Samsung 4000 SERIES User Manual

2 pages manual for Samsung Series 4000 Digital Camera, Flat Panel TV

Samsung Series 4000 Digital Camera, Flat Panel TV Manual

Manufacturer: Samsung

Category of Device: Digital Camera, Flat Panel TV

Document: Samsung Series 4000 Operation & User’s Manual, File Type: PDF

Count of Pages: 2

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Samsung Series 4000 Digital Camera, Flat Panel TV Manual, Summary of Contents:

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Samsung Series 4000 Manual Page 1 Page 1 Connections   y For the best picture and audio quality, connect digital devices using  an HDMI cable.    y If you connect an external device to the TV that uses an older version  of HDMI, the video and audio may not work. If this occurs, ask the  manufacturer of the device about the HDMI version and, if it is out of  date, request an upgrade.    y Be sure to purchase a certified HDMI cable. Otherwise, the picture  may not display or a connection error may occur.    y PC/DVI AUDIO IN input is not supported....

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Samsung Series 4000 Manual Page 2 Page 2 Application Menu   ❑ Using the Media Play Enjoy photos, music and/or movie files saved on a  USB Mass Storage Class (MSC) device. P POWER MEDIA.P Connecting a USB Device 1.  Turn on your TV.2.  Connect a USB device containing photo, music and/or movie files to  the  USB  jack on the side of the TV. 3.  When USB is connected to the TV, you can select Media Play (USB)  in Applications menu. Using the Media Play Menu 1.  Press the  MENU  button. Press the  ▲ or ▼...

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