LG 42LS3400 User Manual

86 pages manual for LG 42LS3400 LCD TV, LED TV

LG 42LS3400 LCD TV, LED TV Manual

Manufacturer: LG

Category of Device: LCD TV, LED TV

Document: LG 42LS3400 Operation & User’s Manual, File Type: PDF

Count of Pages: 86

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LG 42LS3400 LCD TV, LED TV Manual, Summary of Contents:

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1 LG 42LS3400 Page 1
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LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 1 Page 1 User Guide This is a 「User Guide」 installed on the TV. The contents of this guide are subject to change without prior notice for quality  improvement. ...

2 LG 42LS3400 Page 2
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LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 2 Page 2 GP2 eng ❐ ❐ To❐set❐favourite❐programmes SETTINGS ❐➾❐ SETUP ❐➙  Programme❐Edit 1❐ Press❐the❐ Q.MENU ❐button❐on❐the❐ Programme❐Edit ❐screen❐and❐select❐ Favourite❐Group . 2❐ Select❐the❐desired❐programme. 3❐ Press❐the❐ FAV ❐button.❐The❐selected❐programme❐will❐be❐saved❐to❐your❐ favourite. ❐ ❐ To❐use❐Favourite Press❐the❐ FAV ❐button.❐ The❐favourite❐list❐will❐appear.❐Select❐the❐desired❐preset❐favourite❐programme❐ from❐Favourite❐List❐A-D....

3 LG 42LS3400 Page 3
Page No3 Summary

LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 3 Page 3 GP2 eng   ❐ Automatically Setting Up Programme SETTINGS  ➾  SETUP  ➙  Auto Tuning Automatically tunes the programmes. 1  Select Country where the TV is used. Programme settings change depending  on the country you choose. 2  Initiate  Auto Tuning. 3  Select Input Source of your choice. 4  Set Auto Tuning following screen instructions.   ✎ If Input Source is not connected properly, programme registration may not  work.   ✎ Auto Tuning  only finds programmes that are ...

4 LG 42LS3400 Page 4
Page No4 Summary

LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 4 Page 4 GP2 eng   ❓ Cable DTV Setting option When searching for programmes using FULL setting it can take a long time. The  following values are needed in order to search all available programmes quickly  and correctly. The commonly used values are provided as “default”.  •  Frequency  : Enter a user-defined frequency. •  Symbol rate  : Enter a user-defined symbol rate (Symbol rate: Speed at which  a device such as modem sends symbols to a programme). •  Modulation  : Enter a user-defined modulation. (Modulatio...

5 LG 42LS3400 Page 5
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LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 5 Page 5 GP2 eng   ❐ Cable DTV Setting SETTINGS  ➾  SETUP  ➙  Cable DTV Setting [In Cable mode only]When Channel Auto Update is On, you can update information for all the  programmes that can be updated, including the programme currently being  watched. When Channel Auto Update is Off, you can only update information for  the programme currently being watched.   ✎ The range that a user can select from the Service Operator menu differs  depending on number of Service Operator supported by each country.    ✎...

6 LG 42LS3400 Page 6
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LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 6 Page 6 GP2 eng   ❐ To use Manual Tuning SETTINGS  ➾  SETUP  ➙  Manual Tuning Adjusts programmes manually and saves the results.For digital broadcasting, signal strength and signal quality can be checked.For analogue broadcasting, you can set up station names and use fine tuning.  Normally fine tuning is only necessary if reception is poor.  ...

7 LG 42LS3400 Page 7
Page No7 Summary

LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 7 Page 7 GP2 eng   ❐ To edit programmes SETTINGS  ➾  SETUP  ➙  Programme Edit Edits the saved programmes.Set as favourite programme, block/unblock programme, skip programme etc. of  the selected programme. ...

8 LG 42LS3400 Page 8
Page No8 Summary

LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 8 Page 8 GP2 eng Press  TEXT  button. [depending on the country]Teletext is a free service provided by the TV station that offers text-based  information about TV programmes, news and weather.The teletext decoder of this TV can support the SIMPLE, TOP and FASTEXT  systems.  •  Colour button: To select the preceding or following page. •  Number button: Enters the desired page number. • ꔵ  : To select the preceding or following page.  ...

9 LG 42LS3400 Page 9
Page No9 Summary

LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 9 Page 9 GP2 eng   ❐ Special Teletext Function Press  T. OPT  button. Select the  Text Option  menu. •  ꔻ Index :  Select each index page. •  ꔾ Time :  When viewing a TV programme, select this menu to display the  time at the top right hand corner of the screen. •  ꕀ Hold :  Stops the automatic page change which will occur if a teletext  page consists of 2 or more sub pages. ...

10 LG 42LS3400 Page 10
Page No10 Summary

LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 10 Page 10 GP2 eng •  ꔽ Reveal :  Select this menu to display concealed information, such as  solutions to riddles or puzzles. •  ꔼ Update :  Displays the TV picture on the screen while waiting for a new  teletext page. • Language  [In Digital Mode Only] : Sets Teletext language. ...

11 LG 42LS3400 Page 11
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LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 11 Page 11 GP2 eng Press the  TEXT  button. [In UK/Ireland only]The TV gives you access to digital teletext which gives much better text,graphics  etc. than older analogue teletext. This digital teletext can access special digital  teletext services and specific services which broadcast digital teletext. ...

12 LG 42LS3400 Page 12
Page No12 Summary

LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 12 Page 12 GP2 eng   ❓ Teletext within digital service 1  Press the numeric or  ꔵ  button to select a certain service which  broadcasts digital teletext. 2  Follow the indications on digital teletext and move onto the next step by  pressing  TEXT ,  OK , Navigation, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue or NUMBER buttons  etc.. 3  Press the number or  ꔵ  button to use a different digital teletext service. ...

13 LG 42LS3400 Page 13
Page No13 Summary

LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 13 Page 13 GP2 eng   ❓ Teletext in digital service 1  Press the numeric or  ꔵ  button to select a certain service which  broadcasts digital teletext. 2  Press the  TEXT  or colour button to switch on teletext. 3  Follow the indications on digital teletext and move onto the next step by  pressing  OK , Navigation, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue or NUMBER buttons etc.. 4  Press the  TEXT  or colour button to switch off digital teletext and return to TV  viewing. ...

14 LG 42LS3400 Page 14
Page No14 Summary

LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 14 Page 14 GP2 eng SETTINGS  ➾  OPTION  ➙  Data Service [Depending on country]This function allows users to choose between MHEG (Digital Teletext) and Teletext  if both exist at the same time.If only one of them exists, either MHEG or Teletext is enabled regardless of  which option you selected. ...

15 LG 42LS3400 Page 15
Page No15 Summary

LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 15 Page 15 GP2 eng SETTINGS  ➾  SETUP  ➙  CI Information •  This function enables you to watch some encrypted services (pay  services).  •  If you remove the CI Module, you cannot watch pay services. •  CI (Common Interface) functions may not be possible depending upon the  country broadcasting circumstances. •  When the module is inserted into the CI slot, you can access the module  menu. •  To purchase a module and smart card, contact your dealer.  ...

16 LG 42LS3400 Page 16
Page No16 Summary

LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 16 Page 16 GP2 eng •  When the TV is turned on after inserting a CI Module, you may not have any  sound output. The Smart Card may not be compatible with the CI module. •  When using a CAM(Conditional Access Module), please make sure it  meets fully the requirements of either DVB-CI or CI plus. •  An abnormal process of CAM(Conditional Access Module) may cause a bad  picture. ...

17 LG 42LS3400 Page 17
Page No17 Summary

LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 17 Page 17 GP2 eng SETTINGS  ➾  PICTURE  ➙  Aspect Ratio Selects the screen aspect ratio. •  16:9 : Resizes images to fit the screen width. •  Just Scan : Displays video images in the original size without removing parts  of the edge of the image.   ✎ In DTV, Component, HDMI, and DVI (over 720p) mode,  Just Scan  is  available. •  Original : When your TV receives a wide screen signal it will automatically  change to the picture format broadcasted.  ...

18 LG 42LS3400 Page 18
Page No18 Summary

LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 18 Page 18 GP2 eng •  Full Wide : When TV receives the wide screen signal, it will let you adjust  the picture horizontally or vertically, in a linear proportion,to fill the entire  screen fully. 4:3 and 14:9 video is supported in full screen without any video  distortion through DTV input.    ✎ In Analogue/DTV/AV/Scart mode,  Full Wide  is available. •  4:3 : Resizes images to the previous standard 4:3. •  14:9 : You can view a picture format of 14:9 or a general TV programme in the  14:9 mode. The 14:9 screen is vi...

19 LG 42LS3400 Page 19
Page No19 Summary

LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 19 Page 19 GP2 eng •  Cinema Zoom : Choose Cinema Zoom when you want to enlarge the picture in  correct proportion.   ✎ While viewing an external device, these cases may result in image burn: - a video with stationary caption (such as network name)- 4 : 3 aspect ratio mode for an extended periodTake caution when using these functions.   ✎ Available picture size may differ depending on the input signal.   ✎ The screen aspect ratios on HDMI/RGB-PC input are available in 4:3 and 16:9  only. (Only for models supporting PC connection) ...

20 LG 42LS3400 Page 20
Page No20 Summary

LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 20 Page 20 GP2 eng ❐ ❐ To❐adjust❐picture❐in❐PC❐input❐mode SETTINGS ❐➾❐ PICTURE ❐➙❐ Screen Adjusts❐picture❐in❐RGB-PC❐mode. •❐ Resolution : ❐ Sets❐the❐desired❐resolution. ❐ ✎ Resolution❐may❐only❐be❐selected❐when❐the❐PC❐resolution❐is❐set❐to❐❐ 1024❐x❐768,❐1280❐x❐768,❐or❐1360❐x❐768. •❐ Auto❐Config. : ❐ Optimizes❐picture. •❐ Position❐/❐Size❐/❐Phase : ❐ If❐screen❐size❐or❐location❐is❐distorted,❐user❐can❐directly❐ adjust❐the❐screen❐size❐and...

21 LG 42LS3400 Page 21
Page No21 Summary

LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 21 Page 21 GP2 eng ❐ ❐ To❐set❐PC❐resolution 1❐ Right-click❐on❐the❐desktop❐of❐your❐PC❐and❐select❐「Properties」. 2❐ Click❐on❐「Settings」❐and❐refer❐to❐supported❐formats❐to❐set❐the❐resolution. 3❐ Select❐「Advanced❐→❐Monitor❐→❐Monitor❐Settings」❐on❐the❐setting❐window.❐ Refer❐to❐supported❐formats❐to❐select❐the❐optimal❐vertical❐frequency. ❐ ✎ On❐PC❐mode,❐1920x1080❐resolution❐delivers❐the❐optimum❐picture❐quality.❐ ❐ ✎ Resolution❐se...

22 LG 42LS3400 Page 22
Page No22 Summary

LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 22 Page 22 GP2 eng ❐ ❓ Formats❐Supported ❐ PC❐Input❐Mode ❐ Resolution ❐ Horizontal❐Frequency❐❐ (KHz) ❐ Vertical❐Frequency❐ (Hz) ❐ HDMI-PC/❐RGB-PC❐ 640x350❐ 31.468❐ 70.09 ❐ ❐ 720x400❐ 31.469❐ 70.08 ❐ ❐ 640x480❐ 31.469❐ 59.94 ❐ ❐ 800x600❐ 37.879❐ 60.31 ❐ ❐ 1024x768❐ 48.363❐ 60.00 ❐ ❐ 1152x864❐ 54.348❐ 60.053 ❐ ❐ 1360x768❐ 47.712❐ 60.015 ❐ ❐ 1920x1080❐ 67.5❐ 60.00 ❐ HDMI-PC❐ 1280x1024❐ 63.981❐ 60.020 ...

23 LG 42LS3400 Page 23
Page No23 Summary

LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 23 Page 23 GP2 kor [Depending on model] Press the  AV MODE  button. Sets the best PICTURE / AUDIO optimized for different AV modes. •  Off :   Operates with the value set in the PICTURE / AUDIO Menu. •  Cinema :   Optimizes picture and audio settings for movies. •  Sport :   Optimizes picture and audio settings for sports. •  Game :   Optimizes picture and audio settings for games. ...

24 LG 42LS3400 Page 24
Page No24 Summary

LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 24 Page 24 GP2 kor ❐ ❐ To❐adjust❐picture❐with❐Picture❐Wizard SETTINGS ❐➾  PICTURE ❐➙❐ Picture❐Wizard❐Ⅱ Calibrates❐and❐adjusts❐for❐optimum❐picture❐quality❐using❐the❐remote❐control❐and❐ the❐Picture❐Wizard❐without❐expensive❐pattern❐devices❐or❐help❐from❐a❐specialist.Follow❐the❐instructions❐on❐screen❐to❐obtain❐optimum❐picture❐quality. ...

25 LG 42LS3400 Page 25
Page No25 Summary

LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 25 Page 25 GP2 kor ❐ ❐ To❐select❐Picture❐Mode SETTINGS ❐➾  PICTURE ❐➙❐ Picture❐Mode Selects❐the❐picture❐mode❐optimized❐for❐the❐viewing❐environment❐or❐the❐ programme. •❐ Intelligent❐Sensor : ❐ Detects❐the❐ambient❐illumination❐and❐automatically❐adjusts❐ the❐TV’s❐brightness❐level❐to❐reduce❐energy❐consumption.❐Automatically❐ adjusts❐the❐brightness,❐sharpness,❐colour❐or❐tint❐for❐optimum❐picture❐quality. ...

26 LG 42LS3400 Page 26
Page No26 Summary

LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 26 Page 26 GP2 kor •❐ ꕋ❐Expert : ❐ Menu❐for❐adjusting❐picture❐quality❐that❐allows❐experts❐and❐ amateurs❐to❐enjoy❐the❐best❐TV❐viewing.❐This❐is❐the❐adjustment❐menu❐provided❐ for❐ISF-certified❐picture❐tuning❐professionals.❐(ISF❐logo❐can❐only❐be❐used❐on❐ ISF-certified❐TVs.) ISFccc:❐Imaging❐Science❐Foundation❐Certified❐Calibration❐Control ❐ ✎ Depending❐on❐input❐signal,❐available❐range❐of❐picture❐modes❐may❐differ. ❐ ✎ ꕋ❐Expert❐ mode❐is❐for❐picture❐tunin...

27 LG 42LS3400 Page 27
Page No27 Summary

LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 27 Page 27 GP2 kor ❐ ❐ To❐fine-tune❐picture❐mode SETTINGS ❐➾❐ PICTURE ❐➙❐ Picture❐Mode ❐➙ ❐Backlight❐/❐Contrast❐/❐ Brightness❐/❐Sharpness❐/❐Colour❐/❐Tint❐/❐Colour❐Temp. First❐select❐a❐ Picture❐Mode ❐of❐your❐choice. •❐ Backlight : ❐ Adjusts❐the❐display❐brightness❐by❐varying❐the❐brightness❐of❐the❐LCD❐ panel. ❐ ✎ Depending❐on❐the❐input❐signal❐or❐other❐picture❐settings,❐the❐range❐of❐detailed❐ items❐for❐adjustment❐may❐differ. ...

28 LG 42LS3400 Page 28
Page No28 Summary

LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 28 Page 28 GP2 kor ❐ ❐ To❐set❐advanced❐control SETTINGS ❐➾  PICTURE ❐➙❐ Picture❐Mode ❐➙ ❐Advanced❐Control❐/❐Expert❐ Control Calibrates❐the❐screen❐for❐each❐picture❐mode;❐or❐adjusts❐picture❐settings❐for❐a❐ special❐screen.❐First❐select❐a❐ Picture❐Mode ❐of❐your❐choice. •❐ Dynamic❐Contrast : ❐ Adjusts❐the❐contrast❐to❐the❐optimal❐level❐according❐to❐the❐ brightness❐of❐the❐image. •❐ Dynamic❐Colour : ❐ Adjusts❐colours❐to❐make❐the❐image❐appear❐in❐more...

29 LG 42LS3400 Page 29
Page No29 Summary

LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 29 Page 29 GP2 kor •❐ Skin❐Colour : ❐ Sets❐Skin❐colour❐spectrum❐separately❐to❐implement❐the❐skin❐ colour❐as❐defined❐by❐the❐user. •❐ Noise❐Reduction : ❐ Eliminates❐noise❐in❐the❐picture. •❐ Digital❐Noise❐Reduction : ❐ Eliminates❐noise❐generated❐while❐creating❐digital❐ picture❐signals. •❐ Gamma : ❐ Sets❐the❐gradation❐curve❐according❐to❐the❐output❐of❐picture❐signal❐in❐ relation❐to❐the❐input❐signal. •❐ Black❐Level : ❐ Adjusts❐the❐brightness❐and❐contrast❐of❐...

30 LG 42LS3400 Page 30
Page No30 Summary

LG 42LS3400 Manual Page 30 Page 30 GP2 kor •❐ Eye❐Care❐ / ❐Motion❐Eye❐Care : ❐ Protects❐you❐from❐eye❐glare❐by❐adjusting❐the❐ brightness❐of❐the❐screen. ❐ ✎ Motion❐Eye❐Care :❐Depending❐on❐model •❐ Real❐Cinema : ❐ Helps❐keep❐the❐screen❐in❐optimal❐condition. •❐ Colour❐Gamut : ❐ Selects❐the❐range❐of❐colours❐that❐can❐be❐expressed. •❐ Edge❐Enhancer : ❐ Shows❐clearer❐and❐distinctive❐yet❐natural❐edges❐of❐the❐video. •❐ Expert❐Pattern : ❐ Patterns❐used❐for❐expert❐adjustment •❐ C...

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