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    Surface Pro

    Set up your Microsoft Surface Note: It’s best to have a wireless network available when you set up your Surface. Set up your Surface Step 1: If you have a Surface Typing Cover, attach it to your Surface by clicking it into place. Step 2: Flip out the kickstand on the back of your Surface. Step 3: Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet or pow ...

    Surface Pro 4

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    Insert the two AA alkaline batteries. For important safety information, see the Product Guide.Isæt de to AA alkaline-batterier. Du fi nder vigtige sikkerhedsoplysninger i produktvejledningen.Aseta kaksi AA-paristoa paikalleen. Käyttöohjeessa on tärkeitä turvallisuustietoja.Sett inn de to alkaliske AA-batteriene. Du fi nner viktig sikkerhetsinf ...

    X15-2543-01 2

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    Zune 30GB

    On/off Volume Next/previous Fast-forward/rewind Previous menu Return to the home screen Reset Lock/unlock ©2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. 0806 Part No. X12-55869-03StartPress and hold the play/pause button ( ) for 3 seconds.Press the control pad up or down.To skip, press the control pad right. To go back, press left.To fast-forward, p ...

    Zune 30GB 2

  • Microsoft


    Product and Regulatory Guide, Limited Warranty & AgreementGuide du Produit et de la Réglementation, Garantie Limitée et AccordGuía del Producto y sobre Reglamentos, Garantía Limitada y Contrato ...

    XBOX 28

  • Microsoft


    February 2018 Page 1 Reference Guide for End Users of the Microsoft Surface Hub Ways of using the Surface Hub 1. Project the contents of your laptop: o Windows 10 systems are wireless and wired capable. o Windows 7 has wired capability only (must have HDMI or DisplayPort connection) 2. Whiteboard 3. As a standalone computer 4. For Skype meetings 5 ...

    Surface 6

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