JVC TH-A30 Instructions Manual

Instructions Manual for JVC TH-A30 Home Theater System (63 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: JVC
  • Category of Device: Home Theater System
  • Document: TH-A30, File Type: PDF Instructions Manual
  • Updated: 19-03-2024
  • Count of Pages: 63
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Data: UPD 19th March 2024

JVC TH-A30 Home Theater System PDF Instructions Manual (Updated: Tuesday 19th of March 2024 12:55:26 PM)

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Compatible devices: TH-G51J, XV-NK58SL, RX-D201S - AV Receiver, FS-X1AC, TH-G31, TH-S11, SP-THS11BC, SP-THS11BS, TH-S3.

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  • 17, Basic VCD/CD Operatiens To increase the volume, press and hold VOLUME +. To decrease the volume, press and hold VOLUME -. (_ -- VOLUME -- _) % CAUTION: Always set the volume to the minimum before starting any source. If the volume is set at its high level, the sudden blast of sound e…

  • 48, You can move to a particular track on the disc directly. From the remote control ONLY: I Press SEARCH during playback or pause. "TRACK - "appears on the TV screen. 2 Press the number buttons to ([ZD _ select a track number you _ (:_ ([D want. The system starts playback from the _ …

  • 7, Getting Started I:_ I1_1_ General Precautions • DO NOT insert any metal object into the center unit. • DO NOT disassemble the center unit or remove screws, covers, or cabinet. • DO NOT expose the center unit to rain or moisture. Locations • Install the center unit in a location that …

  • 34, [-_ji_ hll__'l"al_ You can move to another title, chapter, or particular scene in the chapter directly. From the remote control ONLY: I Press SEARCH during playback or pause. • Each time you press the button, the following indication appears on the screen: U[ T'T E OH PTE Canc…

  • 5, JVC TH-A30 Parts identification Remote Control STANDBY/ON AUDIO VCR TVNIDEO (_ FTV CHANNELq PM/AM CDCD PRESET _CR CHANNEL TUNING @ -- VOLUME TOP MENU MENU RETURN MUTING 0 0 0 0 0 RM-STHA30J DVDTHEATER SYSTEM See pages in the parentheses for details. RemoteCotrol [_ STANDBY/ON O/I AUDIO button (12…

  • 51, [.._j ['4,_ II11R'h"ll__-_ You can select your favorite language you listen to or read on the TV screen. When you operate this system or watch a DVD, you will be able to operate the system or to enjoy a DVD in the language you have selected and stored. On the language…


Lytespan 9175N, Motioncam01, PCVC740, Appliances WPSF4170

AVJ-X55, DV3100, HT-SL900W, BRAVIA W Series, VBR333
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    Model & Doc Type: HCD-FX80 - Dvd / Reciever Component 120

  • 3EnjoyStart disc play A Press Z to open the disc compartment.B Place a disc with the disc label facing out.C Press Z to close the disc compartment and start disc play.z If the disc menu is displayed on the TV, use cursor buttons to select an option in the menu, then press OK.z To enjoy powerful ...

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  • DVDR 70DVDR 70DVD RecorderRecord your favourite TV programmes on DVDBest Picture • Digital picture and sound quality for the ultimate viewing experience• Record from TV in digital quality on DVD• Copy your favorite camcorder tapes for life• RGB Component Video Input for the b ...

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