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  • Manufacturer: Microlife
  • Category of Device: Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Document: BP3NA1-1X Instruction Booklet, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 10-07-2023
  • Count of Pages: 48
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Microlife BP3NA1-1X Blood Pressure Monitor PDF Instruction Booklet (Updated: Monday 10th of July 2023 08:42:21 AM)

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Compatible devices: MSC, BP 3AP1-3E, BP A 100, W3 Comfort, BPB3 BT, Aponorm Professional Control, BP A150 AFIB, BP AG1-10.

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  • 7, b) Wide Range Rigid Cuff: For arm circumference 22cm - 46 cm (8.7” - 18.1”) If you ever need to buy a replacement cuff, use only Microlife brand cuffs. Call Microlife customer service at 1-800-568-4147 for information. Please Note: Arm circumference should be measured with a measuring tape in the middle…

  • 8, Microlife BP3NA1-1X 7 4.3. Cuff tube connection Insert the cuff tube into the opening on the side of the monitor indicated by the drawing of a cuff. 4.4. Select the User This blood pressure monitor is designed to store 99 measurements for each of two users. Before taking a measurement, be certain that the correct user …

  • 31, Microlife BP3NA1-1X 30 b) Brazaletes Para brazosde circunferencia 22-46 cm o 8.7”-18.1” (inclusive) Si usted necesita adquirir un brazalete nuevo, utilice solamente los de mavea Microlife. Nota: La circunferencia del brazo debe medirse con una cinta métrica en el medio de la parte superior del brazo en estado de relajación. No forc…

  • 30, Microlife BP3NA1-1X 29 D) Su Estado Físico • Luego de un exámen médico, con el consentimiento del doctor y bajo su dirección; haga ejercicios. • Elija deportes que requieran stámina y evite los que demandan fuerza. • Evite alcanzar el límite de su capacidad • Con previas enfermedades y/o sobre los 40 años de edad, …

  • 43, 42 Otros posibles errores y soluciones Si ocurren problemas durante el uso del dispositivo, verifique los siguientes puntos: Mal funcionamiento Remedy • Revice la instalación de las baterías • Si el despliegue es inusual, remueva las beterías y cámbielas por nuevas. Revise la polaridad. •…

  • 17, 16 5.11. Using the AC Adapter You may also operate this monitor using the included AC Adapter (output 6V DC/600 mA with DIN plug). Use only the included AC Adapter to avoid damaging the unit. 1. Ensure that the AC adapter and cable are not damaged. 2. Plug the adapter cable into the AC Adapter port on the blood…

  • 14, Microlife BP3NA1-1X 13 5.7. Memory – Displaying the last 99 Measurements At the end of a measurement, this monitor automatically stores each result with date and time. This unit stores 99 memories for each of 2 users. Viewing the stored values With the unit off, press the "M" button. The display first shows "A", …

  • 23, Microlife BP3NA1-1X 22 11. Technical specifications: Weight: 735 g (with batteries) Size: 160 (W) x 140 (L) x 98 (H) mm Storage temperature: –20 to +55°C (-4°F to +131°F) Humidity: 15 to 90% relative humidity maximum Operation temperature: 10 to 40°C ( 50°F - 104°F) Display: LCD-Display (Liquid Crystal Display) Me…

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