Sangean DDR-63 - PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Operation & User’s Manual

Operation & User’s Manual for Sangean DDR-63 - PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Other, Radio (107 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Sangean
  • Category of Device: Other, Radio
  • Document: DDR-63 - PRODUCT DESCRIPTION, File Type: PDF Operation & User’s Manual
  • Updated: 19-11-2023
  • Count of Pages: 107
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Data: UPD 19th November 2023

Sangean DDR-63 - PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Other, Radio PDF Operation & User’s Manual (Updated: Sunday 19th of November 2023 01:32:53 AM)

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Compatible devices: HDT-1X, RCR-22, DT-800, DPR-25+, MMC-96I -, DAB+BOX, WR-2, DT-140.

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  • 88, Press the Folder Up or Down buttons until the 'Volume:' option is highlighted on the display and press the Select button if you wish to change it. The radio uses the saved volume setting for each alarm when it sounds. Set the required volume using t…

  • 102, Sangean DDR-63 - PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Software version display The software version display is provided for reference and customer support purposes and cannot be changed. Access the menu for the current mode by pressing and holding the Menu button. Press the Folder Up or Down buttons until 'System setti…

  • 83, Sangean DDR-63 - PRODUCT DESCRIPTION GB Setting the clock format The clock display used in standby mode and on the playing mode screens can be set to 12 or 24 hour format. The selected format is then also used when setting the alarms. With your radio switched on, press and hold the Menu button …

  • 81, Sangean DDR-63 - PRODUCT DESCRIPTION GB Search function While the iPod is playing, press and hold the Fast-forward or Rewind buttons. Release the button when the desired part of the item is reached. 1. 2. Repeat a single le While the iPod is playing, press the Repeat button until the repeat single le s…

  • 18, Sangean DDR-63 - PRODUCT DESCRIPTION From the radio Network settings menu, select ‘Manual settings’. You must then choose whether to connect using ‘Wired’ or ‘Wireless’ connections. If you choose ‘Wireless’ there are as many as nine settings screens, shown by the ‘1 of 9’ progre…

  • 33, GB Selecting your favorite stations Press and hold the Menu button to enter the main Internet radio menu. Press the Tuning Up or Down buttons on the touch panel until 'Station list' is highlighted on the display. Press the Select button to enter the men…

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