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  • Manufacturer: Etón
  • Category of Device: Kitchen Appliances
  • Document: FRXS-BT Owner's Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 23-07-2023
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Etón FRXS-BT Kitchen Appliances PDF Owner's Manual (Updated: Sunday 23rd of July 2023 03:07:24 PM)

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Compatible devices: 9002MT, BoostTurbine2000, 764, B002E, Dito TR260, PB50, FR1, POWER MAX.

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(Ocr-Read Summary of Contents of some pages of the Etón FRXS-BT Document (Main Content), UPD: 23 July 2023)
  • 1, FRXS-BT The Rugged, All-Purpose, Multi-Power, Smartphone Charging Weather Alert Radio with S.A.M.E. Techno logy and Bluetooth® …

  • 2, FRXS-BT OWNER'S MANUAL MEET THE FRXS-BT Thank you for purchasing the Et6n FRXS-BT. We want you to thoroughly enjoy the use of this product. To take advantage of its many excellent and unique features, we urge you to carefully read the use r's manual . NOTE: Radio performance may be degraded while us i ng the USB input or output charging feat ure . The aud io from weak r adio stations may no longer come in clearly Features CD Power Button @D i splay ® Vol u me Knob @) Hand …

  • 4, FRXS-BT OWNER'S MANUAL KEY OPERATIONS POWER Press to turn on/off Selecting Radio Band With radio on: Press AM/FM/Biuetooth to switch between AM/FM/Biuetooth or press WB button to listen to WB . Scroll tuning knob to find WB station for your area. Note: MENU button h as seconda ry function. Wh en listening to either F M/ AM, pr ess a nd hol d MENU to tune into the p rev ious available station, pr ess a nd ho ld CE LL to t une into the next avai l able s ta t io n, pres s MENU to s tore …

  • 5, Etón FRXS-BT FRXS-BT OWNER'S MANUAL and hold the Light button to adjust the brightness. Press the Light button twice quickly to turn on the red emergency light, press it twice again to turn off. Tablet or Cell Phone Charging Plug your device's USB charging cable into the USB out port on the FRXS-BT and plug the other end into your device. Press the CELL phone charger button to start charging,&quo…

  • 6, Etón FRXS-BT FRXS-BT OWNER'S MANUAL Note: Audio will shut off in WB ALERT mode. 4. Press WB or AM/FM button to exit the WB Alert mode . All feature settings below require the radio to be in the "OFF" mode. Set Time 1. Press MENU. 2. SET TIME will be displayed. 3. Press WB . 4. The HOURS digits on the clock will flash. 5. Rotate the TUNING dial up or down to the appropriate digit, note that AM or PM will change as you pass the number 12 . 6. …

  • 7, FRXS-BT OWNER'S MANUAL SET S.A.M.E. ALERT MODE Set S.A.M.E location using preloaded locations l. Press MENU . 2. Rotate TUNING dial up three steps. 3. COUNTY- MUL, COUNTY -SIN or COUNTY -ALL will be displayed. 4. Press WB. 5. The word MULTIPLE, SINGLE or ALL will flash on the display . 6. Rotate the TUNING dial up or down to the desired choice. 7. Press WB to enter MULTIPLE or SINGLE OPERATION: 8. The memory slot number, 01 - 25 will display on …

  • 8, Etón FRXS-BT FRXS-BT OWNER'S MANUAL Voice or Siren 1. Press MENU. 2. Rotate TUNING dial up four steps. 3. ALERT- VOl or ALERT- SIR will be displayed. 4. Press WB. 5. SIREN will flash on the screen. 6. Rotate the TUNING dial up or down to indicate either SIREN or VOICE. 7. Press MENU to enter setting. 8. If no buttons are pr essed for 20 seconds, the unit will go back to normal position. Set S.A.M.E. location directly entering …

  • 9, FRXS-BT OWNER 'S M AN U AL Enable or Disable S.A.M.E. ALERT 1. Press MENU 2. Rotate TUNING di al five steps 3. ALERT ON or ALERT OFF will be di sp l ayed 4. Press WB button 5. The ALERT icon will flash at the top of the screen 6. Rotate the TUNING di al to select either ALERT ON or ALERT OFF 7. Press MENU to enter and exit NOTE: ALER T O FF -When a alert is i ssu ed, t he text alert wil l scroll across the sc…

  • 10, Etón FRXS-BT FRXS-BT OWNER'S MANUAL ADVISORY (Yellow Light} An ADVISORY is issued when a hazardous weather or hydrologic event is occurri ng, imminent or likely. ADVISORIES are for l ess serious conditions than WARNINGS, that cause signi ficant inconvenience and if caution is not exercised, could l ead to situati ons that may threaten life or property. When a S. A.M.E. ale rt is issued for your area the text alert will scroll across the screen,…

  • 11, Etón FRXS-BT FRXS-BT OWNER'S MANUAL Note: NOAA does a test alert every Wednesday between 1 0 am and noon, regardless of your l ocation. For more information please go to: http://www.nws. Set Backlight LED sleep mode Normal operation for the radio's backlight is to dim after 30 seconds of inactivity. If you desire to have the backlight always illuminated you can choose ON MODE for the backlight LEO, this will keep the backlight always illuminated for the display. Note that…

  • 12, FRXS-BT OWNER'S MANUAL • Do not submer~e or expose for extended period to water. • Protect from high humidity and rain. • Only operate within specified temperat ure ran~e • (0 octo 40 °(), • Unplu~ immediately if liquid has b een spilled or any object has fallen into the apparatus. • Clean only with a dry cloth. Do no t use deter~ents or • chem i ca l solvents as t his mi~ht dama~e the finish. • Unplu~ and disconnec…

  • 13, FRXS-BT OWNER 'S MA NUA L authority to fi nd out how to dispose of t hem safely and help protect the environment WARRANTY REGISTRATION To ensure full warranty coverage or product updates, registration of your product should be comp leted as soon as possible after purchase or receipt Please go to to register your product LIMITED WARRANTY …

  • 14, FRXS-BT OWNER'S MANUAL service is needed, a return authorization will be issued and instructions for shipment to an authorized warranty repair facility. Do not ship your radio back without obtaining the return authorization number. NON-WARRANTY If your product is no longer under warranty and requires service our technical staff will refer you to the nearest repair facility that will be able to best handle the repair. For service …

  • 15, eton EMPOWERED B Y NATURE Et6n Corporation Corporate Headquarters 1 01 5 Corporatio n Way Pa lo Alto, Cal i fornia 94303 USA tel + 1 650-903-3866 tel+ 1 800-872-2228 fax+ l 650-903-3867 Des rgned 'Jy Et6~ (orpora tr on and assembled rn ( hr na 0 Copyr r grt 20 16 E t6n C orpo ra tr on All r rg hts reser ved v032420'5 …

  • 16, LOOK NO FURTHER Need a weather alert radio that’s rugged 1 , rechargeable, and reliable, not to mention solar-powered, splashproof 2 , smartphone & tablet charging, Bluetooth® streaming and with S.A.M.E. technology? The FRX5-BT is just the ticket. With a rechargeable lithium battery, super- duper solar panel and hand crank power generator, it’s an essential for every emergency kit—at home, at work, or in the great outdoors. The Rugged, All-Purpose, Tri-Power, Smartphone & Tablet Charging We…

  • 17, 1 Drop-proof from a height of 3.3ft (1m). Drop protection varies depending on drop conditions. 2 Water resistant to IEC 60529 IPX4. It is not waterproof and should not be immersed in water. © Copyright 2016 Etón Corporation. All Rights Reserved. LISTEN UP Stay in tune and up to date with this AM/FM/NOAA weather band digital radio with display and alarm clock. If you want more than just the radio, it's Bluetooth® ready and ha…

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