Blaupunkt 3D User Manual

17 pages manual for Blaupunkt 3D LED TV, TV

Blaupunkt 3D LED TV, TV Manual

Manufacturer: Blaupunkt

Category of Device: LED TV, TV

Document: Blaupunkt 3D Operation & User’s Manual, File Type: PDF

Count of Pages: 17

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Blaupunkt 3D Manual Page 1 User guide 3D* | DVB-T | DVB-C* | DVB-S2* | USB | PVR* | DVD* * EN: for selected models only ...

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Blaupunkt 3D Manual Page 2 18 EN Important safety instructions CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN Please, read these safety instructions and respect the following warnings before the appliance is operated: ( This TV with the weight of more than 20 kg must be lifted and carried by at least two people. ( Be careful! This TV does not contain any parts which could be repaired by the user. In case of a fault, contact the producer or the authorized service. The contact with certain parts inside the appliance might endanger your life. The guarantee is not provided for the faults caused by non-professional in...

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Blaupunkt 3D Manual Page 3 19 Important safety instructions Important information regarding use of video games, computers, captions and other  xed image displays. ( The extended use of  xed image program material can cause a permanent “shadow image “ on LCD screen (this is sometimes incorrectly referred to as “burnout to the screen“). This shadow image is then permanently visible on the screen in the backro-und. It is a partly irreversible damage. You can avoid such a damage by respecting the following instructions: ( Reduce the brightness/contrast setting to a minimum viewing level. ( Do no...

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Blaupunkt 3D Manual Page 4 20 EN Important safety instructions 3D Safety Information ( If you watch the 3D imaging too closely or for a long period of time, it may harm your eyesight. ( Watching the TV or playing video games that incorporate 3D imaging with the 3D glasses for a long period of time can cause drowsiness, headaches or fatigue to you and/or your eyes. If you have a headache, or otherwise feel fatigued or drowsy, stopwatching the TV and take a rest. ( Pregnant woman, seniors, persons with heart problems or persons who experience frequent drowsiness should refrain from watching 3D TV. ( Some 3D ima...

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Blaupunkt 3D Manual Page 5 21 What is included in the box Supply of this TV includes following parts: DVD MENU DVD SETUP GOTO A-B MENU SOURCE EXIT OK VOL CH FAV DTV USB DVD 7 8 9 S.MODE 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 SLEEP AUDIO TEXT ANGLE REPEAT DISPLAY REC LIST ASPECT SUBTITLE TV GUIDE P.MODE RADIO INFO TEXT HOLD TEXT/DVD ZOOM PVR / DVD 1x TV 1x Remote control 2x AAA bateries 1x User guide 1x Stand 1x Stand neck 1x RF cable 1 x TV stand instalation packet 3D glasses * Attaching the Stand Please follow the instructions in the Stand installation lea et, located in the accessories bag. Wall mounting the TV This television requires ...

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Blaupunkt 3D Manual Page 6 22 EN Getting started - initial set up 1. Using the RF cable supplied, connect the TV to the TV Aerial wall socket. Connect the power cable to the Electrical outlet. 2. Turn on the device with marked ON/OFF switch 3. Insert the batteries supplied into the Remote control and press the Standby button to power on the TV. 4. You will now be welcomed with the initial set-up screen. If it does not appear, on the remote control, please press [MENU] then 8-8-8-8 and the menu will appear. Press OK on the remote control and tuning will start. As part of our continuing e orts to reduce energy...

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Blaupunkt 3D Manual Page 7 23 Remote control STANDBY – Switch on TV when in standby or vice versa. MUTE – Mute the sound or vice versa. DTV– Switch to digital TV source. RADIO - TV/RADIO – Switch to Digital and switch between TV and radio in Digital mode. USB – Switch to USB source. ATV– Switch to analog TV source. DVD 1 – Switch to DVD mode 0 – 9 – to select a TV channel directly. TV GUIDE – Opens the 7 Day TV Guide (Digital mode). – To return to the previous channel viewed. VOL Ÿ/ź – To increase / decrease the sound level. S.MODE - Scrolls through sound mode options P.MODE - Scrolls thro...

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Blaupunkt 3D Manual Page 8 24 EN TV buttons & Source menu Eject * Play / Pause * Vol+ Volume up and menu right Vol- Volume down and menu left CH+ Programme/Channel up and menu up CH- Programme/Channel down and menu down MENU Displays Menu/OSD SOURCE Displays the input source menu STANDBY Standby Power On/O Choosing Mode Input/Source To switch between the di erent input/connections. a) Using the buttons on the remote control: 1. Press [SOURCE/ AV] - The source menu will appear. 2. Press [ź] or [Ÿ] to select the input you require. 3. Press [OK]. b) Using the buttons on the Television: 1. Press [SOURCE]. 2...

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Blaupunkt 3D Manual Page 9 25 Connecting a DVD Player/Recorder, Video Recorder or Cable/Satellite Box TVs Input/Source should be set to SCART. SCART OUT SCART IN RF IN RF OUT RF IN Connecting a Camcorder, Camera or Games Console TVs Input / Source should be set to Video. Audio R / L Video (CVBS) Connecting a High De nition (HD) Device by HDMI Option 1 - via HDMI to HDMI cable. HDMI cable can output both video and audio and enables you to enjoy digital-quality video and audio with minimal loss of quality. Option 2 - via Component cable. If your TV set has a component connectors (RED, GREEN, BLUE coloured sockets fo...

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Blaupunkt 3D Manual Page 10 26 EN TV Menu navigation To access this menu, press [MENU] button on the remote control. To enter a menu press [OK] If you wish to make changes to any of the default settings, use the scroll (Ÿ/ź/Ż/Ź) buttons. To con rm any settings press [OK] button. To exit this menu at anytime, press [EXIT] button. Channel Auto Tuning - Allows you to retune the television for all digital channels, digital radio stations and analogue channels. ATV Manual Tuning - Allows you to manually tune your analogue signal. DTV Manual Tuning- Allows you to manually tune your digital signal. Programme Ed...

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Blaupunkt 3D Manual Page 11 27 3D Settings * For the best 3D picture e ect, watch your TV from vertical angle +/- 10°. 3D Type - 3D Type- When connecting a 3D product sometimes the picture maybe displayed incorrectly; choose from the following settings to correct this. You can toggle these settings by pressing the '3D' button on your remote (see page 119). 3D o Turns 3D o Side by Side 3D Format 3D format is commonly used in 3D broadcasting, works by halving the horizontal resolution of videos to store left and right eye images in each frame. It e ectively displays up to 960 x 1,080-pixe...

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Blaupunkt 3D Manual Page 12 28 EN Sound Sound Mode - Choose from the following presets: Standard Default settings Music Emphasises music over voices Movie Provides live and full sound for movies Personal Selects your personal sound settings Sports Emphasises sound for sports Tip: Treble and bass levels can only be adjusted when the sound mode ‘Personal’ is selected. Treble - To adjust the level of high frequency within the sound. Bass -To adjust the level of low frequency within the sound. Balance - To switch the sound between the left and right speakers. Auto Volume Level (AVL) - When ‘on’ is selected, the vol...

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Blaupunkt 3D Manual Page 13 29 Setup Language - Allows you to change the language of the menu. TT Language - Encoding settings for the proper display of teletext characters. Audio Languages - Allows you to change audio language on selected DVB channels. Subtitle Language - Allows you to change subtitles language on selected DVB channels. Hearing Impaired - If signal provides support for the hearing impaired, the subtitles can be displayed by pressing the “Subtitle”. If you set Hearing Impaired ON and switch to a channel with supports for hearing impaired subtitles will be activated automatically. Aspect Ratio ...

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Blaupunkt 3D Manual Page 14 30 EN 7 Day TV Guide TV Guide is available in Digital TV mode. It provides information about forthcoming programmes (where supported by the Digital channel). You can view the start and end time of all programmes and on all channels for the next 7 days and set reminders. 1. Press [TV GUIDE]. The following 7 Day TV Guide will appear. 2. Navigate through the menu using Ÿ/ź/Ż/Ź. You can now: Set a reminder by pressing GREEN. View a previous day by pressing YELLOW. View the next day by pressing BLUE. [INFO] shows detailed information about the selected post 3. Press [EXIT] to exit the ...

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Blaupunkt 3D Manual Page 15 31 DVD Menu* DV D MEN U DV D SET UP TE XT DI SPL AY TE XT HO LD TE XT/ DVD ZO OM PV R / DVD To access this menu, press [D. MENU] button on the remote control. If you wish to make changes to any of the default settings, use the scroll Ÿ/ź/Ż/Ź buttons. To con rm any settings press [OK] button. To exit this menu at anytime, press [EXIT] button. General Setup Page TV Display - Choose from the following options 4:3 PanScan PS Traditional picture format, often used on old  lm 4:3 LetterBox LB Traditional picture which has been adapted for widescreen Wide Widescreen picture format O...

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Blaupunkt 3D Manual Page 16 32 EN General I would like to have louder sound by connecting additional speakers. There are 2 options: 1) Use Digital COAX output connected to an external ampli er/surround sound system. 2) Use the 3.5mm headphone output and a 3.5mm to phono cable (available separately) to connect to an ampli er/surround sound system. General Why are some options in the menu unavailable and greyed out. Some options are only available in certain sources, i.e. HDMI, PC/VGA. They are unavailable in the other sources where they have no e ect. TV I have tuned in Digital TV but I am not receiving a...

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Blaupunkt 3D Manual Page 17 ...

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