Audi A8 Quick Reference Manual

9 pages manual for Audi A8 Automobile, Automobile Electronics

Audi A8 Manual for free download at Guidessimo. Quick reference manual usually contain instructions for installation and using, adjustment tips and trubleshooting guides for Audi A8 Automobile, Automobile Electronics owners. This Audi A8 Manual (9 pages, language of document English) is distributed free of charge and is not intended for commercial use.

Audi A8 Automobile, Automobile Electronics Manual

Manufacturer: Audi

Category of Device: Automobile, Automobile Electronics

Document: Audi A8 Quick Reference Manual, File Type: PDF

Count of Pages: 9

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Audi A8 Automobile, Automobile Electronics Manual, Summary of Contents:

Audi A8 Quick Reference Manual Page 1
Page No1 Summary

Audi A8 Manual Page 1 Page 1 Page 1 5 1 4 2 3 1 Loc king and unloc king the vehicle Dear Audi Driver, This quick reference guide gives you a brief introduction to the main features and controls of your vehicle. However, it cannot replace the Owner’s Manual and the other manuals supplied with the vehicle; these contain important information and safety warnings. We wish you safe and enjoyable motoring with your Audi. AUDI AG advanced key advanced key allows you to lock  and unlock the vehicle and start the engine  without handling the key itself. You only need to  have the remote control key on your person. Unlocking the ...

Audi A8 Quick Reference Manual Page 2
Page No2 Summary

Audi A8 Manual Page 2 Page 2 Page 2 25 cm 1 5 3 6 7 2 4 1 Adjusting fr ont se ats · Saf ety Safety Seat belts must be worn on every journey, even on short trips  in town. This applies to the front and rear seats. To ensure that the seat belts, belt tensioners and airbags are fully effective, please note the following points: Adjust seat and sit in correct position The front seats should not be positioned too close to the steering wheel or dashboard. Maintain a distance of at least 25 cm and sit in a normal upright position. The top of the head restraint should be at eye level or higher. Always keep  your  feet in the footwell. Safety o...

Audi A8 Quick Reference Manual Page 3
Page No3 Summary

Audi A8 Manual Page 3 Page 3 Page 3 1 Inf otainment/MMI 51 Switc hes f or  air  conditioner Operating the MMI Switching on and off/Volume adjustment To switch the system on, briefly press the ON/OFF button. To switch the system off, press and hold the ON/OFF button.  Turn the button to adjust the volume. Briefly press the button to activate the mute function. To deactivate the mute function, press or turn the button. If you are in CD mode, the CD playback will be paused while the mute function is activated. Calling up a main function Press one of the function selector buttons to call up the desired main menu. Accessing the submenus Use the four c...

Audi A8 Quick Reference Manual Page 4
Page No4 Summary

Audi A8 Manual Page 4 Page 4 Page 4 1 Inf otainment/MMI 51 Switc hes f or  air  conditioner RADIO Tuning Tune upTune downSeek upSeek downText 1) Info 1) Store stationScan Sound For menu options  refer to SETUP control button Sound  MEDIA TEL Text Msg. End call Dial NAME INFO NAV Route  Route with/without  stopover(s) Route list Route criteria Avoid route from here Memory  Last destinationsTop categoriesLoad from directoryLoad routeStore in directorySave routeDelete route Map Zoom Map legend menu Map depiction Nav-Info  Destination/stopover informationEst. arrival timeDistancePosition information (e.g. street and town)Telephone number for...

Audi A8 Quick Reference Manual Page 5
Page No5 Summary

Audi A8 Manual Page 5 Page 5 Page 5 1 4 5 6 7 6 26 8 9 12 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 27 25 28 10 11 13 14 2 3 1 .....Electric windows  Press/pull the corresponding switch just past the first stop and hold until the window has reached the desired position. ”One-touch” function Press/pull the switch briefly past the second stop. Safety switch Activate/deactivate left and right rear  windows. Activate/deactivate left and right rear  windows and electric child safety lock. 2 .....Door handle and central locking switch Press the appropriate symbol to unlock or lock  the  vehicle from the inside:  Unlock Lock 3 .....Adjuster&...

Audi A8 Quick Reference Manual Page 6
Page No6 Summary

Audi A8 Manual Page 6 Page 6 Page 6 2 1 4 5 3 1 0 2 3 4 B 5 C A 7 6 6 7 8 9 [3] Adjuster for exterior mirrors Turn the adjuster to select: e Left exterior mirror r Off t Right exterior mirror u Retract both exterior mirrors Press the adjuster to move the mirror glass in the desired direction. Note: The mirrors are heated automatically  at low outside temperatures when the ignition  is switched on. 1 2 3 4 [10] Control lever for windscreen wipers/washer and on-board computer Wipers off e Brief wipe r To activate intermittent wipe/rain sensor: Move control  to set sensitivity level of rain sensor (wiper&...

Audi A8 Quick Reference Manual Page 7
Page No7 Summary

Audi A8 Manual Page 7 Page 7 Page 7 [23] Electro-mechanical parking brake  The parking brake replaces the conventional handbrake. Applying the parking brake when stopping: Pull the switch to apply the parking brake. Releasing the parking brake: Press the brake pedal and at the same time press in the switch. Releasing the parking brake when driving away:  Press the accelerator in the normal way: the parking brake will be released automatically and the vehicle will start moving. [19] Selector lever for automatic gearbox Selector lever positions P Parking lock R Reverse gear N Neutral D Drive S Sport To move the selector lever out of ...

Audi A8 Quick Reference Manual Page 8
Page No8 Summary

Audi A8 Manual Page 8 Page 8 Page 8 1 5 4 6 7 8 9 10 11 2 3 3 3 3 3 e Coolant temperature gauge r Rev counter t Warning and indicator lamps u Display for: p Driver messages p Warning symbols and auto-check control p Radio, CD, TV and telephone p Outside temperature p On-board computer (with two memories) p Digital speedometer p Cruise control system p Navigation system p Selector lever position p Service indicator p adaptive cruise control i Speedometer o Fuel gauge p Adjuster buttons for instrument lighting a Digital clock and date s Mileage recorder d Check button for: p Activating mil...

Audi A8 Quick Reference Manual Page 9
Page No9 Summary

Audi A8 Manual Page 9 Page 9 Page 9 ...

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