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Full Electronic Washing Machine
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EVA2 Series
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BRT ETX-1815
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TDK has been around since 1935 and is a well-known name in the electronics and technology industries around the world. The business is an expert in electrical modules, systems, and parts, and it provides a wide variety of high-quality goods. Their user manuals are carefully written and include step-by-step guidance for setting up, using, fixing problems, and keeping the products in good shape.

There are manuals for a lot of different kinds of gadgets. Capacitors, inductors, ferrite cores, transformers, sensors, and power sources are just a few of the many products that TDK makes. On top of that, they sell recording media, energy devices, and passive components. There are detailed guides for each area so that users can get the most out of their TDK products and make them last as long as possible.

Ceramic capacitors and MLCCs (Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors) are two of TDK's most popular products. These are known for being reliable and efficient in electrical circuits. Their EMC parts, like filters and inductors, are also very popular in fields that need to block noise and keep signals pure. Power options from TDK, such as DC-DC converters and switched-mode power supplies, are necessary for tasks that need to be very fast and use very little power.

TDK's sensors and sensor systems are used in a lot of different areas, such as automobile, industrial, and consumer electronics. For example, their PiezoHaptTM actuators are often used to give users input through touch in user interfaces. TDK's storage products, such as their hard disk drives and data packs, are still trusted for managing data in both business and personal settings.

The user guides for these devices generally have important safety information, step-by-step instructions for setting them up, and in-depth explanations of how they work. There are often plans with pictures and troubleshooting tips to help you fix any problems that might come up. The thoroughness and clarity of TDK's manuals make sure that users, whether they are experts or regular people, can understand and follow the instructions correctly.

The products that TDK sells and the detailed instructions that come with each one show how dedicated they are to new ideas, high quality, and happy customers. Professionals and consumers alike trust TDK to be a leader in the electronics business because it offers a wide range of solutions and clear documentation to back them up.

What does TDK stand for?
Tokyo Denki Kagaku
When was TDK founded?
What type of products does TDK manufacture?
Electronics components and recording media
Where is TDK headquartered?
Tokyo, Japan
What is TDK's most well-known product?
Magnetic tape
How many employees does TDK have worldwide?
Approximately 105,000
What is TDK's slogan?
Attracting Tomorrow