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A quick search of the Microsoft Handhelds Manuals you need, is a guarantee of the quality of the information providing, so we pay maximum attention to the possibility of finding documents you need while making the minimum possible number of clicks. For these purposes we created a catalog system, where all documents, that we have, are sorted by device name. For the most convenient search, find your device in the list below (you can use the "search on the page" Ctrl + F) and select the type of document.

# Producer Comp. Model Document Type Pages File Size
1 Daewoo DVN-14F6N DVN-14F6N Service manual 142 4.79 Mb more
2 Zenith SRV1320S SRV1320S Operating manual & warranty 31 2.19 Mb more
3 Toshiba MV 20FM4 MV 20FM4 Specifications 2 0.14 Mb more
4 FUNAI Sylvania 6309CCB Sylvania 6309CCB Owner's manual 64 0.64 Mb more
5 RCA T13082 T13082 Operation & user’s manual 42 2.02 Mb more
6 RCA T19064 T19064 Operation & user’s manual 42 2.38 Mb more
7 RCA T25208 T25208 Operation & user’s manual 44 4.13 Mb more
8 Panasonic Omnivision PV-M2048-K Omnivision PV-M2048-K Operating instructions manual 39 3.45 Mb more
9 Panasonic TC-14SV10H TC-14SV10H Operating instructions manual 31 1.51 Mb more
10 JVC 1299-TN-JII-JMT 1299-TN-JII-JMT Operation & user’s manual 40 more
11 Memorex MVT2135B MVT2135B Owner's manual 58 more
12 Sylvania D6313CB D6313CB Owner's manual 36 more
13 Sylvania SRC2213E SRC2213E Owner's manual 32 more
14 Sylvania SRC413AC SRC413AC Owner's manual 33 more
15 Tokai LT-VHS-36 LT-VHS-36 Service manual 98 more
16 Philips 14PV184/05 14PV184/05 Operating instructions manual 12 more
17 Philips 14PV162/05 14PV162/05 Operation & user’s manual 28 more
18 Philips 14PV111/01 14PV111/01 Operation & user’s manual 16 more
19 Philips 14PV235/07 14PV235/07 Specifications 2 more
20 Philips 14PV330 14PV330 Manual  28 more
21 Philips CCB130CN CCB130CN Specifications 2 more
22 Philips CCX253AT99 CCX253AT99 Owner's manual 54 more
23 Samsung TF14P1D4XEF TF14P1D4XEF Service manual 81 more
24 Philips CCB252AT CCB252AT Owner's manual 59 more
25 Philips 14PV120 14PV120 Service manual 63 more