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Owner's Manual for VisionQuest LVQ-3201 LCD TV (52 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: VisionQuest
  • Category of Device: LCD TV
  • Document: LVQ-3201, File Type: PDF Owner's Manual
  • Updated: 24-07-2023
  • Count of Pages: 52
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Data: UPD 24th July 2023

VisionQuest LVQ-3201 LCD TV PDF Owner's Manual (Updated: Monday 24th of July 2023 03:12:52 AM)

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Compatible devices: LVQ-37HLR-FHD, LN32B650T1FXZA, KLV-48R472B, LVQ-42EF1A, Viera TH-L42E30G, LVQ-32EF1A, L32W431, 32PW6451/01.

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  • 28, 3.2 - Watching a TV Program Before you start watching TV, please make sure that any cable, satellite, or off-air antenna connections are secure. Also, verify that the power cord is plugged into a correctly grounded electrical outlet or surge protector. 1.Press the power button on the remote control or on the front of your LCD TV. The status LED o…

  • 50, VisionQuest LVQ-3201 Caution: Always use a power cable that is properly grounded. Please use the AC cords listed below for each area. Note: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interfe…

  • 48, VisionQuest LVQ-3201 Problem Solution If the screen is blue. Blank screen appear when the power is on. Check your input connections. Make sure the video cable supplied with the LCD display is tightly secured to the video output port on the back of the computer. If the other end of the video cable is not attached permanently to the LCD dis…

  • 44, VisionQuest LVQ-3201 Your TV features PIP mode, so you can watch two pictures at the same time. When PIP is turned on, by pressing the PIP button on your Remote Control, you can display two picture at one time. One picture is displayed as the full screen (main screen) and the other picture is displayed in a small window(sub screen). The sub-screen can be …

  • 1, VisionQuest LVQ-3201 Dear VISIONQUEST Customer, Congratulations on your new VISIONQUEST 32''HDTV High Definition LCD Television purchase. Thank you for your support. For maximum benefit of your set, please read these instructions before making any adjustments, and retain them for future reference. We hope you will experience years of enjoyment from your new VISI…

  • 29, VisionQuest LVQ-3201 3.4 General Press the DTV/ATV button on the remote control until"DTV" appears on the top right of the screen. When the MENU button is pressed, the On-Screen Display (OSD) appears on the Video page. Press the RIGHT arrow button to highlight the General selection. This will display the General OSD. General Exit 3.4 General …

  • 11, VisionQuest LVQ-3201 •SOUND-Press repeatedly to select sound mode: Normal, News, Cinema, Concert, User. •PICTURE-Press repeatedly for different picture modes select user/cinema/normal/vivid/Hi-bright. •RETURN-Press it to return to the previous channel in TV mode. •MODE- User this button to activate the PIP mode and select the mode by pressing repeat…

  • 13, VisionQuest LVQ-3201 Chapter 2 - Connecting Equipment 2.1- Which Video Connection Should I Use? The VISIONQUEST 32'' HDTV has six different ways to connect your video equipment from a basic connection to the most advanced for digital displays. Digital HD(HDMI-High-Definition Multime-dia Interface)- It is the first and only industry-sup…

  • 8, Chapter 1 -Basic Controls and Connections 1.1 - Front Panel Controls 1.CH(+/-)-These buttons increase or decrease the channels. When the OSD is active, these buttons are used to select OSD options. 2.VOL(+/-)- These buttons increase or decrease volume. When the OSD is active, these buttons adjust the OSD options. 3.MENU - This button opens t…

  • 23, VisionQuest LVQ-3201 AIR IN CABLE IN 2.5 -Connecting Coaxial (RF) There are several options for connecting your antenna(or cable for TV) to your new 32''HDTV-directly to the DTV, NTSC TV or through your VCR. Based on your home theater configuration, you can decide which option is the right one for you. 2.5.1-Using Your Antenna or Cable for DTV 1.Turn off…

  • 32, CAPTION-Allows you to read the voice content of television programs. When at the DTV screen, press the button repeatedly until the Caption screen will be shown. Press the DOWN arrow once to highlight the ANALOG CLOSED CAPTION option. Caption Exit CAPTION-Allows you to read the voice content of television programs. When at the DTV screen, pr…

  • 25, VisionQuest LVQ-3201 2.6-Connecting an Amplifier or Speakers Note: 1.If you are connecting the DTV input, you can connect the DIGITAL AUDIO OUT to your sound system using a digital optical audio cable. 2.If you are connecting the HDMI input, you can connect the Coaxial to your sound system by using a digital coaxial audio cable. 1.Turn off the power to…

  • 10, 1.3-VISIONQUEST Remote Control Button Description •POWER- Press this key to turn the TV on from standby mode. Press it again to return to the standby mode. •MUTE-This button turns the sound on and off. •SLEEP-This button allows the user to select the sleep options by adjusting the timer in15 minute increments up to120 minutes. •MTS-This but…

  • 46, 12.Press the button on the remote control to navigate through the LCD TV menu options. Press ENTER button to block or unblock each area. 13.Press the MENU button on the remote control to return to the submenu. 14.Press the EXIT button the remote control to exit the OSD menu when you are finished. The Sleep T…

  • 45, VisionQuest LVQ-3201 The V-Chip feature prevents viewers from watching programs that are not age-appropriate, such as programs containing violence or adult language. 1.Press the MENU button to open the main On -Screen Display (OSD) Menu. 2.Press the on the remote control until the Setup menu opens. 3.Press button on the remote control to highlight V…

  • 5, Please read the user manual carefully before performing the installation. The power consumption of the display is approximately 220 watts, please use the power cord designated for the product. When an extension cord is required, use one with the correct power rating. The cord must be the grounded and the grounding fea…

  • 43, VisionQuest LVQ-3201 3.5.9-Understanding Viewing Features Your LCD TV features three viewing modes and Picture-in-Picture(PIP), Picture-by -Picture (POP) mode. You can switch viewing modes using the remote control. 4:3 Mode The original 4:3 aspect ratio (1.33:1 source) is preserved, so black bars are added to the left and right of the display image. Standa…

  • 47, 4.1-Maintenance Important Cleaning the Housing and the Remote Control Cleaning the Screen 1.Make sure that the power cable is removed from the socket before cleaning the display. 2.Do not use volatile solvent(such as toluene, rosin and alcohol) to clean the display. Such chemicals may damage the housing, screen glass and …

  • 16, 2.2.2 - Using Component (Analog HD) Video Connecting DVD Player(Better): 1.Turn off the power to the LCD TV and DVD player. 2. Connect the Y (green color) connector on the rear of your DVD player to the corresponding Y-1 (green color) connect or in the rear of your LCD TV. 3.Connect the Pb(blue color) connector on the rear of y…

  • 9, 1.2 - Rear Panel Controls 1.RS232 - This custom communication port is for factory service only. AC IN - Power Input. 2.CABLE /AIR IN - Connect to an antenna, or cable service. 3.VIDEO OUT - Connect the Video and Audio from the LCD TV to an extra service, such as PVR, DVR or TV. The coaxial out is connected to the amplifier when the …

  • 17, VisionQuest LVQ-3201 Note: Refer to your DVD player user manual for more information about the video output requirements of the product. 1. 2.Connect the S-Video jack on the rear of your DVD player to the S-Video jack in the rear of your LCD TV. 3.Connect the R(red color) and L(white color) audio connectors on the rear of your DVD player to the…

  • 30, VisionQuest LVQ-3201 Note: You will not get as many Digital cable channels as your Setup Box will have. The channels you will receive are clear QAM through your local cable provider. General Exit Note: You will not get as many Digital cable channels as your Setup Box will have. The channels you will receive are clear QAM through your local ca…

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