Samsung 4000 User Manual

2 pages manual for Samsung Series 4000 Digital Camera, Flat Panel TV

Samsung Series 4000 Digital Camera, Flat Panel TV Manual

Manufacturer: Samsung

Category of Device: Digital Camera, Flat Panel TV

Document: Samsung Series 4000 Operation & User’s Manual, File Type: PDF

Count of Pages: 2

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Samsung Series 4000 Digital Camera, Flat Panel TV Manual, Summary of Contents:

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1 Samsung Series 4000 Page 1

Samsung Series 4000 Manual Page 1 Page 1 defaults. Channel Menu   ❑ Memorizing Channels If you are not using a cable box or satellite box, when you first set up  your TV using Plug & Play, the TV memorized the channels that were  available over the air or through your cable system and added them to  the Channel List. The Antenna and Auto program functions described  below let you re-run the channel memorization function without having to  re-run the Plug & Play procedure. Antenna (Switch to Cable / Switch to Air t) Before your tel...

2 Samsung Series 4000 Page 2

Samsung Series 4000 Manual Page 2 Page 2   x The TV cannot play MP3 files with DRM that have been  downloaded from a for-pay site. Digital Rights Management  (DRM) is a technology that supports the creation, distribution,  and management of digital content in an integrated and  comprehensive way, including protecting the rights and interests  of content providers, preventing illegal copying of contents, and  managing billing and settlements.   x PTP devices are not supported.   x If an over-power warning message is displayed while you are  connecting or using a USB...

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