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# Model Device Type Document Type Pages File Size
1 Telephone 9 0.35 Mb
2 Cordless Telephone 20 0.44 Mb
3 Cordless Telephone 40 0.37 Mb
4 MP3 Player 11 0.08 Mb
5 MP3 Player 12 0.1 Mb
6 MP3 Player 3 0.08 Mb
7 Portable Multimedia Player 2 0.23 Mb
8 Telephone 5 0.21 Mb
9 MP3 Player 31
10 Film Camera 7
  • Welcome Huawei Enjoy 10 with a Holed Display and a Duplex Camera

    At the beginning of September Huawei presented its Enjoy 10 Plus and is now setting up the appearance of its regular version.

  • Dark Phantom DP501 Isn’t Dark at All

    A new white chassis from Antec was spotted in the company catalogue. The frame Dark Phantom DP501 with the dimensions of 443 x 210 x 484 mm may hold the mini-ITX, microATX or ATX card, up to seven expansion cards and up to six storage devices.

  • The X2 Alseye Wind Plus Processor Cooler

    X2 Products announces its latest solution for cooling CPUs: X2 Products has created a greater variety of CPU cooling products and demonstrated the omnipurpose Alseye Wind Plus solution of a tower type.

  • Apple launches another service program

    Not so long ago, Apple announced that some of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models released between October 2018 and August 2019 are prone to problems with inclusion due to a faulty component