Roland HPi-7F Brochure & Specs

8 pages manual for Roland HPi-7F Musical Instrument

Roland HPi-7F Musical Instrument Manual

Manufacturer: Roland

Category of Device: Musical Instrument

Document: Roland HPi-7F Brochure & Specs, File Type: PDF

Count of Pages: 8

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Roland HPi-7F Musical Instrument Manual, Summary of Contents:

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Roland HPi-7F Manual Page 1 / ROLAND PIANO DIGITAL ...

2 Roland HPi-7F Page 2
Page No2 Summary

Roland HPi-7F Manual Page 2 Become a better player while having fun! The new Roland HPi series has arrived. Roland’s award-winning pianos are renowned for their supreme SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine and PHA II / PHA III Ivory Feel keyboards with Escapement. The new HPi-series digital pianos combine these features with a large DigiScore display and interactive learning program that lets you practice efficiently while having fun. The LCD built into the music rest instantly shows notation for the onboard songs as well as your own recorded performances. The program will evaluate your performance and even check your fin...

3 Roland HPi-7F Page 3
Page No3 Summary

Roland HPi-7F Manual Page 3 Whether you’ve never played a piano before or you have played in the past, you can improve with HPi’s interactive features. These programs allow everyone from children to adults to get familiar with music in a fun and natural setting. Check the “nger power” in both hands Identify areas that you need to improve First, get to know your sounds Develop your sense of tone while you have fun Finger Training You can visually check to see whether the force of each of your fingers is the same while playing popular Hanon exercises. Visual Lesson What you play appears as digital sheet ...

4 Roland HPi-7F Page 4
Page No4 Summary

Roland HPi-7F Manual Page 4 The PHA II and PHA III keyboards translate the emotions of the player into sound Their natural touch is not produced by springs, but instead by the hammer’s weight and movement. Just as in an acoustic piano, the lower notes feel slightly heavier and the higher notes feel lighter. The PHA II and PHA III keyboards also faithfully replicate the unique response of grand pianos, where the keys move downward lightly when you play softly and give more resistance when you play more forcefully. The “SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine” delivers the power and expression of an acoustic grand...

5 Roland HPi-7F Page 5
Page No5 Summary

Roland HPi-7F Manual Page 5 The “PHA III” keyboard translates into sound the differences in how you play HPi-7F’s PHA III keyboard accurately responds to the player’s touch, from the most subtle and delicate to the most bombastic technique. As the pianist’s emotion and intention changes, so too does the piano’s intonation. As the PHA III keyboard drives our SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine, subtle differences of articulation are faithfully reflected in the tone for a true grand-piano experience. The Ivory-Feel keyboard replicates the texture of ivory and ebony Modeled after high-end acoustic grand...

6 Roland HPi-7F Page 6
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Roland HPi-7F Manual Page 6 makes full use of this function. You can improve your sense of tone and music reading in a game-like setting. Edit, print, and save your music sheets in any way that you prefer. This will expand the possibilities of your lessons. In addition to displaying your performance as digital sheet music, DigiScore can save your music as a bitmap file (BMP). You can then make additional edits*, such as deleting notes or adding dynamic symbols, and use your PC and printer to make hard copies. This is a handy feature for piano teachers who want to print their own material. And since you can st...

7 Roland HPi-7F Page 7
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Roland HPi-7F Manual Page 7 The HPi-7F’s interactive DigiScore display can show up to 16 bars of music at a time for both hands. Improve your skill, play along with accompaniment, burn CDs, and discover unmatched enjoyment with a single instrument. Equipped with a wide-screen DigiScore display, top-grade sound and touch, this entry model lets the novice experience the joy of pro-level performance combined with fun, interactive learning. *The DigiScore display of the HPi-6F can show up to 6 bars of music at a time for both hands. 10.4" TFT color LCD SuperNATURAL Piano PHAIII Keyboard / Ivory Feel / Escapement...

8 Roland HPi-7F Page 8
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Roland HPi-7F Manual Page 8 The wood used to make our digital-piano cabinets is from Indonesia. In 2008, Roland designated a 100-hectare area for tree planting, where the company has been planting trees for environmental purposes. The area contains a mixture of protected forest and trees designated for digital-piano-cabinet production. This forestation project is expected to offset approximately 10,000 tons of CO2 over a period of 20 years. Visit us online at Roland, DigiScore, and V-Piano are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Roland Corporation in the United States and/or other coun...

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