Yamaha DTX550K Assembly Manual

2 pages manual for Yamaha DTX550K Musical Instrument

Yamaha DTX550K Musical Instrument Manual

Manufacturer: Yamaha

Category of Device: Musical Instrument

Document: Yamaha DTX550K Assembly Manual, File Type: PDF

Count of Pages: 2

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Yamaha DTX550K Musical Instrument Manual, Summary of Contents:

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Yamaha DTX550K Manual Page 1 Page 1 This manual describes the standard assembly of the DTX550K.After assembling the parts and connecting the cords as shown in Figure 1, the  unit is ready to be turned on.*  To assemble the unit, make sure you have the following four packages:  - RS85A (Electronic Drum Rack) - DTP502 (Pad Set) - DTX500 (Trigger Module) - XP100SD (3-zone Drum Pad) NOTICE  Before assembling the unit, lay a drum mat (sold separately).  Before assembling ...

2 Yamaha DTX550K Page 2
Page No2 Summary

Yamaha DTX550K Manual Page 2 Page 2   Mounting the pads and the trigger module on the  electronic drum rack Mount    the  pads  and  the  trigger  module  on  the  electronic  drum  rack.  Then  position the kick pad and the hi-hat. Mounting the TP65 (Drum pads) and XP100SD (3-zone Drum pad)    on the electronic drum rack Figure 11: Pads Assembly-1    Figure 12: TP65 and XP100SD          ...

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