUSL2-C User’s Manual 3. HARDWARE SETUP 26 CPU 3. H/W SETUP 3.6 Central Processing Unit (CPU) The motherboard provides a ZIF Socket 370. The CPU that came with the mother- board should have a fan attached to it to prevent overheating. If this is not the case, then purchase a fan before you turn on your system. WARNING! Be sure that there is sufficient air circulation across the processor’s heatsink by regularly checking that your CPU fan is working. Without sufficient circulation, the processor could overheat and damage both the processor an…

  • 21, ASUS TUSL2-C User’s Manual 21 3. HARDWARE SETUP Motherboard Settings 3. H/W SETUP 5) Voltage I/O Setting (VIO) This jumper sets the voltage supplied to the DRAM, chipset, AGP, and PCI. The default setting of 3.40V should be used unless processor overclocking requires a higher voltage. Setting VIO 3.30 V [1-2] 3.40 V [2-3] (default) 3.60 V [3-4] TUSL2-C ® TUSL2-C VIO Setting VIO 3.30 V 3.40 V 12 2 3 3.60 V 3 4 (Default) WARNING! Using a higher voltage may help when overclocking…

  • 60, ASUS TUSL2-C User’s Manual60 4. BIOS SETUP 4. BIOS SETUP JumperFree Notes Notes for JumperFree Mode CPU Upgrade/Reinstallation To ensure that your system can enter BIOS setup after the processor has been changed or reinstalled, your system will start up running at a bus speed of 66MHz and a fail-safe CPU internal frequency (4x66MHz). It will then automatically take you to the Advanced menu with a popup menu of all the officially possible CPU internal frequencies. System Hangup If your sy…

  • 84, ASUS TUSL2-C User’s Manual84 6. SOFTWARE REFERENCE 6. S/W REFERENCE The auto-installer implements all of the drivers, base components and displays the Winbond Smart Manager program groups. Restart. Windows should auto-detect the smart card reader and install its system drivers. Smart Manager NOTE: Do not install system components or Winbond applications unless you install a smart card reader. Smart card system software base components support various types of smart card applications; all system components are compatible with Wi…

  • 37, ASUS TUSL2 User’s Manual 37 3. HARDWARE SETUP Connectors 3. H/W SETUP 18) Chassis Intrusion Lead (2-pin ACHA) This lead is for a chassis designed for chassis intrusion detection. After-market toggle switches may also be installed to the chassis panel or on any removable components. Two wires should be available from the chassis to connect to this lead. When any chassis component is removed, the contact should open and the motherboard will record a chassis intrusion event. The event can then be pro…

  • 32, 32 ASUS TUSL2 User’s Manual Connectors 3. H/W SETUP 3. HARDWARE SETUP 6) Game/MIDI Connector (Gold 15-pin GAME_AUDIO) (optional) You may connect game joysticks or game pads to this connector for playing games. Connect MIDI devices for playing or editing professional audio. Game/MIDI (15-pin Female) 7) Audio Port Connectors (Three 1/8” GAME_AUDIO) (optional) Line Out (lime) can be connected to headphones or preferab…

  • 69, ASUS TUSL2-C User’s Manual 69 4. BIOS SETUP 4. BIOS SETUP Power Menu 4.5 Power Menu The Power menu allows you to reduce power consumption. This feature turns off the video display and shuts down the hard disk after a period of inactivity. Power Management [User Define] This option must be enabled to use any of the automatic power saving features. If this menu item is set to [Disabled], power management features will not function regardless of other field settings on this menu. The [User Define] option allows you to make your own selections in the Pow…

  • 44, Asus INTEL TUSL2-C ASUS TUSL2-C User’s Manual44 3. HARDWARE SETUP Powering Up 3. H/W SETUP 7. During power-on, hold down <Delete> to enter BIOS setup. Follow the instructions in 4. BIOS SETUP. * Powering Off your computer: You must first exit or shut down your operating system before switching off the power switch. For ATX power supplies, you can press the ATX power switch after exiting or shutting down your operating system. If you use Windows 9X, click the Start button, click Shut…

  • 97, Asus INTEL TUSL2-C ASUS TUSL2-C User’s Manual 97 6. SOFTWARE REFERENCE 6. S/W REFERENCE 6.7 CyberLink VideoLive Mail CyberLink’s VideoLive Mail Plus Ver 3.0 (a.k.a. VLM 3) is a convenient and excel- lent way to create professional quality video mails from PC video/audio input de- vices and to send the mails to any recipients via VLM 3’s built-in e-mail system through the Internet. VLM 3’s mails comprise video, sound, or snapshot informa- tion; and thus may convey the most profound information to target audiences. It is ve…

  • 16, ASUS TUSL2-C User’s Manual 3. HARDWARE SETUP 16 Layout Contents 3. H/W SETUP 19) WOL_CON p.38 Wake-On-LAN Connector (3 pin) 20) WOR_CON p.38 Wake-On-Ring Connector (2 pin) 21) USB56 p.39 USB Headers (10-1 pin) 22) SMB p.39 SMBus Connector (5-1 pin) 23) ATXPWR p.40 ATX Power Supply Connector (20 pin) 24) JTPWR p.40 Power Supply Thermal Sensor Connector (2 pin) 25) PWRLED (PANEL) p.41 System Power LED Lead (3-1 pin) 26) KEYLOCK (PANEL) p.41 Keyboard Lock Switch Lead (2 pin) 27) SPEAKER (PANEL) p.41 System Warning Speaker Connector (4 pin) 28) MSG.L…

  • 49, ASUS TUSL2-C User’s Manual 49 4. BIOS SETUP 4. BIOS SETUP 4.2 BIOS Setup Program This motherboard supports a programmable EEPROM that can be updated using the provided utility as described in 4.1 Managing and Updating Your BIOS. The utility is used if you are installing a motherboard, reconfiguring your system, or prompted to “Run Setup”. This section describes how to configure your system using this utility. Even if you are not prompted to use the Setup program, at some time in the future you may want to change the…

  • 6, 6 ASUS TUSL2-C User’s Manual FCC & DOC COMPLIANCE Federal Communications Commission Statement This device complies with FCC Rules Part 15. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: • This device may not cause harmful interference, and • This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital de…

  • 57, ASUS TUSL2-C User’s Manual 57 4. BIOS SETUP 4. BIOS SETUP Main Menu Halt On [All Errors] This field determines which types of errors will cause the system to halt. Configuration options: [All Errors] [No Error] [All but Keyboard] [All but Disk] [All but Disk/Keyboard] Installed Memory [XXX MB] This display-only field displays the amount of conventional memory detected by the system during bootup. You do not need to make changes to this field. …

  • 87, ASUS TUSL2-C User’s Manual 87 6. SOFTWARE REFERENCE 6. S/W REFERENCE PC Probe 6.2 ASUS PC Probe ASUS PC Probe is a convenient utility to continuously monitor your com- puter system’s vital components, such as fan rotations, Voltages, and tem- peratures. It also has a utility that lets you review useful information about your computer, such as hard disk space, memory usage, and CPU type, CPU speed, and internal/external frequencies t…

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  • PrefacePrefaceCopyrightThis publication, including all photographs, illustrations and software, is protectedunder international copyright laws, with all rights reserved. Neither this manual, norany of the material contained herein, may be reproduced without written consent ofthe author.Version 1.0DisclaimerThe information in this document is subject to change ...

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