MAXSA Innovations 40330 Operating Instructions Manual

6 pages manual for MAXSA 40330 Flood Light

MAXSA 40330 Flood Light Manual

Manufacturer: MAXSA

Category of Device: Flood Light

Document: MAXSA 40330 Operating Instructions Manual, File Type: PDF

Count of Pages: 6

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MAXSA 40330 Flood Light Manual, Summary of Contents:

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MAXSA 40330 Manual Page 1 energy-saving SOLAR POWERED FLOOD LIGHT Model #: 40330 Perfect for flags, signs, gardens, driveways, carports, garages, entrance doors decks, porches, · or any large outdoor area where lighting is needed. ASSEMBLY & OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT: READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USE ABOUT YOUR SOLAR FLOOD LIGHT Your MAXSA Solar Powered Flood Light converts sunlight into electricity during the day, enabling the 12 LED lights to turn on automatically at night. With this light, walking into the dark will no...

2 MAXSA 40330 Page 2

MAXSA 40330 Manual Page 2 Carefully remove and identify all the parts from their protective packaging and lay them out in front of you. 2 INCLUDED PARTS: 4 screws and 4 anchors for mounting the solar panel\ 1 0 foot power cable Solar panel Mounting bracket Pole Mounting Straps and Bracket aaaa aaaa aaaa Solar panel angle pivot Solar panel mounting bracket Brightness control switch ~ Photosensor Main battery unit HOW TO INSTALL YOUR SOLAR FLOOD LIGHT MOUNTING TO A WALL, ROOF OR SIGN 1. Remove the mounting bracket from your Solar Powered F...

3 MAXSA 40330 Page 3

MAXSA 40330 Manual Page 3 MOUNTING TO A FLAGPOLE To mount on a flagpole, position the flagpole mounting bracket supplied against the flagpole and run the two supplied metal bands through the bracket as shown. *CAUTION: Do not tighten the metal bands until your Solar Flood Light is where you want it as they cannot be re-opened* Put the bracket up to the pole and close the metal bands around the pole, making sure the bands are pulled tight so the light is firmly secured . MOUNTING THE SOLAR PANEL 1. Use the two wood/sheet metal screws ...

4 MAXSA 40330 Page 4

MAXSA 40330 Manual Page 4 4 OPERATING YOUR SOLAR FLOOD LIGHT After the initial 1 day charge of your Solar Flood Light, press the button on the main body to the ON position to make the light turn on automatically after sundown. Set the button to the OFF position to turn on the light manually. Your Solar Flood Light is now ready for use. Depending on how long you prefer the light to last, you can double the light duration and reduce the brightness by pushing the brightness control switch. MAINTENANCE TIPS The LED lights in your So...

5 MAXSA 40330 Page 5

MAXSA 40330 Manual Page 5 TROUBLESHOOTING PROBLEM POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS • Ensure that the power button on the main body has been turned to the ON position. • Ensure that the batteries have been fully charged in direct sunlight for 1 sunny day-refer to the "Before First Use of Your Solar Security Light" section on Light will not page 3. Artificial light will not charge the battery. switch on. It must charge in sunlight. • Check to see that the solar panel is facing South and that it receives 6-8 hours of sunlight per day...

6 MAXSA 40330 Page 6

MAXSA 40330 Manual Page 6 Please save these instructions for future reference. MADE IN CHINA MAXS~® 6 MAXSA Innovations 8412 Cathedral Forest Drive Fairfax Station, Va 22039 Tel: 703-495-0661 [email protected] v11-1 ©2011 MAXSA Innovations, LLC ...

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