Vizio E280i-A1 Quick Start Manual

20 pages manual for Vizio E280i-A1 LED TV, TV

Vizio E280i-A1 LED TV, TV Manual

Manufacturer: Vizio

Category of Device: LED TV, TV

Document: Vizio E280i-A1 Quick Start Manual, File Type: PDF

Count of Pages: 20

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Vizio E280i-A1 LED TV, TV Manual, Summary of Contents:

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Vizio E280i-A1 Manual Page 1 Page 1 QUICK START GUIDE Model: E280i-A1 VIZIO ...

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Vizio E280i-A1 Manual Page 2 Page 2 may cause fire or electric shock. •  Do not touch the power cord during lightning. To avoid electric shock, avoid handling the power cord  during electrical storms. •  Unplug your TV during a lightning storm or when it will not be used for long period of time. This will protect  your TV from damage due to power surges. •  Do not attempt to repair or service your TV yourself. Opening or removing the back cover may expose you  to high voltages, electric shock, and other hazards....

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Vizio E280i-A1 Manual Page 3 Page 3 •  If an outside antenna/satellite dish or cable system is to be connected to  the TV, make sure that the antenna or cable system is electrically grounded  to provide some protection against voltage surges and static charges.  •  Article 810 of the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPSA 70, provides  information with regard to proper grounding of the mast and supporting  structure, grounding of the lead-in wire to an antenna discharge unit,  size of the grounding conductors, location of antenn...

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Vizio E280i-A1 Manual Page 4 Page 4 Do You Have Questions? Find Answers At Find help with: •  New Product Setup•  Connecting Your Devices•  Technical Problems•  Product Updates•  And More SUPPORT.VIZIO.COM You can also contact our   award-winning support team at: Phone:Email: (877) 878-4946 (Toll-Free)[email protected] Hours Of Operation:     Monday - Friday: 5  am   tO  8  pm  (pSt)  Saturday - Sunday: 7  am   tO  4  pm  (pSt) Live Chat ...

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Vizio E280i-A1 Manual Page 5 Page 5 PACKAGE CONTENTS Remote Control   with Batteries This Quick Start Guide VIZIO LED HDTV with Stand Power Cord 4 x T4 12mm  Phillips Screws ...

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Vizio E280i-A1 Manual Page 6 Page 6 USING THE REMOTE INPUT   Change the currently-displayed input. ARROW    Navigate the on-screen menu. EXIT  Close the on-screen menu. CLOSED CAPTIONS  Turn closed captions on and off. A/V CONTROLS  Control USB media player. WIDE   Switch the display mode. MUTE   Turn the audio off or on. BACK   Go to the previous on-screen menu. POWER   Turn TV on or off. MENU   Display the on-screen menu. INFO    Display the info window. DASH   Use with number pad to manually  enter a digital sub-channel. (...

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Vizio E280i-A1 Manual Page 7 Page 7 Using a Phillips screwdriver, tighten   four (4) T4 12mm screws into the base to secure  it to the TV. When you are finished, place the TV on a stable,   level surface. Place the TV screen-down on a clean, flat  surface. To prevent scratches or damage to the  screen, place the TV on a soft surface such as  a blanket. INSTALLING THE BASE 1 2 ...

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Vizio E280i-A1 Manual Page 8 Page 8 Match colored connectors   to colored ports. FIRST-TIME SETUP Connect all of your devices first. Choose ONE connection type for each device.   1 Red W hit e Yello w Red Gr een W hit e Blue Red ...

9 Vizio E280i-A1 Page 9
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Vizio E280i-A1 Manual Page 9 Page 9 Game Consoles Blu-ray ™  or DVD Players Cable or Satellite Boxes Commonly-Connected  Devices: BEST HDMI CABLE • DIGITAL  • HD VIDEO (1080p)*  • HD AUDIO BETTER COMPONENT CABLE • ANALOG  • HD VIDEO (1080i)*  • STEREO AUDIO Match colored connectors to colored ports. *  Maximum Resolution Cables not included. BETTER COAXIAL CABLE • ANALOG  • HD VIDEO (1080i)*  • STEREO AUDIO GOOD AV CABLE • ANALOG  • VIDEO (480i)*  • STEREO AUDIO Match colored...

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Vizio E280i-A1 Manual Page 10 Page 10 2 Remove the battery cover by pressing gently on  the V logo and sliding away from the remote. Insert the included batteries. Gently slide the battery cover back into place. 3 Connect the power cord to the back of the TV.  The flat edge of the connector goes toward the  bottom of the TV. Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet. ...

11 Vizio E280i-A1 Page 11
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Vizio E280i-A1 Manual Page 11 Page 11 5 Turn the TV on by pressing the   Power button on the remote. The  Setup App is displayed. Use the Arrow buttons on the remote to  highlight Home Use and press  OK. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete  the first-time setup. 4 If you have a high-speed internet connection,  connect an Ethernet cable from your modem  or router to the back of the TV as shown. For the best Smart TV experience, VIZIO  recommends using an Ethernet cable.  However, your...

12 Vizio E280i-A1 Page 12
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Vizio E280i-A1 Manual Page 12 Page 12 VIEWING THE ON-SCREEN USER MANUAL 1 Press the MENU button on the remote control   to display the SETTINGS menu. MENU  Button 2 Highlight User Manual and press OK. Help VIZIO Network Sleep Timer Input CC ABC Audio Wide Normal Picture Settings Panoramic Wide Zoom 2D 3D Exit TV SETTINGS PictureAudioTimersNetworkTunerClosed CaptionsDevicesSystemGuided SetupUser Manual CC User  Manual ...

13 Vizio E280i-A1 Page 13
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Vizio E280i-A1 Manual Page 13 Page 13 Use the Up and Down Arrow buttons to select the chapter you want to view. Use the Left and Right Arrow buttons to browse through the pages  in each chapter. Press the EXIT button to exit the on-screen User Manual. USER MANUAL Table of Contents Installing  the TV Controls and Connections Connecting your Devices Completing the First-Time Setup Using the On-Screen Menu USE YOUR  REMOTE            Previous Page            Next PageMenu   O...

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Vizio E280i-A1 Manual Page 14 Page 14 To connect to a wireless network you will need: Wireless RouterHigh-speed Internet connectionSSID (Wireless network name)Network Password CONNECTING TO THE INTERNET WITH Wi-Fi 1 If you have already set up a wireless  connection during the first-time setup, you  can skip this section. 2 Press the MENU button to display the TV SETTINGS menu.  Use the Arrow buttons to highlight Guided Setup and  press OK. The GUIDED SETUP menu is displayed. Highlight Network Setu...

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Vizio E280i-A1 Manual Page 15 Page 15 3 Highlight the name of your wireless network (this is the network’s SSID) and press OK.  If you do not see your SSID, you will need to enter it manually. For more information, see the TV’s User Manual.  Using the on-screen keyboard, enter your network’s password, then highlight Connect and press OK. If you are having trouble connecting to your network, check your router placement. It should be in  a place with minimal structural interference like walls or large metal objects, and away fr...

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Vizio E280i-A1 Manual Page 16 Page 16 GETTING STARTED WITH VIZIO INTERNET APPS PLUS ® VIZIO Internet Apps Plus ®  (V.I.A. Plus) delivers popular  online content to your TV. V.I.A. Plus features a selection of  Apps that allow you to watch movies and TV shows, listen  to music, get weather and news information, and more–all  on demand. A high-speed Internet connection is required to  receive product updates and to access online  content. Press the V Button to display the V.I...

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Vizio E280i-A1 Manual Page 17 Page 17 The fullscreen V.I.A. Plus Apps window allows you to add and store apps.  The Apps on the first page are  displayed in the Dock and Apps on additional pages can be moved to the Dock.  Press the V Button twice to launch the fullscreen V.I.A. Plus Apps window.  My Apps  Features the apps  installed on your TV.  Installed Apps  The Apps displayed  here are also  available in the  V.I.A. Plus App  Dock.  App Tabs  Browse through  apps...

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Vizio E280i-A1 Manual Page 18 Page 18 HELP TOPICS How do I return to the  Setup App? There is a picture, but  there is no sound. The TV displays   “No Signal.” There are black/ gray bars on the top/ bottom/sides of the  screen. There is no power. •  The on-screen menu has guided setup. Press MENU > Guided Setup. Select the type  of setup you need and press OK. The Setup App begins. •  To reset the TV to factory defaults, press MENU > System > Reset & Admin ...

19 Vizio E280i-A1 Page 19
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Vizio E280i-A1 Manual Page 19 Page 19 LEGAL / COMPLIANCE ON PARTS AND LABOR Covers units purchased as new in United States and Puerto Rico Only. VIZIO provides a warranty to the original purchaser of a new Product against defects in materials and workmanship  for a period of one (1) year of non-commercial usage and ninety (90) days of commercial use. If a Product covered  by this warranty is determined to be defective within the warranty period, VIZIO will either repair or replace the  Product at its sole option and discretion. To obtain warranty service, contact...

20 Vizio E280i-A1 Page 20
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Vizio E280i-A1 Manual Page 20 Page 20 © 2014 VIZIO INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  140210EM-A ...

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