Infiniti M Quick Reference Manual

48 pages manual for Infiniti M Automobile

Infiniti M Automobile Manual

Manufacturer: Infiniti

Category of Device: Automobile

Document: Infiniti M Quick Reference Manual, File Type: PDF

Count of Pages: 48

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Infiniti M Automobile Manual, Summary of Contents:

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1 Infiniti M Page 1
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Infiniti M Manual Page 1 Page 1 M ‘09 Quick Reference Guide © 2008 INFINITI Division of Nissan North America, Inc.  Printing, June 2008; Reorder #QR9E-0Y50U0, CG    Movement that excites.  Technology that empowers. Beauty that inspires. Learn more about the promise of design. Visit ...

2 Infiniti M Page 2
Page No2 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 2 Page 2 All illustrations, photographs and specifications in this guide are based on the latest product infor-mation; some vehicle parts cannot be shown in certain photographs. Some vehicles are shown withoptional equipment. See actual vehicles for complete accuracy. INFINITI Division of Nissan NorthAmerica, Inc. reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice, in prices, colors, mate-rials, equipment, specifications and models, and to discontinue models or equipment. Availabilityand delivery time for particular models and equipment combinations may vary. For informa...

3 Infiniti M Page 3
Page No3 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 3 Page 3 contents Page Getting Started INFINITI Intelligent Key System Push Button Ignition Switch, The Intelligent Key, Outside Buzzer and Lockout Protection, In-Dash Intelligent Key Port, Deactivating/Activating the Horn Beep Feature, Door Handle Request Switches Auto Re-Lock Function Vehicle Speed Sensing Automatic Door Lock Child Safety Rear Door Locks  Opening the Fuel-Filler Door Opening the Trunk Power Seat Adjustment Outside (Side View) Mirrors Dual Power Adjustment, Tilt-Down In Reverse  Instrument Panel Layout Front-Passenger Air Bag Status Light Vehicle Control ...

4 Infiniti M Page 4
Page No4 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 4 Page 4 1 INFINITI Intelligent Key System The Intelligent Key system allows you to lock and unlock your vehicle(including the fuel-filler door) and open the trunk without having to remove theIntelligent Key from your pocket or bag. While inside the vehicle, it lets you startand stop the engine via push-button ignition and it can signal&...

5 Infiniti M Page 5
Page No5 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 5 Page 5 getting started 2 Outside Buzzer and Lockout Protection A rapid beep tone will sound and the doors will not lock if you exit the vehicle and attempt tolock the doors while the Intelligent Key is in the vehicle. In-Dash Intelligent Key Port To start the vehicle if the Intelligent Key battery becomes discharged,insert the Intelligent&#...

6 Infiniti M Page 6
Page No6 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 6 Page 6 Door Handle Request Switches  To Lock the Doors: Push any door handle Request Switch once.To Unlock the Doors: Push any door handle Request Switch once.The corresponding door will unlock. Push the door handle RequestSwitch again within 1 minute to unlock all doors. Auto Re-Lock Function When the doors are unlocked with the door handle Request Switch or the UNLOCK button onthe Intelligent Key, for security, after 1 minute all doors will automatically re-lock unless thefollowing occurs: ■ Any door is opened. ■ The ignition switch is pushed IN. Veh...

7 Infiniti M Page 7
Page No7 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 7 Page 7 4 getting started Opening the Trunk In addition to the Trunk-Release button            on the IntelligentKey, you can open the trunk by doing one of the following: ■ Push the Trunk-Release switch on the Instrument Panel (referto page 5 for switch location). ■ With the Intelligent Key on “your person,” press the Trunk-Release button located under the INFINITI logo on the trunkface. Power Seat Adjustment 10-way Power Driver and Front Passenger Seats with Power Lumbar Adjustment To Adjust Power Seats: To Slide the Seat Forward or Backward ...

8 Infiniti M Page 8
Page No8 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 8 Page 8 5 Instrument Panel Layout  1 Headlight, Fog Light and Turn Signal Controls 2 Steering Wheel Controls for Audio and Bluetooth ® Hands-Free Phone Systems 3 Cruise Control/Intelligent Cruise Control Buttons 4 Windshield Wiper and Washer Controls 5 Instrument Panel Brightness Control 6 Power Adjustable Outside Mirror Switches 7 Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) Button 8 Vehicle Dynamic Control  (VDC) OFF Button 9 Steering Wheel Power Tilt/Telescopic Control 10 Trunk-Release Switch 11 In-Dash Intelligent Key Port 12 Lane Departure Warning (LDW) Button – if so equ...

9 Infiniti M Page 9
Page No9 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 9 Page 9 getting started 6 Front-Passenger Air Bag Status Light This vehicle is equipped with the INFINITI Advanced Air BagSystem. Under some conditions, depending on pressuredetected on the passenger seat and how the seat belt is used,the front-passenger air bag is designed to automatically turnOFF. When the front-passenger air bag is OFF, the front-passenger air bag status light will illuminate.* For example: ■ When the system detects that the front-passenger’s seat is occupied by a small adult,child or child restraint as outlined in the Owner’s Manual, the front-passen...

10 Infiniti M Page 10
Page No10 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 10 Page 10 Vehicle Control Center The following buttons and controls are used together tooperate most functions displayed on your vehicle’sInformation Display screen: ■ INFINITI Controller ■ Buttons and Controls Surrounding the INFINITIController ■ Audio System Controls – refer to page 18 ■ Heater and Air Conditioning Controls – refer to page 29 ■ Touch Screen Operation (for Navigation-equippedvehicles ONLY) Refer to your 2009 INFINITI Navigation System Owner’s Manual for more details about Touch Screen operations. INFINITI Controller Buttons located on or around th...

11 Infiniti M Page 11
Page No11 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 11 Page 11 8 getting started Information Display Screen Vehicle functions are viewed inmenus on the Information Displayscreen. As menu items arehighlighted/selected, additionalinformation may display on thescreen. Touch Screen Operation (For vehicles with the INFINITI Navigationsystem) This feature allows you to perform thesame operations controlled by the INFINITI Controller simply by touching menu items on theInformation Display screen. Buttons Surrounding the INFINITI Controller DEST Button (for vehicles with the INFINITI Navigation system) Press to set a desti...

12 Infiniti M Page 12
Page No12 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 12 Page 12 SETTING ButtonPress to display the Settings menu. STATUS ButtonPress repeatedly to display the status of audio, climate control, fuelconsumption, and navigation system functions (if so equipped). Note: If you are listening to a XM ® Satellite Radio channel, when you press the STATUS button you will be able to view information about the music playing, including the XM ® Channel name/music genre, artist, CD title, and song title. ZOOM OUT Button (for vehicles with the INFINITI Navigation system) Press to increase the Map view, showing more area. ZOOM IN...

13 Infiniti M Page 13
Page No13 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 13 Page 13 AUX Button (for vehicles without the INFINITI Navigation system) While an external device such as a portable DVD or iPod ® player is being used to play movies in the vehicle (by connecting to the auxiliary input jacks, locatedon the back of the center console), press this button to switch the auxiliarymedia to the Information Display screen. Note: To view movies on the Information Display screen, the transmission must be in P (PARK) withthe parking brake applied. DISC Button (for vehicles without the INFINITI Navigation system) Press to activ...

14 Infiniti M Page 14
Page No14 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 14 Page 14 Steering Wheel Controls Audio and Bluetooth ® Hands-Free Phone Systems For  Vehicles with the INFINITI Navigation System 1 Screen Navigation and Enter SwitchPush the ENTER switch UP ▲ or DOWN ▼ to navigate UP, DOWN and ACROSS the Information Displayscreen. When the desired item is highlighted on thescreen, press ENTER to select it. For Radio: ■ Push the ENTER switch UP ▲ or DOWN ▼ for less than 1.5 seconds to page through the radiopreset stations on the ...

15 Infiniti M Page 15
Page No15 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 15 Page 15 2 BACK ButtonPress the BACK button           to return to the previous function shown on the InformationDisplay screen, to cancel a function if it is not complete, and to delete characters whenusing the on-screen keyboard. 3 TALK/PHONE Button ■ Press the TALK/PHONE button            to activate the INFINITI Voice Recognitionsystem. ■ If a compatible Bluetooth ® -enabled cellular phone has been paired to the vehicle and is selected, press the TALK/PHONE button       ...

16 Infiniti M Page 16
Page No16 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 16 Page 16 Steering Wheel Controls Audio and Bluetooth ® Hands-Free Phone Systems For Vehicles without the INFINITI Navigation System 1 TUNING SwitchFor Radio: ■ Push the TUNING switch UP ▲ or DOWN ▼ for less than 1.5 seconds to page through the radiopreset stations on the bank (A, B, or C) currentlyselected. ■ Push the TUNING switch UP ▲ or DOWN ...

17 Infiniti M Page 17
Page No17 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 17 Page 17 14 Steering Wheel Controls Cruise Control/Intelligent Cruise Control and Lane Departure Prevention Systems Cruise Control 1 ACCEL/RES•COAST/SET Switch 2 CANCEL Button 3 CRUISE ON/OFF Button To Set Cruise Control: 1 Press the CRUISE ON/OFF button. The CRUISE indicator light  (located in the tachometer) will illuminate. 2 Accelerate to the desired speed. 3 Push DOWN on the COAST/SET switch and release it. The CRUISE SET indicator lightwill illuminate. Cruise Control will be set to the desired speed. Intelligent Cruise ...

18 Infiniti M Page 18
Page No18 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 18 Page 18 To Set Fixed Speed-Control Cruise: 1 While Cruise Control is OFF, press the CRUISE ON/OFF button and hold down for morethan 1.5 seconds. The CRUISE indicator light                (located in the tachometer) willilluminate. 2 Accelerate to the desired speed. 3 Push DOWN on the COAST/SET switch and release it. The CRUISE SET indicator lightwill illuminate. Cruise Control will be set to the desired speed. Note: There are certain conditions under which vehicle-to-vehic...

19 Infiniti M Page 19
Page No19 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 19 Page 19 16 driving controls Lane Departure Prevention System (if so equipped) When the Lane Departure Prevention (LDP) system detects that your vehicle is about tounintentionally drift out of its travel lane, it will: ■ Generate visual and audible warnings. The Lane Departure Warning indicator light(located in the speedometer) will turn orange and blink, and a repetitive tone will sound.  ■ Assist in returning the vehicle to the center of the travel lane by applying the brakes tothe left or right wheel for a short period of time. When ON, this system will function on...

20 Infiniti M Page 20
Page No20 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 20 Page 20 Manual (Off) ModeFor your convenience, you may choose to manually override the LDW system so that it doesn’tturn ON when you start the vehicle. In Manual (OFF) mode, there will be no visible or audiblewarnings when your vehicle is about to move out of its travel lane. To Change from AUTOMATIC MODE to MANUAL (OFF) MODE:  1 Push the ignition switch to ON mode. 2 Verify the LDW button indicator light is illuminated after the 3 second self-check. 3 Press the LDW button one time to turn OFF the system. The indic...

21 Infiniti M Page 21
Page No21 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 21 Page 21 18 media center AUDIO SYSTEMAM•FM•SAT Radio with Compact Disc (CD) Player or 6-Disc Changer Note: No satellite radio reception isavailable and no SAT-related informationwill be displayed when the RADIOAM•FM Button / AM•FM•SAT Button ispressed unless an XM ® satellite radio service subscription is active. RADIO AM•FM Button (for vehicles without the INFINITI Navigation system) AM•FM•SAT Button (for vehicles with the INFINITI Navigation system) Press to change radio bands: AM > FM > SAT (if XM ® Satellite Radio is activat...

22 Infiniti M Page 22
Page No22 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 22 Page 22 19 1 VOL (VOLUME)/PUSH ON·OFF Knob ■ Push to turn the audio system ON/OFF. ■ Rotate to adjust volume level. 2 PRESET A·B·C Button – Press to change between radio preset banks A, B, and C. Use toselect your customized preset radio stations. Note: Stations can be selected from any band (AM, FM, SAT) and stored in each preset bank. 3 SCAN/RPT Button For Radio:Press to scan within a band (AM, FM, SAT). The scan stops at each station for 5 seconds.When you find a station that you want to listen to, press the button again to stop at thatstation. For Other Media:Pre...

23 Infiniti M Page 23
Page No23 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 23 Page 23 4 SEEK • CAT Button  Press and release – ■ For AM/FM/SAT: Tracks BACKWARD, stopping at the previous broadcasting station. ■ For Audio CD, CD/CompactFlash card with MP3/WMA, iPod ® , and Music Box: The track currently playing will replay from the beginning. Press again to select theprevious track. Press and hold down for more than 1.5 seconds – ■ For Audio CD, CD/CompactFlash card with MP3/WMA, iPod ® , and Music Box: Rewinds through the track currently playing. 5 TRACK ButtonPress and release – ■ For AM/FM/SAT: Seeks...

24 Infiniti M Page 24
Page No24 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 24 Page 24 How to Customize Radio Presets With the PRESET A-B-C button, you can program up to 18 radio stations (AM, FM, and SAT*)into 3 separate preset memory banks – 6 stations for each PRESET bank. 1 Press the PRESET A-B-C button to select bank A, B, or C. Note: PRESET A, B, or C will illuminate on the Information Display screen to show which bank is activated. 2 Press the RADIO AM•FM button / AM•FM•SAT button to select the AM, FM, or SAT* radioband. 3 Tune to the desired station using the SEEK•CAT or TRACK ...

25 Infiniti M Page 25
Page No25 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 25 Page 25 Music Box (For vehicles with the INFINITI Navigation system)Refer to Audio System, beginning on page 18, and Steering Wheel Controls, beginning on page 11, to view audiosystem functions applicable to Music Box operation. The Music Box hard-disk drive audio system can record and store songs from a CD beingplayed in the in-dash CD player. Note: Music cannot be recorded to the hard-disk drive from the CompactFlash player. To Record a CD to the Hard-Disk Drive: 1 Insert a CD into the slot. 2 Highlight REC on the Information Display screen, then pr...

26 Infiniti M Page 26
Page No26 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 26 Page 26 23 CompactFlash Player (For vehicles with the INFINITI Navigation system) Refer to Audio System, beginning on page 18, and Steering Wheel Controls, beginning on page 11 for audio systembutton functions applicable to CompactFlash operation. 1 Remove the CompactFlash player cover and insert a CompactFlash card into the slot. 2 Press the DISC•AUX button until the CompactFlash mode displays on the InformationDisplay screen. Interface System for  ipod ® (For vehicles with the INFINITI Navigation system) Refer to Audio System,...

27 Infiniti M Page 27
Page No27 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 27 Page 27 INFINITI Mobile Entertainment System  (if so equipped) With a motorized roof-mounted color monitor, two wirelessheadphones with ON/OFF switches and volume control dials, anda wireless remote control, this system allows rear passengers towatch DVD movies or play video games with an auxiliary gamesystem while on the road.  ■ To open the roof-mounted color monitor, press the RearDisplay Open/Close button on the remote control. ■ Auxiliary input jacks located on the back of the centerconsole may be used with compatible devices such as videogame systems,...

28 Infiniti M Page 28
Page No28 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 28 Page 28 BLUETOOTH ® Hands-Free Phone System  Refer to for a compatible phone list and Frequently AskedQuestions section. With an overhead microphone and sound transmitted through the audiosystem speaker, the Bluetooth ® Hands-Free Phone system utilizes Bluetooth ® wireless technology and voice recognition to provide hands-free cellular phone communication. Pairing Your PhoneBefore you can use the hands-free feature, you willneed to set-up, or  pair, the system to recognize your cellular phone(s). Up to 5 Bluetooth ® -enabled phone...

29 Infiniti M Page 29
Page No29 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 29 Page 29 media center 26 Copy from Outgoing Call Logs: Choose names/numbers from a list of calls you’ve madein the vehicle. Copy from Incoming Call Logs: Choose names/numbers from a list of calls you’vereceived in the vehicle. Transfer via Bluetooth: Activates the Bluetooth ® connection. Depending on your cellular phone, you may be able to transfer a person’s name and phone number directly fromyour cellular phonebook to the vehicle's phonebook via Bluetooth ® . This procedure varies according to each manufacturer. Please refer to your cellular phone Owner’s...

30 Infiniti M Page 30
Page No30 Summary

Infiniti M Manual Page 30 Page 30 27 System Operating Tips ■ The interior of the vehicle should be as quiet as possible. Close the windows to eliminatethe surrounding noises. ■ Wait until the tone sounds before speaking a command. ■ Speak in a natural conversational voice with minimal pauses between words. ■ To increase or decrease the volume of the voice prompts, press the Volume Controlbuttons on the steering wheel or rotate the audio VOL (Volume)/Push ON•OFF knobwhile the system is responding. ■ To initiate a Voice Recognition session, press the TALK/PHONE button ...

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