Zopu SL122M Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual for Zopu SL122M Scouting Camera (31 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Zopu
  • Category of Device: Scouting Camera
  • Document: SL122M, File Type: PDF Instruction Manual
  • Updated: 28-02-2024
  • Count of Pages: 31
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Data: UPD 28th February 2024

Zopu SL122M Scouting Camera PDF Instruction Manual (Updated: Wednesday 28th of February 2024 09:41:22 PM)

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Compatible devices: Force-Dark, MPE6, t5i20, BIG EYE D3N, BG-520 Series, FORCE-PRO, Specops Series BTC-8FHD, SG560-8MHD.

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  • 4, Zopu SL122M 1 1. IMPORTANT NOTE Require eight (8) 1.5V AA Alkaline or Lithium batteries (not included). We recommend the use of Energizer AA Lithium batteries in this camera to obtain maximum battery life. Do not mix old and new batteries. Do not mix battery type. Rechargeable AA batteri…

  • 15, 12 key to change the setting, and press the OK key to confirm the change. Always remember to press the OK to save the change. Otherwise you will lose your new setting. Parameter Settings (Bold = default) Description Mode Camera, Video, Cam+Video Select whethe…

  • 12, 9 to a tree (or not-according to your application scenario), switch it ON and leave-and you might get some great photos that are exactly what you wanted. However, we highly recommend that you first spend some additional time indoors with this manual and your camera until you know a bi…

  • 17, 14 parameter settings accordingly. Date Format dd/mm/yyyy yyyy/mm/dd mm/dd/yyyy Select date format which will be shown on the screen and each capture. Time Format 24h 12h Select time format which will be shown on the screen and each capture. 12h - AM/PM…

  • 25, 22 flash range, no closer than 10'(3m) from the camera. Subjects may appear too light at closer distances. b. Adjust the camera installation position to make sure the orientation of the camera view angle is as parallel as possible to the ground. c. Contact our customer …

  • 22, 19 write-protection (lock) switch off?  Is the Power switch in the ON position? (Do not leave it in SET). 9. REVIEW PHOTOS OR VIDEOS After you have setup, mounted and activated your CAMERA, you will of course be eager to return later and review the images it has capt…


USBVPN1, HG 211, FH 51 /HA S, SCF784

Live, LINK-CT, PlotWatcher Pro, C13, HUNTING 280C, IR-6
  • 1(D) Bedienungsanleitung12MP X-trail Wild Kameramit 40 x 940 nm Black LED `sArt. Nr. 31417Kontrolleuchte:1. Dauerlicht bei der Progarammierung2. Ca. 30 Sek. Intervall bei “Scharfstellung”21 Black IR-LED`sKamera Objektiv(vor diesem Objektiv ist ein Filter ineinem Kunststoffring, der sich beihe ...

    Model & Doc Type: 31417 48

  • 431-TS00-02-QS Rev 110 June 2012Scout Quick Start GuidePower Button – The Scout camera has 3 power modes: On, Off, and Standby.• On - Takes approximately 90 seconds (during bootup there is a fast-flashing red LED on the eyepiece display).• Standby - After the camera is on, press ...

    Model & Doc Type: Scout 2

  • Model # W6E602 Fountain ParkwayGrand Prairie, TX 75050800.847.8269“Wildgame Innovations” and the “Button Logo” are TM trademarks of Wildgame Innovations, LLC.“Sport Responsible” , “Redux” and “Flextime” are TM trademarks of WGI Innovations, LTD.User’s ManualInfrared Di ...

    Model & Doc Type: W6E 20

  • CK  ...

    Model & Doc Type: Wildife Cam Kit 43

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