NETGEAR HA501 HA501 HA501 Installation Manual

Installation Manual for NETGEAR HA501 HA501 HA501 Adapter (12 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: NETGEAR
  • Category of Device: Adapter
  • Document: HA501 HA501 HA501, File Type: PDF Installation Manual
  • Updated: 08-10-2023
  • Count of Pages: 12
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Data: UPD 8th October 2023

NETGEAR HA501 HA501 HA501 Adapter PDF Installation Manual (Updated: Sunday 8th of October 2023 06:26:41 AM)

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Compatible devices: WNA3100M, RangeMax Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter WPN111 WPN111NA WPN111NA, WN111v2 - RangeMax Next Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter, POE101, MA111, WPN111, HDX111 - Powerline HD Plus Ethernet Adapter, DST6501.

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  • 9, NETGEAR HA501 HA501 HA501 The Statistics folder tab allows you to view the packet transmit and receive status. Note: Users of Windows 98 or Me must reboot after making any configuration changes in the HA501 Configuration Utility. Note: Users of Windows XP will have increased configuration c…

  • 6, NETGEAR HA501 HA501 HA501 6. Click “Yes” when asked if you still want to install the driver when it is not digitally signed. 7. Click “Finish” at the final Found New Hardware wizard window. 9 4. In the next Found New Hardware Wizard window, select the “CD-ROM drives” search option and cli…

  • 7, Install the Wireless Configuration Utility A wireless LAN configuration utility is provided to give you information on your wireless net- work, such as signal quality, and to allow you to modify the various configurable parameters of the PC Card. Install the wirel…

  • 3, Determine the Network Configuration To set up the wireless adapter, you need to determine the network setting of your wireless network. Are you running the wireless network in ad-hoc mode or infrastructure mode? There are two modes of configuring your wireless adap…

  • 2, NETGEAR HA501 HA501 HA501 Introduction Thank you for purchasing the NETGEAR HA501 802.11a Wireless CardBus Adapter. This wireless adapter enables you to network various PC’s together without physically laying any wire and delivers high-speed wireless performance – up to 54 Mbps, 72 Mbps in tur…

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