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Instruction Manual for VisionQuest DIY-4350 DVR (64 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: VisionQuest
  • Category of Device: DVR
  • Document: DIY-4350, File Type: PDF Instruction Manual
  • Updated: 28-08-2023
  • Count of Pages: 64
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Data: UPD 28th August 2023

VisionQuest DIY-4350 DVR PDF Instruction Manual (Updated: Monday 28th of August 2023 01:52:07 AM)

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Compatible devices: DLA3800, DVR Station, DVR4-1000, FPVR1T, AMDV7204-2B2D, DSR-300P, SX-1400 Series, HRX Series.

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  • 25, 25 4-1. EVENT SEARCH ① Press SEARCH button. Then SEARCH menu is displayed. ② Go to EVENT SEARCH and press SEL button. Then SEARCH screen is displayed. ③ Select the date, a channel, and the type of recording mode using ▲▼▶◀ buttons and SEL button. A: Showing all the recorded data list of every type of recordi…

  • 50, VisionQuest DIY-4350 50 Recording live video Live video from the remote cameras can be recoded on the PC. 1. Press SETUP button and set the recording mode on the recording setting screen.  Always: Recording when the RECOD button is set as ON (displays as a red color.)  Event: Recording when the RECOD button is set as ON …

  • 64, VisionQuest DIY-4350 64 7. Run the pre-install the network client software on the supplied CD. (Refer to Chapter 6. Network access using the Exclusive network viewer) 8. Click button and add the DVR as necessary.  Site Name: Input the name of the DVR.  IP Address: Input the Domain Name that is registered on http://www.ddns…

  • 63, VisionQuest DIY-4350 63  Internet (ADSL) Connection using DDNS Connect to the system, using an Router or ADSL modem and an Ethernet cable (10BASE-T/100BASE- TX CAT 5 LAN cable) …

  • 41, VisionQuest DIY-4350 41 VERSION: Displays the version of the system firmware. CAPACITY: Displays the capacity of the HDD. IP ADDRESS: Displays the IP address of the DVR. MAC ADDRESS: Displays the MAC address of the DVR. LOAD DEFAULT – Select LOAD DEFAULT to initialize the setting using ▲▼ buttons and press SEL button. Then LOAD DEFAULT screen is disp…

  • 40, 40 6-3. SYSTEM Item Description DVR ID The name of the system. DESCRIPTION Press SEL to see system information. LOAD DEFAULT Choose OFF or ON. If selecting ON, press the SEL button to load defaults. ADMIN PASSWORD Set the password for the administrator. The default password is 1111. NETWORK PASSWORD Set the password of netw…

  • 5, VisionQuest DIY-4350 5 Main features of DIY-4350 - Real time monitoring at 30frames per channel (NTSC) / 25frames per channel (PAL) - Recording speed at Maximum 30frames per channel (NTSC) / 25frames per channel (PAL) - RJ45 connector for video input and camera power output help easy camera installation. - Remote live monitoring and r…

  • 21, VisionQuest DIY-4350 21 3-4. Manual recording  To start manual recording, press REC button. Then, “R” is displayed on the screen and the DVR starts recording of every channels.  To stop manual recording, press REC button. Then, “R” disappears on the screen and the DVR stops recording of every channel. 3-5. SCHEDULE recordi…

  • 37, VisionQuest DIY-4350 37 OSD CONTRAST – Set the contrast of OSD on the screen using ▶◀ buttons. Setting values of the display bar: 20 (the most transparent) ~ 100 Renaming of CHANNEL ① Select CHANNEL using ▶◀ buttons and press SEL button. Then the CAMERA TITLE screen is displayed. ② Input characters using ▲▼▶◀ …

  • 10, VisionQuest DIY-4350 10 1-2. Remote controller ① ID: When a remote control ID number is set in DVR, press it before number. ② REC: To start and stop manual recording. ③ Number: To select channel (1, 2, 3, & 4) or to enter DVR ID number. ④ F/REW: During playback - To move the playback position 60 seconds backward. Dur…

  • 52, VisionQuest DIY-4350 52 Searching and playing video in the remote DVR Video recorded in the remote DVR or Video recorded on the PC can be searched and played back. 1. Connect the network to the remote DVR and press SEARCH button. Then the mode is changed from the live mode to the search mode.  Searching the vid…

  • 33, 33 ⑤ Select AVI or DVR using ▶◀ buttons and press SEL button. Then BACKUP USB DEVICE screen is displayed. ⑥ Select YES using ▶◀ buttons and press SEL button and select USB STICK using ▲▼buttons and press SEL button. Then SAVING screen with backup status bar is displayed after “C…

  • 27, 27 4-3. GO TO ① Press SEARCH button. Then SEARCH menu is displayed. ② Go to GO TO and press SEL button. Then SEARCH screen is displayed. ③ Select the date and time using ▲▼▶◀ buttons and press SEL button.  Then, playback starts. When there is no recorded data, the closest data to the selected time are played back. …

  • 35, VisionQuest DIY-4350 35 6. SETUP Press the SETUP button, then the password window is displayed. The default password is 1111, which can be entered by pressing the up button 4 times and then pressing the SEL button. After input password, the SETUP screen is displayed. …

  • 45, 45 6-5. STORAGE Item Description OVERWRITE Enable/Disable Overwrite existing old video data when hard disk drive is full FORMAT Format hard disk drive USB UPGRADE The firmware of DVR can be upgraded through USB port. SAVE SETUP TO A USB User can save the current menu setting value to the USB memory stick. …

  • 46, 46 ⑤ Select CONFIRM using ▶◀ buttons and press SEL button. Then the upgrading starts automatically. ⑥ After upgrading firmware is completed, the DVR reboots automatically. SAVE SETUP TO A USB ① Connect USB thumb drive to the USB port. ② Select SAVE SETUP TO A USB us…

  • 59, VisionQuest DIY-4350 59 6. Click CONNECT button on the Left upper corner of web-viewer. Then “Connect” dialog is displayed. Enter IP address (or Domain name address that you pre-registered on, Port number and Password and click “Connect”  Server address: Input IP address of the DVR from SETUP>SYSTEM>DESCRIPTION…

  • 53, VisionQuest DIY-4350 53 Backup of video in the remote DVR Video recorded in the remote DVR cab be backed up on the PC HDD as AVI format. 1. Connect the network to the remote DVR and play the video recorded in the remote DVR. 2. Drag the slid on the time scale and drop to the start time for video backup and press the MARK IN …

  • 19, VisionQuest DIY-4350 19 3-1. MOTION DETECTION recording A motion detection setting is available for each channel. ① Set the basic record menu using the direction buttons before setting Motion detection.  RESOLUTION  CHANNEL:  FRAME RATE  QUALITY Upon Motion detection, the DVR records input video with these setting. �…

  • 16, VisionQuest DIY-4350 16 2-3. Time setting 1. Press the SETUP button. Press Up arrow button four times to enter “1111” (Default password) and press the SEL button. Then the SETUP screen is displayed. The password change is highly recommended to avoid unauthorized usage. 2. Press …

  • 61, VisionQuest DIY-4350 61 5. Open your web browser. Enter the router IP address in the address bar (The router IP address are different with the brand and model.), click GO.  admin is �…

  • 36, VisionQuest DIY-4350 36 6-1. LIVE Item Description OSD Enable/disable OSD (on-screen-display). SEQUENCE Enable/disable sequential display of video channels in full screen mode. SEQ-DWELL TIME Dwell time for each cannel display in sequential display mode. EVENT BEEP Enable/Disable internal beep when motion is detected or the alarm is triggered.…

  • 4, 4 Precautions for supplied AC Adaptor             Never disassemble or modify.  Never get the adaptor wet.            Use only the supplied AC adapter.  Do not connect to other appliances.  Do not connect thi…

  • 18, 18 3. OPERATION - RECORD The system has 5 recoding modes.  MOTION DETECTION recording – Recording when the DVR detects motion form input video. M icon is displayed on the screen. (Refer to page 19)  CONTINOUS recording – Recording continuously when the DVR is turned on. C icon is displayed on the screen. (Refer to page 20) �…

  • 39, VisionQuest DIY-4350 39 Setting of CHANNEL - Select CHANNEL to set the recording setting as bellows using ▶◀ buttons FRAME RATE – Set the frame rate value using ▶◀ buttons. The total frame rate when resolution is 704X480(NTSC) / 704X576(PAL): 30 / 25 The total frame rate when resolution is 352X240 (NTSC) / 352X288(PAL): 120 / …

  • 13, VisionQuest DIY-4350 13 1-3-3. Sensor and alarm connections SENSOR INPUT: Connect two signal lines of sensor (infrared ray sensor, heat perception sensor, magnetic sensor) to the desired sensor number. …

  • 54, 54 6-5. PC System configuration Click the SETUP button. Then the Setup dialog is displayed. Setting General Set security options, save path, and Automatic reconnection.  Security Option: Set a password for security options. When you access any of the selected functi…

  • 28, 28 4-7. ARCHIVE The archived still-images or video in Live screen or Playback screen can be searched and played back. ① Press SEARCH button. Then SEARCH menu is displayed. ② Go to ARCHIVE and press SEL button. Then ARCHIVE calendar screen is displayed. ③ Select the date using ▲▼▶◀ buttons and …

  • 7, 7 INDEX 1. NAME & FUNCTION ....................................................................................................... 9 1-1. Front panel .................................................................................................................................................9 1-2. Remote controller.....................…

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