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Getting Started Manual for Lucent Technologies orinoco Computer Hardware, Gateway (81 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Lucent Technologies
  • Category of Device: Computer Hardware, Gateway
  • Document: orinoco, File Type: PDF Getting Started Manual
  • Updated: 24-08-2023
  • Count of Pages: 81
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Lucent Technologies orinoco Computer Hardware, Gateway PDF Getting Started Manual (Updated: Thursday 24th of August 2023 04:03:35 PM)

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Compatible devices: MAP/100P, PacketStar PSAX, Definity Audix System, RiNOCO RG-1000, PSAX 1250, cvMAX-100, PSAX 20, PacketStar PSAX Series.

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  • 39, 2-16 ORINOCO PC Card - Getting Started Installation for Windows - Set Basic Parameters 1. In the field Network Name enter the 6-character RG ID to define the name of the wireless network to which you want to connect. The Network Name has to match the unique RG ID (wh…

  • 11, Lucent Technologies orinoco 1-6 ORINOCO PC Card - Getting Started About ORiNOCO - ORiNOCO Network Scenarios Enterprise Networking 1 Figure 1-4 Stand Alone Wireless LAN With the ORiNOCO AP-1000 you can connect to a corporate Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure to have wireless access to…

  • 64, Lucent Technologies orinoco Card Specifications ORINOCO PC Card - Getting Started A-7 The range of the wireless signal is related to the Transmit Rate of the wireless communication. Communications at lower Transmit range may travel larger distances. NOTE: The range values listed in Ta…

  • 38, Lucent Technologies orinoco ORINOCO PC Card - Getting Started 2-15 Installation for Windows - Set Basic Parameters Basic Settings for Residential Gateways 2 If you wish to connect to a Home Network via a Residential Gateway, use the Add/Edit Configuration Profile window to: ■ Select to c…

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