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# Model Device Type Document Type Pages File Size
1 Electric Shaver 60 4.28 Mb
2 Electric Toothbrush 18 0.41 Mb
3 Electric Shaver 26 4.42 Mb
4 Coffee Maker 13 0.52 Mb
5 Electric Shaver 39 2.2 Mb
6 Electric Shaver 34 5.06 Mb
7 Electric Shaver 15 3.19 Mb
8 Blood Pressure Monitor 61
9 Electric Shaver 109
10 Electric Shaver 34

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  • Anses Formulario 2.68

    Aquí puede descargar el formulario 2.68, que es el formulario original actualmente solicitado por Anses. El formulario se envía y se completa en español, puede descargar el archivo del formulario en formato PDF o imprimirlo directamente desde el sitio.

  • Epson WorkForce WF-110 Is Named to Be the Smallest Color Printer

    The portable Epson WorkForce WF-110 printer weighs only 1.6 kg. Epson has announced its smallest and most light-weight portable printing unit called WorkForce WF-110. The device is aimed at professional users often working on the go as far as it can be easily placed into a bag.

  • Microsoft's new patent shows a virtual reality gaming mat

    Attempts to travel in the created computer worlds often create considerable problems for non-virtual reality

  • Nintendo Switch Joy-Con awaits us soon in three new styles

    Nintendo Switch is one of Nintendo’s most successful consoles, but it also has problems – for example, when it comes to Joy-Con controllers which sometimes trigger in the wrong place