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Instruction Manual for DSC ESCORT558O Security System (22 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: DSC
  • Category of Device: Security System
  • Document: ESCORT558O, File Type: PDF Instruction Manual
  • Updated: 05-02-2024
  • Count of Pages: 22
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DSC ESCORT558O Security System PDF Instruction Manual (Updated: Monday 5th of February 2024 03:00:20 AM)

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Compatible devices: PC2550, PC5020 Power864, PG9929, Envoy NT9010 v1.0, LCD5501Z, PC4020 - 2, PC 1500, Power632 PC1555.

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  • 1, DSC ESCORT558O ESCORT558O Version 2.O • W A R N I N G • This manual contains information on limitations regarding product use and function and information on the limitations as to liability of the manufacturer. Instruction Manual …

  • 2, i 1: Introduction ..................................................................................................................................... 1 1.1 About Your Security System................................................................................................. 1 1.2 General System Operat…

  • 3, ii AVIS: L’étiquette de l’Industrie Canada identifie le matériel homologué. Cette étiquette certifie que le matériel est conforme à certaines normes de protection, d’exploitation et de sécurité des réseaux de télécommunications. Industrie Canada n’assure toutefois pas que le matériel fonctionnera…

  • 4, DSC ESCORT558O 1 Introduction The Escort5580 Voice Assisted Security Control provides easy to understand audible information about the status of your security system, and makes operation simple by prompting the user through each operation. In addition, you can use the Escort5580 to control various Home Automation i…

  • 5, 2 1.2 General System Operation Your security system is made up of a control panel, one or two regular keypads (one for each partition of your system), the Escort5580 and various detection devices. The control panel will be mounted out of the way in a utility room or in the basement. The metal cabinet contains th…

  • 6, DSC ESCORT558O 3 Accessing Your Security System With the Escort5580 you can use a telephone (touch-tone only) to access your security system. This can be done either from a telephone on the premises (Local Access), or from a telephone off the premises anywhere in the world (Remote Access). 2.1 Local Access Use this pr…

  • 7, DSC ESCORT558O 4 2.4 What is a Partition? A partition is a group of zones which act independently of other groups of zones. Each partition acts as an independent alarm system. Partitions will have different access codes to arm and disarm them. The access codes assigned to one partition will not work on another partitio…

  • 8, 5 Arming and Disarming With the Escort5580, you can use a telephone to arm your system/partition (so that alarms, or other devices, will be activated when a zone on your premises is breached, such as when an Entry-Exit Door is opened). This can be done either locally or remotely. Similarly, you can us…

  • 9, 6 Enter your [access code]. The system announces: “Turning {System} ON without Entry Delay. Exit Delay in progress”“Turning {System} ON without Entry Delay. Exit Delay in progress” “Turning {System} ON without Entry Delay. Exit Delay in progress”“Turning {System} ON without Entry Delay. Exit Del…

  • 10, 7 3.5 Alarm Memory Your system will record any alarms that occurred while the system/partition was armed. If an alarm occurred while the system/partition was armed, upon disarming it the following message will be announced: “There are (number) alarms in memory: {Zone XX}.”“There are (number) alarms in…

  • 11, 8 Trouble Conditions The control panel continuously monitors a number of possible trouble conditions. If one or more of these conditions occur, the regular keypad will beep twice every ten seconds. There is no indication on a telephone until the system is accessed. To hear the trouble conditions presen…

  • 12, DSC ESCORT558O 9 Setting Escort5580 Options 5.1 Setting The Time and Date With the system disarmed (Section 3.3—Disarming), access the security system (Section 2— Accessing Your Security System) and select a partition (Section 2.5—If You Have a Two- Partition System). Press [✱]. You will hear the prompt: “ For Speci…

  • 13, 10 Press [2]. The system will then announce the current volume setting in one of three ways: “ Volume is low. To change volume, press [1].”“ Volume is low. To change volume, press [1].” “ Volume is low. To change volume, press [1].”“ Volume is low. To change volume, press [1].” “ Volume is low. To cha…

  • 14, DSC ESCORT558O 11 Home Automation The Home Automation feature allows you to control items (i.e. devices such as lights, appliances, etc.) with your security system. Each item on your system may have been assigned to follow one or more preprogrammed schedules by your installer. For example, lights can be turned on a…

  • 15, DSC ESCORT558O 12 Dimming The Dimming feature allows you to increase or decrease the brightness of an item, usually a light. NOTE: This feature will only be enabled on items capable of dimming. Items which have this feature enabled will have extra options in the Item Control menu. Only items with the Dimming feature e…

  • 16, 13 From the Home Automation menu, select Global Item Control by pressing [3]. The system will prompt you with the following: “To turn Global Items ON, press [1].“To turn Global Items ON, press [1]. “To turn Global Items ON, press [1].“To turn Global Items ON, press [1]. “To turn Global Items ON, press [1…

  • 17, 14 Programming Access Codes The Access Code Programming feature allows you to program access codes (the Master Code may not be changeable with this feature) that will function on the security system as well as on the Escort. Your system will either have 4- or 6-digit access codes. Depending on what m…

  • 18, 15 Fire and Safety in the Home Most fires occur in the home, and to minimize this danger it is recommended that a household fire safety audit be conducted and a family escape plan be developed. 8.1 Household Fire Safety Check your home for the following potential hazards: • Are all electrical appliances and ou…

  • 19, 16 Access Code ........................A 4- or 6-digit code that allows users to access arming, disarming and other system functions. Different access codes may be assigned to different users. Item........................................Items are devices (e.g. lights, appliances, etc.) that can be controlled within…

  • 20, DSC ESCORT558O LIMITED WARRANTY Digital Security Controls Ltd. warrants the original purchaser that for a period of twelve months from the date of purchase, the prod- uct shall be free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. During the warranty period, Digital Security Con- trols Ltd. shall, at its op…

  • 21, DSC ESCORT558O WARNING Please Read Carefully System Failures This system has been carefully designed to be as effective as possible. There are circumstances, however, involving fire, burglary, or other types of emer- gencies where it may not provide protection. Any alarm system of any type may be compromised deliberately or …


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